Where Celebs Go Out: Stanley Tucci, Tom Colicchio, Alessandro Nivola

Stanley Tucci at The Luxury Collection Destination Guide Launch with Assouline: I like to go to a lot of different places, but certainly Mario Batali’s restaurants. The beef cheek ravioli at Babbo is so delicious and so incredible. Just about anything he cooks is okay with me. I always stay at the St. Regis, here in New York. ● Rosie Perez: I love Gino’s in Bay Ridge. The arroz con gandule at Luz in Brooklyn is a favorite, and the roasted chicken is the best deal in town. Here in the city, Dok Suni’s for Korean barbeque, at First Avenue and 7th Street.

Alessandro Nivola: Sunny’s, a bar in Red Hook, which has bluegrass bands on some nights. It’s where they filmed On the Waterfront. And a restaurant called The Good Fork in the same neighborhood. The Red Hook Bait and Tackle is a bar that’s seedier than Sunny’s. In Boerum Hill, there’s a great place called Mile End, a hip, Jewish deli. They smoke their own meats and have this incredible beef brisket. ● Estelle: Avenue and SL, I love ’em both. ● Krysten Ritter: I love Brooklyn Bowl. Kenmare is a fun place to go. Aurora in Williamsburg on Grand Street has a wonderful, little beet salad with hazelnuts. ● Timo Weiland: I love to go to Norwood and Gramercy Park Hotel. Sugarland in Brooklyn, so much fun. It’s off-the-beaten path, but a wild dance party. ● Daniel Boulud at the James Beard Awards: Right now, DBGB these days, because it’s one that keeps me the most busy. I like Marea, Le Bernardin, Di Fara Pizza in Brooklyn. ● Tom Colicchio: I live in the West Village, so I, often, go to Barbuto or Spotted Pig, ’cause they’re in walking distance. The food’s all good. I try different things all the time, so I don’t go back and try the same thing over and over. ● Wylie Dufresne: We like to go to PDT for a cocktail late at night or some tater tots. 15 East is a favorite. We just came from the new Terroir in Tribeca that was great. DBGB just opened up in our neighborhood. The hundred-layer lasagne at Del Posto was pretty special. ● David Burke: Corton was great. From the Garden is a favorite dish there. ● Michael Oher at Big Brothers Big Sisters Sidewalks of New York gala: I live in Baltimore. I love seafood, so anything on the Inner Harbor. The Cheesecake Factory is there. At PF Changs, I get the shrimp-and-chicken fried rice. ● Sebastian Copeland at Pepcom for the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of Into the Cold: My favorite sushi is in the Valley at Nozawa, which is a place that Spielberg goes to and tried to have Mr. Nozawa open a restaurant in New York. He serves you the food, so you can’t ask for what you want. He kicked out Cherlize Theron one time. He’s known as the “Sushi Nazi.” ● Miranda Cosgrove at Sony Music luncheon celebrating the release of her debut album, Sparks Fly: I go to Mozza in L.A. It’s like a pizza place. They have squash blossoms and really, good margherita pizza. Hungry Cat, on Sunset, has the best dessert. It’s like a chocolate souflee. ● Phil Ramone at opening night of Million Dollar Quartet on Broadway: Bravo Gianni’s on the east side. Sardi’s because I want to feel the history, and they have a good wine list.

Gay Day & New SugarFISH En Route

imageI will not repeat last year’s unforgivable crime of missing the annual Gay Pride event. It was the first year I missed the parade since I was 19, and it made me sad. I was once even in a Gay Pride parade, which somehow involved me being dragged down the street in roller skates. But this time last year, I had just moved to this fair city and was adrift without my gay boyfriends and girlfriends. Not this time.

Don’t Sleep On It: Gay Pride is like a benchmark of summer — a whole weekend-long celebration. An old friend is working for the LA Pride Fest, and she has already informed me that those of the lavender persuasion and their friends can look forward to former American Idol star Fantasia performing on the main stage the day before the parade on June 13, along with house diva Deborah Cox, Debby Holiday, and Nikki 16. The event is earlier than I’m used to — in New York, Gay Pride is held the last weekend of the month, on the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots — but the Angelenos get a jump on the party. Past events have featured gay favorites such as Olivia Newton John, Joss Stone, and Joan Jett at the two-day festival. Admission for the festival per-day is still a recession-friendly $15.

Foodie Alert: As I was writing this, I got an email in my inbox about a new SugarFISH location on the Westside. For those who don’t know, SugarFISH is the brainchild of sushi chef Kazunori Nozawa, he of Sushi Nozawa fame. He is known in Los Angeles as the Sushi Nazi because of his exacting standards and minimalist menu (do not venture to ask for a California roll or spicy tuna roll here). SugarFISH is an amended version of his original restaurant and features prix fixe menus called “Trust Me,” which have a delish sashimi appetizer, four to eight sushi pieces, and a roll or two, depending on which Trust Me you get. Their crab roll is the best you’ll ever eat; it will completely revamp your opinion of crab rolls and will make you not want to eat crab at any other restaurant.

The new location is going to be on San Vincente, near Barrington, and will feature the sleek interior design of Venice-based designer Glen Bell of Studio DEX. ETA is sometime this summer.

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Industry Insiders: David Myers, Chef of Inspiration

Chef David Myers of Comme Ca Brasserie, Sona, and Boule on jonesing for sushi, LA’s farm fixation, and leisure-time indulgences

You’ve really embraced Los Angeles through your creative, passionate use of local produce. How does this city inspire or frustrate you? I was trying to find where I wanted to open my own restaurant, and I fell in love with LA. The scenic beauty of the mountains and ocean deeply inspires me. Traffic is another issue though.

And where do you hang out? I don’t have a lot of time to hang out, given my hours, and on the weekends I am usually traveling. However, I love The Otheroom in Venice. It’s in my neighborhood and I love the vibe.

What is your favorite food? Sushi.

Any favorite sushi spots? I love Sushi Nozawa and SugarFISH. In New York, I always eat at EN Brasserie.

Who do you admire in your industry? Of course my mentors are Charlie Trotter and Daniel Boulud. They continue to inspire me daily, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without them giving me a shot.

Any recent trends in dining that you like? The obsession with great products from local farms to plate.

Is there anything you dislike in your industry these days? I try to focus only on the positive. I love what I do.

What is something that people don’t know about you? I avidly support Kipp LA. It’s a program that runs three college-prep charter schools in LA. I love surfing and finding new projects to break out talent.

You currently run two celebrated restaurants and a bakery. Do you cook at home, or order a lot of take-out? I always cook at home. Of course, this is when I have the luxury of being home.

Plans for the future? We are opening two Italian restaurants with my partner Steve Samson, a bakery with Hide Kubota, and opening Boule in Tokyo in September 2009.

What are you doing tonight? I’m working at Sona, then going home to cook with my Weber grill.