BlackBook Tracks #14: It’s Literally The Last Day Of Summer

Hey y’all, it’s literally the last day of summer! I, for one, am not particularly excited about the changing of the seasons, given that I am from California and believe that anything under 50 degrees is the arctic. I’m already annoyed by having to carry a sweater around, and I will even rebel against that bastion of autumnal culture, the pumpkin spice latte. One thing I have going for me is that I don’t own any white pants to feel sad about not wearing, so that’s something, at least. In mourning, here’s a selection of what comes up when you search for “summer” in my music library.



Girls Aloud – “Long Hot Summer”

Fact: unabashedly manufactured pop music sounds better during the summertime. British girl group Girls Aloud transcend any idea of there being guilt in their listening pleasure.


The Drums – “Let’s Go Surfing”

Has indie rock ever been so fixated on the beach as it has for the past few years? It’s a justifiable obsession, whether you grew up landlocked or not. Here’s one of the definitive tracks of the trend.


Eternal Summers – “Millions”

Look at what this band is called. Including them is obligatory.


Vacationer – “Summer End”

Lush, smartly produced indie pop with a smack of regret really just hits the spot today.


Coconut Records – “The Summer”

You probably didn’t need reminding that Jason Schwartzman is a perfect human, but here you go.


Animal Collective – “Summertime Clothes”

If you, like many other people on the internet, were disappointed with Animal Collective’s offerings on Centipede Hz, it’s always a good time to revisit Merriweather Post Pavilion. This song also serves as a reminder of how I’m finding it hard to let go of this aggressively tacky shirt with a pattern of palm trees on it.


Belle & Sebastian – “A Summer Wasting”

Granted, it’s also pretty easy to spend an autumn wasting, except now we’ll all be wearing sweaters and chugging pumpkin spice lattes.


Summer Camp – “Summer Camp”

I never went to a real summer camp, but maybe you did! Regardless, I think I still like the nostalgic British duo enough to make up for it.


Soso – “I Never Thought You’d Come In Summer”

Swedish chanteuse Soso combines hauntingly catchy production with the kind of vocal delivery that just oozes star power.


Kreayshawn – “Summertime” (ft. V-Nasty)

This is one of the more bizarre offerings on Kreayshawn’s much-delayed debut album, and I say that as someone who actually sort of enjoyed hearing the constant ads for “Gucci Gucci” on Spotify last year. I’m sorry.

Ten Hot Songs To Kick Off Summer 2012

You may be stuck in the office for a few more hours before the three-day weekend. These are the last few hours before the Summer of 2012 starts. It’s gonna be awesome, dudez! Chances are no one is doing any work. You shouldn’t be, either. Instead, you should be listening to new songs that are about summer or summer-appropriate. We’ve curated just such a list of hot new acts. So sit back, relax and contemplate that soon your back, sticky with sweat, adhere to that vinyl seat cushion.

Electric Guest – "The Head I Hold"
BlackBook favorite Electric Guest’s syncopated single from their new album Mondo, produced by Danger Mouse, combined Asa Taccone’s falestto with a Waiting For Guffman talent competition and hallucinations!


Best Coast – "The Only Place"
The first single from Best Coast’s sophomore effort is as summery as it gets: it’s an ode to the sunshine state and all the babes and surf within.


Kylie Minogue – "Timebomb"
If you plan on spending your summer doing poppers, may we suggest this track from the agelesss sylph Kylie Minogue. Released today, the track is part of her year-long K25 series, celebrating her quarter of a century in pop music. 


Dynasty Electric – "Eye Wide Open"
If you plan on spending your summer in a white loft on Zoloft reading Lacan, a book plucked off your Vitra shelving unit, this track from Brooklyn dup Dynasty Electric is proper sonic accompaniment. 

Eternal Summers – "Millions"
The lead single off Virginia duo-turned-trio’s upcoming album Correct Behavior is a stellar expansion of the hazy sound they perfected on their debut, Silver. Plus, "summer" is in their name. Duh! 

Janka Nabay & the Bubu Gang – "Feba"
The new track from the upcoming album En Yah Seh from Sierra Leone master Janka Nabay plus members of Outer Borough favorites Gang Gang Dance, the Skeletens, and Zs drops August 7th on David Byrne’s Luaka Bop

Summer Camp – "Life" 
A downer duo  but a beautiful one, this song comes from the upcoming album Always, out July 10. This is, I suppose, what life is like in the summers of England. 

Saint Motel – "1997"
Every summer needs an anthem and this one, from the album, Voyeur out July 10th, is the perfect slightly epic slightly moving anthem for 2012. 

Pavement – "Summer Babe"
I’d like to close with two gems from the collection. The first needs no introduction. 

The Drums, "Let’s Go Surfing"
Does anyone remember the summer of 2009, when The Drums were kings of the world? I do. It was nice. 

Summer Camp Streams ‘Life’ In Advance of New EP

British indie pop duo Summer Camp has charmed us single they released the track “Veronica Sawyer” on last year’s Young EP. Any electro-pop band that can evoke Winona Ryder’s character from Heathers can’t be half bad, right?

On the heels of Young and and the band’s October 2011 full-length debut, Welcome To Condale—”marvellous ’80s disco,” said NME—the duo of Elizabeth Sankey and Jeremy Warmsley is gearing up to drop a new record.

Always, a collection of five songs written on piano, won’t be available until July 10, but you can stream “Life,” the first cut from the record, here now.

We might be too old for bunks and color wars and the old hand in warm water trick, but spending the warm months with Summer Camp doesn’t sound half bad.