By Powers Combined, Justin Timberlake, Timbaland and Jay-Z Become ‘Suit & Tie’

While you were opening your blogging platform to write your epic fashion recap of the Golden Globes, Justin Timberlake made good on the tacky teaser/countdown thing on his website and released a new ode to menswear. "Suit & Tie" is a light, funky little number in which Timberlake volunteers to teach his listeners a thing or two about love over a beat from his old pal Timbaland. 

When listening, you can pretty much imagine the entire music video playing out, and it will probably involve Timberlake in a fancy club with other fancy people and/or channeling his inner Michael Jackson. Jay-Z makes an appearance, which is all well and good, but we’re all still waiting on that BeyoncĂ© collaboration, or at least another banger with Nelly Furtado. 

Great things have come from the Justin Timberlake-Timbaland Super Best Friendship in the past, so even if "Suit & Tie" isn’t an earth-shattering, "SexyBack"-grade return, it’s an indicator of good things ahead in 2013. Download over at iTunes or listen below and find yourself happily transported to a happier time, like 2006 or something.