StyleCaster Merges Fashion & Art for Nicole Miller

StyleCaster is on a mission to prove that they’re more than just a fashion blog. From teaming up with New York’s top influencers to launching a shiny new interactive homepage, the brand is always looking for new ways to make their digital presence known. Their latest initiative comes in the form of a unique partnership with fashion designer Nicole Miller to merge digital media and mixed medium art with stellar style.

To create Miller’s new print-happy lookbook, the designer teamed up with emerging artist Ronaldo Robinson to create a series of illustrations inspired by her spring collection. StyleCaster’s editorial team then took the collection and artwork into their Chelsea studio and produced a super styled photoshoot that brought to life Robinson’s work while cleverly complementing Miller’s designs. Peep the full results here

StyleCaster & DJ Mick Boogie Present ‘Sounds From The Front Row: Volume 5’

Last week, social media-powered style platform StyleCaster rolled out another volume of their fashion week inspired mixtape, Sounds From The Front Row. The mix features choice cuts curated by DJ superstar Mick Boogie that are meant to keep you revved up while you dash between shows and venues this NYFW. 

Just like Boogie’s super popular remixes for notables like Jay-Z, Kanye West and Adele, this FW12 volume features a killer lineup of sounds that are worthy of popping in during fashion week and beyond. Click here to see the official playlist that includes artists like Theophilus London, M.I.A., and Lana Del Rey, and download the mix here.

StyleCaster Links with ‘White Girl Problems’ to Deliver Snarky Style Tips

There’s no doubt that #WhiteGirlProblems is one of the better Twitter hashtags to come out of 2011. To capatilize on the well-deserved hype, social style platform StyleCaster has teamed up with the mastermind behind WGP, Babe Walker, to provide fans with hilarious advice on what to wear for a number of occasions, starting with the Festival of Lights.

See her take on Hannukah party wear here, which includes comical commentary like "just in case there’s husband material there, you’ll probably want to show up in a wedding-inspired outfit." Tune in to StyleCaster now and every Wednesday through Walker’s book launch in January to see what sartorial shenanigans she gets up to. 





Oh, Good: ‘Downton Abbey’ is Launching a Fashion & Home Line

Taking full advantage of the world’s obsessions with all things retro, the folks at Downton Abbey thought it was prime time to launch a lifestyle line. Executive producer Gareth Neame reveals that the team behind the PBS period drama is "working across an entire range of products coming out this year. From fashion, apparel, and homeware and furniture to wallpaper, beauty products, and stationary." In other words, some Crawley-crazed fan out there must be stoked that their life is about to get completely turnt up with Downton-inspired everything.

According to Stylecaster, Vanity Fair, NBC Universal has tapped Knockout Licensing to produce the branded merch. Hey, isn’t that the same company creating 50 Shades of Grey‘s lingerie line? No word yet on a release date or design details, but we’re guessing that this Pinterest board pretty much covers what to expect.

StyleCaster Reveals the Next Generation of Stylish Night Owls

Halloween on a Monday is an excuse for most of us to stay out late on a school night, but for New York’s professional party people, it’s just another night. Our friends at social media-powered style platform, StyleCaster, have rounded up these nightcrawlers in a timely feature called ‘Creatures of the Night.’ Snapped at Meatpacking’s rock-and-roll haunt GunBar, the story stars well-dressed nocturnals like actress Dani Baum (pictured top), DJ Mike Nouveau, and the one and only Ladyfag, and tells of how they’re changing the NY nightlife scene as we know it.

To bring more “Style to the People,” as their mantra goes, StyleCaster hooked BlackBook up with some exclusive snaps from the shoot:

image Our very own mistress of the night, Ladyfag.

image Host, DJ, and musician, Kelle Calco.

image DJ Mike Nouveau.

image GrandLife Hotel’s league of event experts: Tommy Saleh, Yadira Martinez, Sam Walker, Steven Rojas, “Spiky” Phil Meynell, and Alicia Polmanteer.

See the full feature with interviews here.

Photos: Spencer Wohlrab, StyleCaster

How Do I Love Thee? Lemmings Count the Ways

I have so many lemmings this season, I’m not sure what to do with myself. You know, a girl can only buy so many things and call them “investment pieces.” Yep, I’m a girl. I love clothes and cosmetics. I know it’s shocking. The first step I’ve taken to curb the urge is staying out of Sephora as much as possible. They have WAY too many holiday gift sets. I mean, do I really need a set of 10 different kinds of mascara? “Well, maybe!” says the shopper in me. Second, I use to build my dream wardrobe to give me the “feel” that I’m shopping and actually have every piece that I crave. This works temporarily. Then I head down to Starbucks and get a grande pumpkin latte (extra whip cream) to help me forget. Since I’ve moved from Los Angeles, I’ve tried to do the “minimalist” thing. After packing up literally trash bag after trash bag of “stuff” (and subsequently realizing I may be one of those hoarders on A&E) I made a decision that when I got to NYC, I was going to stop the madness and only buy what I truly needed. Truthfully, I’ve done well so far—but winter time always gets me. I love, love winter clothes. I love scarves, boots, sweaters, and bundling up. There’s always the excuse, “It’s really freezing outside, I’m going to need more layers.” It gets me every time. Here are some of my fashion aspirations this season. Aaah, a girl can dream…

Above: Burberry Wool Felt Military Coat, $1,195. Military coats never go out of style, and I can wear this for decades ‘til the moths ravage it.


Christian Louboutin Flannel Bootie, $995. I don’t care if they destroy my feet and morale—these shoes are hotter than any man I’ve ever seen.


Marc Jacobs Rio Quilted Tote, $1,295. I love quilted bags. In all shapes and styles. Who needs a pillow when you have a quilted Marc Jacobs?


Valentino One Shoulder Lace Dress, $3,990. Only a cool $4K. Okay, so if I lay off the Starbucks pumpkin lattes, I could buy this one.

Nocturnal Confessions: Style and Stylecaster

When it comes to Stylecaster, and really fashion blogs as a whole, I’m undecided. My overall impression is that they’re flip, and something closer to advertorial content than anything critical. But when old school fashion editors go off on precocious newcomers like Tavi Gevinson, I’m instantly reminded of the loneshark Chili Palmer’s classic line from Elmore Leonard’s Get Shorty, “Leave the movie business to the rest of us who know what we’re doing.”

While, Fashionista, Bryanboy and Stylecaster’s presence could certainly be felt during fashion week, when it came to the parties, the progressive scenes everyone was talking about were put together by Opening Ceremony, Smile, Interview and Purple, not these newfangled interweb darlings.

It was for this reason that I was a little surprised that the Stylecaster scene at GoldBar last week was so staid. Instead of reaching out to their readers with an open concept party that could attract the young, stylish folks their readers want to emulate, the site threw a tiny shindig at a very posh and elite location for what seemed to be mostly their advertisers and potential investors. “In addition to all of our great friends in the fashion industry, we also have a lot of friends in the media and investment communities,” the site’s editor, Carol Han, explained to me in an email. “At our holiday party in December, we had over 1200 people…we thought it would be nice to do something a little more low key this time around.”

Stylecaster has reduced their editorial staff by 20% this year, so this may have all come down to budgeting, but their party was representative of some of the frustrations felt by Stylecaster’s critics. The fashion folks I talk to seem to come down on two sides about Stylecaster: those who think it has some smart, insightful reporting, and a real, albeit convoluted ,voice (more mature than say Fashionista, yet more fun than, and those who see it as trivial, conflated and little more than the flimsy wing of an ambitious social media startup. Well, can’t it be both?

image She’s mad because the guy behind her is wearing better accessories.

image I thought this girl was adorable, and she’s still smiling, even after one of the golden birds at GoldBar sprayed golden shit all over her shoulder.

image That scene in The O.C., Season 1, when Seth chases Anna through the airport and asks her not to leave—gets me every time.

image Like Jason Bateman and Andre Balazs had a baby (why their baby would hang out at GoldBar is anyone’s guess).

image I have nothing sassy to say here; these two just looked great. The only thing I can even think to be snarky about is that falcon, who looks a little on the fat side.

image I like how completely bored the people in the background are with the people in the foreground.

image My thoughts exactly.

image Best outfit at the party. No foolin.

image Every time you think of 50 Cent and LVHM (who own Smart Water), I want you to picture this.

image This is a fairly accurate representation of how GoldBar configures in my head.

image As well as this. Sigh.