Style Guru Tells Us What’s Up

The opulence of this morning’s Ralph Lauren show sounded the long-awaited death knell to New York Fashion Week, signaling an opportunity for the downtrodden to give their livers a rest and catch up on sleep. A week of triple-booked shows, bloody blisters and stolen front row seats has yielded hundreds of new collections, and though the first issues of ’10 will be volcanoes of spring fashion, we tapped into one of the city’s brightest know-it-alls for the cream of the culture crop, Gio Metodiev, to give us his Loves it! Hates it! and everything in between.

So, where are you eating? I really enjoy the Standard Grill at the moment. The food is yummy and it’s a great mix of people. The service is a little bit off but I feel all trendy restaurants always hire wanna-be models who are more interested in catwalking than actually filling wine glasses.

Drinking? The Jane is one of my favorite hangouts. It’s a fun scene and the girl working the door loves me and always lets me cut the line.

Dancing? If you really want to go dancing, Brooklyn is the place to be. Sugarland is always a good time but nothing beats Hugs after the two am bug hits. The DJs play a great mix of music, and there’s nothing like seeing your friends reanacting ‘Like a Prayer’ after an endless night of cocktails. The scene is totally fun and unpretentious.

Give us your favorite trends for fall. I’m obsessed with 80’s ripped jeans and also love the whole denim rolled up look. Studs are also huge for me. Everything from studded shoes and leather jackets to that awesome Balmain dress that Madonna wore in her ‘Celebration’ video.

Fashionwise, what just kills you at the moment? Ummm, where do we start?! Headbands with flower details is probably up there. Black tights worn as pants is another one. I just think that skirts were created for a reason. Bow-ties too. Unless you’re going to the Oscars or the Opera, they should stay in the drawer.

What are you listening to right now? The ‘Empire of the Sun’ album has been my soundtrack for the entire summer. They are so talented and visually creative. Also, I’m still playing Roisin Murphy’s ‘Overpowered’ album almost every day and I’m super excited for Devendra Banhart’s new one coming out this Fall.

Upcoming fall concerts that have you freaking. There are so many! U2’s 360 tour is definitely on my must list. I saw them perform when I was a teen and it will be a total walk back on memory lane to see them again. Kylie Minogue is another huge one I’m so excited about. She’s never toured in the States and seeing her live is going to be a fantasy come true.

Last book that made you a recluse? I always end up reading several books at the same time. I just finished The Time Traveler’s Wife which was so sad and beautiful. I’m currently on Call Me by Your Name by Andre Aciman, which is such a great read too.

What Euro mags do you splurge on monthly? Fantastic Man and LOVE are my two top European books. The images are so edgy and really push the boundaries as what you expect to see from a fashion magazine. I literally treat them as collectibles.

What kind of gallery action have you been into lately? I was really impressed by James Turrel’s Hologram show at the PaceWildenstein gallery. It is stunning of what he does with light and how he manages to give it a physical meaning. Another amazing show is Juergen Teller’s ‘Paradis’ photo exhibit at the Lehmann Maupin gallery. It features Charlotte Rampling frolicking around The Lourve along with Raquel Zimmerman. It is like a fashion shoot with no clothes.

Now that New York Fashion Week is over, what are you going to do with yourself? I’ll start out by sleeping. Remember what that is?