The Best Kept Secret in The West Village: Calliope

With the likes of Marc Jacobs, Joe Malone, and Alexis Bittar lining Bleecker St., it pays to venture off the over populated retail path and make your way towards the river to West 12th St where you’ll discover the shopping oasis that is Calliope.  The store founded by Manhattan couple Caroline and Michael Ventura, is not just a store, it’s an entire thought in lifestyle.  A lifestyle that granted veers more California than New York, but with the current migration of New Yorkers going west, you can be the smart one knowing that you don’t have to move to Los Angeles to get that Cali vibe.


What makes this place great is that it’s arranged like a shoppable living room. Inside you’ll find a curated collection of vintage, contemporary, and bespoke goods crafted by artisans from Morocco to Brooklyn, including Aaron Poritz, Fort Makers, and Michael Felix. They have everything from large designer furnishings, travel goods, luggage, antique rugs, artisan homewares, jewelry, crystals, sage and vintage records. The ever-rotating supply make the boutique a fresh source of inspiration for a creative and inspired crowd.


It’s known amongst neighborhood locals that Calliope likes when you hang out. In fact, if you want to grab your laptop for an hour or two you can set up shop with the other locals doing just that or bring a bottle of wine and conversation while you wait for your friends finishing at The Whitney (which is just a few blocks away).


The one thing Calliope offers over anywhere else in New York is their one-of-a-kind “field trips” with local talent which will send you on a journey in butchery lessons, astrological chart readings, vinyl hunting, drawing classes, and cocktail mixology. Sign us up.


Calliope is located at 349 West 12th Street, New York, NY 10014.

New York Opening: Onassis Clothing

Of course, the "Onassis" and "Rockfeller" jokes will be forthcoming. But far from being big news for the jetset-set, the opening of this new Rockefeller Center Onassis Clothing shop will surely jazz those gents whose sense of style leans decidedly classic, but whose budget is very 2012.

The 1,500-square-foot Analogue Studio-designed space houses a full selection of the Japanese-American brand’s preppy cool essentials – all with a slightly nautical bent and European fit. A growing leathers and accessories collection is also on offer. Best of all, you’ll only look like a millionaire. 

Tokyo Opening: Tommy Hilfiger Omotesando

It seems almost an impossibility that it hasn’t happened sooner, but America’s most American designer has finally opened a proper flagship in fashion mad Tokyo: the Tommy Hilfiger Omotesando. Taking up three floors, these interior spaces are replete with modern and vintage details, ranging from opulent gentlemen’s club style (lots of oak and brass) to Frank Lloyd Wright inspired minimalism, but all done with a sense of fun.

An LCD Gallery with 13 screens shows original video content, but also footage of other Tommy shoppers around the world. The entire Hilfiger range is encompassed, with everything from bespoke suit service for the gents to all you’d ever need to suit up the little ones. Another masterstroke for Hilfiger.