New York: Top 10 Meals for Nursing a Hangover

Nice Green Bo (Chinatown) – Bright, clanging interior may not be the most sympathetic thing for your aching head, but salty Shanghainese specialties are what your body craves. Yellow fish with dry seaweed infinitely better than it sounds. Crispy, golden-skin scallion pancakes for a warm up. Much more fun than two Alka-Seltzers in a tumbler of warm water. ● Stone Park Café (Park Slope) Make up for that overlong night of Commonwealth, Great Lakes, and Gate-hopping with a standout brunch here. The Gold Rush-era Hangtown Fry sounds like the ideal hangover antidote that it is. Eggs, oysters, bacon, cheddar. Get back to blogging about the baby later. ● The Burger Joint at the Parker Meridien Hotel (Midtown West) – Classic, super-satisfying burger with a side of fries will get all your comfort-food-craving synapses firing at once. Stomach in need of further soppage? There’s milkshakes after 1:30pm. Stumble in past the lunch rush and you might even be able to enjoy it at a table.

Ramen Setagaya (East Village) – What’s a better hangover helper than a bowlful of salt and pork? The ramen here is homier than Ippudo’s and more authentic than Momofuku’s. Broth is made fresh daily with clams, scallops, lemon peel, other random shit. Hearty, flavorful, and addictive. ● Molly’s Pub and Shebeen (Gramercy) – Approximates a cozy, firelit night spent in county Meath or Monaghan (where the owners hail from), which will soothe your saturated brain. Pub classic fish and chips with top-grade cod dipped in ale butter will have you back up on that Guinness horse in no time. ● The Redhead (East Village) – A low-maintenance redhead? Really? We kid, we kid. Laidback bar starts you off with bacon-tinged peanuts, helps clear your head with super-crispy fried chicken. Seasoned with peppercorns, thyme, and brown sugar, it’ll displace those DTs in a jiffy. ● Shorty’s (Midtown West) – Grease and fat, that’s all that hangover wants. Take a lesson from the Sixth Borough and enjoy a classic cheesesteak in Hell’s Kitchen. Hoagie rolls shipped in daily, twenty beers on tap to get you going on your next hangover. ● Cho Dang Gol (Garment District) Seoul food satisfaction in zenned out space. Amazing tofu porridges guaranteed to rejuvenate. Mainline shredded beef with salted shrimp sauce in the Jun-Ju “Hangover” Soup. Trust them — they’ve been fixing hangovers this way for millennia. ● Permanent Brunch (East Village) – Sometimes it’s best to rely on a specialist. Just like the name says, all brunch all the time. Sophisticated fare like wine-braised mushrooms, baked eggs with short rib ragu, and duck fat spuds will put the kibosh on your crapulence, ASAP. ● Prune (East Village) – Sometimes there’s nothing else for it but the hair of the dog. When you finally snag that brunch table, luxuriate over your choice of a dozen Bloody Marys, served with a Red Stripe chaser. A Bullshot with beef bouillon should fix things right up. Deep-fried, triple-decker Monte Cristo sandwich if it doesn’t.