Stolen Girlfriends Club Pockets a Neo-Gothic Look for Fall

Last year, designers Dan Gosling, Marc Moore, and Luke Harwood told us that they create the clothes they envision their girlfriends and wives wearing. It looks like the trusted muses of their New Zealand-based label, Stolen Girlfriends Club, have finally broken out of their nomadic shells to explore this new high-fashion-goth look for fall 2012, and we’re into it.

While the new range definitely includes a set of a surprising pops of color and new accessories (check out this sweet oversized backpack), the standouts for us are those  racy lace numbers that we’d love to see someone like Aussie model Abbey Lee Kershaw rock.

SGC definitely has some new swing, but that’s not to say that they’ve completely abandoned their mountaineer roots. We spotted a quick cameo of their famed chunky knit bloomers in the mix! Shop SGC here.

Heavy Metal Trinkets for Your Next Headbangers Ball

New Zealand-based Stolen Girlfriends Club has recently added jewelry to their hip clothing collection. The whimsical line, entitled “Heavy Metal,” includes an assortment of charm necklaces, chain-link bracelets, and dangly earrings made of gold and silver metal (hence the name). Expanding out from their pop-culture inspired women’s and menswear, this separate collection still resonates with cool, youthful appeal.

And what’s more rock-and-roll than a heart-and-crossbones pendant with the phrase “I Love You To Death” engraved on it? Shop Stolen Girlfriends Club at Pixie Market, 100 Stanton Street, 212-253-0953.


Brand Watch: Stolen Girlfriends Club

What if you let your boyfriend dress you? Most would shudder at the thought, envisioning him digging up the most random thing in your closet, like that beat-up t-shirt you wear on laundry days or those old jeans you thought you got rid of. Simple can be cool too, but you’d much rather play in the plethora of fabrics and proportions you appreciate and he only kind of understands. However, if your dude happens to be one of the founders of Stolen Girlfriends Club, you’re in luck. “We’re always creating garments we would want to wear or would envision our girlfriends and wives wearing. This always helps create collections that we love, are passionate about, and understand how to wear and style—a vision behind the madness,” explain Dan Gosling, Marc Moore and Luke Harwood—the designers behind the New Zealand women’s and menswear label.

Founded in 2005, SGC was a product of raw creativity. After a snowboarding accident that left him injured, Moore was forced to replace the physical with the mental. He began painting and held his first art exhibition, aptly titled Stolen Girlfriends Club. From there he connected with Harwood, and together they produced more art and eventually designed their first t-shirt, which quickly generated a local following for its incomparable style. Realizing they were on to something, the boys partnered with Gosling to help with production of new designs and distribution. Now a go-to brand for well-known style influencers around the world, the cult favorite is rapidly reaching commercial appeal. “Our brand is growing so quickly and we have only a small team, so we’re working hard to find the perfect balance between running a smooth business and executing some great creative projects that will help continue to push our brand and keep true to our roots,” the designers say. Stolen Girlfriends Club takes the movements of youth culture and blends it with ethereal detailing; creating an unpretentious street/high-fashion hybrid that pays homage to the New Zealand nomadic mountaineer lifestyle.