Raymond Pettibon’s Weird Wit

Raymond Pettibon’s exhibition, "To Wit" opened last night at David Zwirner Gallery in Chelsea. The prolific artist (and semi-crazed Twitterer) tacked paintings and drawings all over the space—a sort of drunken salon-style hanging—interspersed with enigmatic phrases scrawled directly on the wall ("I’ve probably forgotten sum things, buyt s’nuff said for now. Whuytuyp.")

One of our favorite pieces: A brightly colored still life of an elegant table setting that reads, "The maid was so nervous serving dinner that her hands were trembling as she painted this."

We ran into painter Chuck Webster at the opening and asked him to expound on his own love for all things Pettibon. Check out what he had to say below.

And then go see his own exhibition, currently up at Betty Cuningham Gallery, also in Chelsea. And he’s also in a massive drawing show (with collaborator Ross Simonini) that opens tonight at Know More Games in Brooklyn.