Steal This Look: Green in McQueen

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Illustration by Hilton Dresden

We know what you’ve been thinking ever since seeing the latest collection for Alexander McQueen, shot by Ethan James Green: how do I rock this new couture while still letting my green hair flourish? The answer is simple, really: you just need to tousle your emerald curls, throw on an embellished capelet and a satiny slip with matching gloves, and take a deep breath. The three words that describe this look are simple, sensible, and snakelike. And if you really want to capture this vibe, it’s all in the details. Read on for the insider tricks.

The McQueen Capelet – AW ’17.

The most crucial piece for this ensemble isn’t readily available just yet, but you can feast your eyes on it in the new McQueen lookbook.

Photo by Ethan James Green.

In the meantime, you’ll have to make do with something similar – might be time to bust out that embroidery thread.

The Pink Satin Slip.

Pair your heavy, statement outerwear with a feminine, fragile little satin slip.  ASOS has cheap-yet-chic options:

The Gloves and Glam.

Ideally, you’ll be matching your gloves to the color of your slip for a cohesive color palette, but we know it’s not always easy to nail that pastel pink in two different products. However, we’ve managed to track down this viable option from

A ring over a gloved finger goes a long way toward achieving the couture-meets-creature of the night look we’re striving for. In terms of styling, green hair is a must – ideally you’ll be incorporating products into your regimen that give a wet, just-showered, tousled vibe, and if you’ve got some powerful pomade feel free to plaster some ringlets to your forehead. Finish with a Queen Amidala-inspired lip and you’re ready for the runway.

Steal This Look: The Foxy Flapper

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We know what’s been on your mind: you want to look like a fennec fox flapper girl rocking twenties partier meets Demna Gvasalia meets woodland creature vibes. But you don’t have the know-how or the statement pieces to implement your vision. Fear no more: we’ve got the advice and shopping links to let you implement all your foxiest dreams.

The Statement Glitzy Jacket.

This entire look is based off of three adjectives: loud, glittering, and over-the-top. It all comes down to a wild, statement jacket – the centerpiece of this look. While it’s up to you to find the right version for your own aesthetic, we’re obsessed with the drag queen, club kid extravagance of BCALLA’s designs, which have been worn by everyone from Gaga to Pearl. bcalla_fw16_by_michael_burk_02 bcalla_ss16_4


Michael Burk for BCALLA.

The Tall, Tight Boot.

To pair with your big jacket, you’ll need some slender, sleek boots a la Balenciaga Spring ’17. These Vetements ones are a huge crush of ours, as are these velvet Balenciaga dream thigh-warmers.



The look is fairly simple, all things considered. If you have the resources, pair your ensemble with a sensible neck ruff, thick blonde moustache, and the genetics of a Fennec Fox. Happy strutting!


Steal This Look: The Bad Girl on the Red Carpet

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Illustration by Hilton Dresden

So you’re getting ready for your next big movie premiere, and you want to earn your spot on as many Best-Dressed lists as you can. But you’re also a bad girl, and you don’t want any of your cool downtown friends to think you care about anything as trivial as making sure to beat Bella Hadid in the next edition of ‘Who Wore it Better.’ Don’t worry, sweet child. We’ve got you covered. Here’s what to do:

The Color Block Blazer.


Find the color that’s right for you. The more structured, bold, and asymmetrical, the better. Can’t figure it out? Just get this one from Michael Kors. And don’t wear anything under it.

The Long Tulle Skirt.


Pair your more hardcore top with ultra-femme vibes on bottom. This one from ASOS is gorgeous and won’t break the bank.

Obviously, any self-respecting contender for Best-Dressed is going to pair this look with black pointed heels, a Burgundy velvet choker, and a casual half-up half-down ‘do. Keep your bad girl attitude on you, whether that means a real cigarette or an e-cig if you’re trying to make nice with your lungs, and you’re good to go.

Steal This Look: Rainy Day Royalty

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Illustration by Hilton Dresden

We know, we know: there’s no way to stay chic when you’re being pelted with sheets of cold precipitation, right? Wrong, actually. Rainy days are a blessing in disguise for any real fashionista, as they spell one word: trenches. That’s right, gloomy weather is a signal to grab a trench coat and an umbrella and take to the streets with the hottest gray sky look in town. We’ve got you covered:

The Trench.


Sandro is probably our favorite. And if you want a red option, there’s this:sandro_m9208w-34_v_1

The Tiger Sweater.


This ASOS option does the trick and keeps you nice and warm.

Pair these essentials with some kitten heels for a finished look. Just don’t forget your umbrella!

Steal This Look: The Club Kid Gone Caroling

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Illustration by Hilton Dresden

We know, we know. You want to dress like a cool club kid with more party invites than problems, but you also don’t want to have to go home and change if you decide to go caroling later. Don’t sweat it – we’ve got you covered! Here’s how to pull off a look that’s both strange dungeon dance floor ready and simultaneously appropriate for singing on doorsteps for hours on end.

The Glam.

This look requires some very specific grooming techniques: throw on a funky lip – why not use a Kylie Lip Kit – and paste your hair to your head with some Bumble and Bumble Sumotech.

The Cape.

You’ll need a cape to stay warm in the winter winds, and they’re also easy to dance in. Try this one from ASOS – only $10.50 on sale.

The Red Turtle Dress.

You’ll need a red turtleneck dress to complete this festive look. We recommend this cashmere option from Neiman Marcus – it’s on sale for $240.

Finish the look off with some purple kitten heels and lacey socks (and a knife-shaped brooch if you can swing it) and you might even get cast as Ensemble in an upcoming production of A Christmas Carol! Happy merry-making, fashion freaks.

Steal This Look: The Off-Duty Falconer

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Illustration by Hilton Dresden

We know what you’ve been thinking: how do I dress myself so I invoke the image of a posh falconer taking a break from hunting with birds of prey to take a light stroll around the block? Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Follows these simple guidelines and you’ll be the most stylish statement in town. Bird sold separately.

The extreme flare pants.

You need to get extreme here. We are into this boot option.

The furry neck.


Keep your neck warm with this piece from Target.

The sweater vest. 


No need to get fancy here. A simply blue will suffice – this one is courtesy of Ralph Lauren.

You’re all set. Now get out on the sidewalk and strut your flared legs.

Steal This Look: Rainy Day Royalty

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Illustration by Hilton Dresden

We know what you’ve been dreaming of: embroidered floral leggings, hybrid fur-denim jackets, and blue cotton skirts and sweaters with built-in chokers. Which is why we’ve thrown all those pieces together into this rainy day royal ensemble, the wearer of which will own any gloomy sidewalk they strut upon. Here’s how to recreate it:

The Fur and Denim Jacket:


Try this one from Wanelo – $369.

The blue top-skirt set. 


This one’s only $97 from Revolve.

The Black Floral Pant.


Just $59 at ASOS.

There you have it – pair your getup with a sensible umbrella and, if you can, grow some antlers.