The St. Patrick’s Day Extravaganza With Patrick McMullan

It’s that time of year again. St. Patrick’s Day is nearly upon us, and whether you are a member of the green team or not it is a day and a night to party hardy. I used to I double lock myself in a room and wait for it to pass, but in the last decade or so the holiday has become universal and a great deal of fun. One event that I can always recommend is Patrick McMullan’s St. Patrick’s Day Extravaganza. This is the 31st annual. For me it’s a chance to see what’s left of the old guard and observe how better “preserved” I am. Some look better but those aren’t actually preserved, they are nipped, tucked or just plain pickled. This year there will be Irish dancers, a live performance from Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin, and Patrick’s son Liam McMullan will DJ. I’ve known Liam since he was just weeks old as he was a constant fixture on the club scene as an infant and through and beyond his Wonder Bread years. He is indeed a club kid.

This shindig has no cover. It will be held at BPM (516 West 42 Street) and it starts around 9 p.m. Patrick McMullan is a photographer who has chronicled nightlife and social life for decades. He is a nightlife legend. He is the force behind PMC Magazine and an all around good man. I caught up with him and asked him a wee bit about it.

How many of these St. Patrick’s Day parties have you hosted?

Honestly I lost count, but probably over 30

What is the event going to be like?

I get that question from everyone but I hope it will be a combination of old friends, new friends, artists and whoever wants to have a good time!

Tell me about your business.

It can be overwhelming but it also very exciting. For instance, tomorrow I’m shooting an event for the tattoo artist JK5 and then on Friday I am shooting the 2015 FDNY calendar and yes, the sexy one!

Do you enjoy going out to this day… er night?

Absolutely, but sometimes it can be hard to get out of the door.

Your son Liam is DJing the event. Tell me about when he started experiencing clubs.

He came to a Stephen Sprouse party when he was only 3 weeks old! His first nightclub was The World but he left with his mother after dinner. Liam loves nightlife and he is a true renaissance man. He hosts and DJs at the Electric Room and is always doing something exciting.

St. Patrick’s Day Soirèe Saturday at Yotel, Steven Greenberg’s Memorial Service Next Tuesday

Look, I hope you won’t be insulted if I keep this short today. I am way too busy to chat or be profound or funny or whatever it is I am doing these days. I got to get to the 17 Stanton space, formerly called The Elsinore, to finish up with the construction so you guys can go oooh and ahh or say …"What in God’s name was he thinking?" According to Scott Solish at Eater yesterday, nobody cares, but sometimes he is a little left of right. I read his take on my column yesterday and noticed just a little error…a right when he should have gone left. He said that Noel Ashman had changed the name. In reality, the name was changed over Noel’s strenuous objections. This will play out, as revelers attend the space and play with tables and bottles and other toys. Seventeen Stanton has a new name, which will be seen and heard sometime in the next few days. The place is almost ready. It feels good-to-go. After this writing and the day-job designing, I’m off to Hotel Chantelle to DJ with Sam Valentine and Michael Tee and a slew of others.. I’ll get home at 6am-ish. I was up at 7am, so it’s a 23-hour day for me. I figure I’ll get all the sleep I need in 20 or 30 years.

Saturday I will don the green tie and attend the Saint Patricks Day soirèe my two favorite Patricks are throwing at Yotel. Mr. Patrick Duffy and Mr. Patrick McMullan and son Liam will be hosting. Liam will DJ, along with the Justin (O)Strauss. I’m not a big fan of the day and even less of the night, which is often ruined by people who have been drinking all day, well …er …since 1995. The "no gays" in the parade thing is a disgrace and…well, I’m in a hurry. I asked Patrick Duffy a few Steve Lewis questions. He gave me Patrick Duffy answers.
Tell me about this year’s St. Patrick Day festivities.
We are doing it at the Yotel! We have taken over the space for the night. Liam is going to DJ along with Justin Strauss. We are having a private dinner for Patrick, Liam and I, and our best friends..then a massive party for everyone!
Which of you is the most Irish? McMullan or you?
Hard to say! I know we all have the luck of the Irish! Patrick and Liam are sweet, charming, and so much fun! I hope I am too! We are calling ourselves the Holy Trinity for the evening Father (Patrick McM) Son (Liam) and Holy Ghost (guess who).
For those that are clueless or who live under rocks, tell them who you are and what you do.
 I am Patrick Duffy, I do Patrick Duffy things.
For years, gay people have been denied the opportunity to parade with the rest of the flock. Who wins on this, who loses, and how does that affect you inside?
The world loses. (Most) gays make the world a better place – the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, so to speak. At least the ones I know!
Growing up, when did you feel that you might skew different from the rest? When, if ever, did you stray from the pack and the traditional values?
I was born with heels on and a martini in hand. Didn’t have many friends at Catholic school, accept for some other members of the congregation.  
In sadder news, a memorial service will be held Tuesday, March 20th for my dearly departed friend and mentor Steven Greenberg. I can’t believe he is gone. I will gather with the other disbelievers and believers at Park East Synagogue 163 East 67th Street to remember him. A close friend of Steven consoled me with this thought, "He lived to help put people together." He’s doing it again.

Sunday Is Not Just St. Patrick’s Day

We’re all very excited to drink ourselves interesting this weekend. I get it! Really. Given half the chance I would be right there with you, pressuring someone to do another car bomb even though they’re asleep facedown in a bowl of peanuts. But St. Patrick’s Day isn’t just a holiday that celebrates the migration of everyone in New Jersey to the shittiest midtown pubs with Mc or O’ in the name. It’s also my birthday.

So no, intoxicated girl in face paint and shamrock antennae, I suppose I can’t just take it in stride when you fall and spill your beer on me and tell me that I look like James Van Der Beek. If this were a mere bacchanal, such a comment could pass without incident. BUT THIS IS THE ANNIVERSARY OF MY BIRTH, AND I WILL NOT BROOK COMPARISON TO DAWSON. Also, can the rest of you get out of my bar? I’m trying to have a party here.

No, of course you can’t, and this is what I am doomed to: there is no going out to celebrate without going out for St. Patrick’s Day. I have to wear green if I don’t want to get pinched or punched. There’s a good chance I’ll step in puke. And if, as a present to myself, I want to get plastered and act a fool, I’m one of eight thousand guys in that zip code doing exactly that. Doubt the cops will make a birthday exception for me when they’re loading us into the paddywagon.

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Your St. Patrick’s Day NYC Itinerary

This year, St. Patrick’s Day arrives on a Sunday, transforming our day of rest into a day of revelry, as NYers hit the streets covered in shamrock-colored face paint and stuffed with Jameson and Guinness. And New York really makes it all too easy, as bars across Manhattan host massive parties devoted to getting you as buzzed and green-in-the-face as possible. Since navigating the subway system may overwhelm the day’s thought processes, I’ve gathered the city’s best parties into a neat, walk-able, almost-charming itinerary. So print it out, stick it on your fridge, carry it in your pocket, and fuel up for a day of nonstop mischief.

First stop: sideBAR for an all-green breakfast.
Our favorite Seuss book comes to life at upscale sportsbar sideBAR, where green eggs, pancakes, bagels, and Lucky Charms are the requisite, pre-drinking morning fuel. Alas, the breakfast is called “Kegs & Eggs,” which means this event gets dynamic quick, offering up to eight green Bud Light drafts, and getting you buzzed by noon. Starts 9am, $24. Info here.

Second stop: Bounce Sporting Club for their themed Sunday Funday party.
Green sparklers & bottle service, rotating DJs,  and an all Jameson whiskey-infused menu kick off your official St. Patrick’s celebration with class and crazy at Bounce’s weekly “Sunday Funday” party. Pick up the banana Jameson shots, Just the Tip cocktail with peach puree, and – if you already need some reviving – the Slumpbuster cocktail with Jameson, Bailey’s, Kaluha, and restorative espresso. Starts noon. Info here.

Third Stop: The Windsor for pastrami spring rolls, corned beef, & Guinness cupcakes.
Snack time. Head to the West Village or Gansevoort Park locations of upscale sportsbar The Windsor for their special pastrami spring rolls, corned beef, and Guinness chocolate cupcake with Bailey’s buttercream, served in a jar. All day till 4am. Info here.

Fourth Stop: Fiddlesticks for the casual, pub experience.
Ireland’s best NY bar, this pub holds all the Irish charm you envision for the big day: outdoor tables, a packed bar full of loud Irishmen, Gelic lettering and décor, filthy bathrooms. Fiddlesticks is king. Till 2am. Info here.

Fifth Stop: Lavo for a wild dance party.
You’ll need a cab to this Midtown East club, but it’s worth it: do the Irish jig with sexy dancers on top of your table – Lavo style – at the themed Riviera Sundays weekly party. DJ Yacine spins, while your world starts to also.

Sixth Stop: Your bed.
Well done. Now go to sleep – or get lucky. It’s the Irish way.

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New York’s Wackiest St. Patrick’s Day Dishes & Drinks

Like all holidays, St. Patrick’s Day is a day when we get away with doing things that are deemed unacceptable on ordinary days. Running around in green onesies, handing out Lucky Charms cereal to strangers, and drunkenly yelling the phrase “Luck of the Irish!” to couples mid-makeout is strongly encouraged and instantly Instagrammed. And when it comes to fuel for the ride, the wackiness continues, as food and alcohol finds any excuse to intermingle. Tuna with Jameson soy sauce? Yeah, why not. Bread pudding stuffed with banana Jameson shots? Can’t say no. Here are NYC’s most unusual:

GO Burger: 

  • St. Patty Melt Burger: a 4 oz. burger topped with corned beef, Irish cheddar, mustard, and sauerkraut, available now.
  • Kiss Me I’m Irish Spiked Shake: a creamy shake full of Bailey’s, Jameson, & Murphy’s Stout, blended with a shamrock cookie and whipped cream, available now.

Bounce Sporting Club:

  • Tuna with Jameson Soy Sauce: savory, alcoholic, Sunday only.
  • Banana Bread Pudding with Jameson shots: paired with butternut squash ice cream and eggnog & banana shots, Sunday only.

BLT Steak: 

  • The Jameson Goodbye Cocktail: drink infused with Jameson, green tea, lime juice, & mint tea, $18, available this weekend.

The Windsor:

  • Pastrami Spring Rolls: meat, fried, wrapped, perfect, this weekend.
  • Guinness Chocolate Cupcake with Bailey’s Buttercream: as described, served in a jar, available this weekend. 

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St. Patrick’s Day 2.0 @ McSorley’s

If there was ever any confusion as to where you should be spending your St. Patty’s day, I think this website has answered the question. It’s a live patchwork of tweets and pictures from McSorley’s Old Ale House in the East Village, updating you on all the green goings-on at the legendary booze altar. Who would’ve thought that one of the oldest bars in New York (it opened its doors in 1854) would be so cutting edge!

This internet thing is catching on, after all. According to an update, there was a line outside at 10 a.m., but if the bar is filled with guys like this, I’m more than happy watching the festivities from the isolation of me dear computer screen.

NYC: Top 5 Irish Pubs for St. Patrick’s Day

imageIt’s gonna be a green beer kinda day. Here are our top picks for Irish pub-hopping for the 17th of March.

1. McSorley’s (East Village) – Classic Irish joint filled with frat boys, sawdust, and old-timey Irish dudes. Wear green or else. 2. Half King (Chelsea) – Plain pub with decent bar food and a hidden garden.

3. Ceol (Brooklyn South) – Green walls, cold Guinness, and plenty of shepherd’s pie to go around. Get ready to drink or don’t show. 4. Blarney Rock Pub (Garment District) – Equal parts kitschy and sporty, with lots of blarney. 5. An Beal Bocht Cafe (North Bronx): Authentically Irish, the Guinness flows. Bar dancing encouraged.