Now You Can Buy a David Bowie Subway Metrocard in NYC


Talk about ch-ch-ch-changes. Yesterday afternoon, at the Bleecker Street and Broadway-Lafayette subway station in Manhattan, the MTA gave people the opportunity to purchase exclusive David Bowie metrocards. As part of the final stop of the David Bowie Is exhibition at The Brooklyn Museum, Spotify teamed up with the city to create 250,000 limited edition metrocards that offer five different versions of the Starman: a young suited Bowie, a Ziggy Stardust-era Bowie, an ’80s makeup-clad Bowie, the legendary Ziggy cover with the lightning bolt, and Bowie as the Thin White Duke.



In addition to the metrocards, the MTA also turned the Lafayette station into an immersive tribute to the singer. Along with various portraits throughout the subway station, the city spray-painted a giant image of Ziggy Stardust across a set of beams. The whole thing gives brand new meaning to Station to Station.



Of course, though, New Yorkers love a special. So, we’d be surprised if the metrocards last very long. As of now, however, the MTA says they’re still available.


Zella Day Shares Her Ultimate, All-American July 4 Playlist

Zella Day photographed in NYC by Ben Rosenzweig for BlackBook Magazine.

For one reason or another, the Fourth of July seems to be a holiday that nearly everyone plans at the 11th hour. With only a few days left to figure out the right barbecue, parade, or family reunion to attend, we wanted to help get our readers into the Independence Day spirit. Thus, we recruited the help of Zella Day, whose popularity as a singer-songwriter seems to have soared exponentially upon the release of her album Kicker last month. Born in the incredibly isolated, rural town of Pinetop, Arizona, Day combines her folk-fringed background with traditional pop, exhibiting a sound that aptly summarizes the modern sonic embodiment of Americana. Who better to ask for some firework-worthy tracks?

Take a listen to Day’s playlist below, featuring the likes of Tom Petty, Sturgil Simpson, and The Doors. Also, make sure to give Kicker a listen, here.



Tom Petty – “Wildflowers”

I chose “Wildflowers” before “American Girl” as to not be too predictable. Tom Petty is the ultimate American heart throb.

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers – “American Girl”

Well here it is folks! The one true 4th of July anthem.

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – “Teach Your Children”

This song encapsulates what I’d like to think Americans live by.

Joni Mitchell – “California”

Joni singing about the city that I’m falling so madly in love with, I couldn’t resist.

Sturgil Simpson – “A Little Light”

Sturgill Simpson is my idea of real genuine country music.

America – “Sister Golden Hair”

If I didn’t put this song on my playlist I’d be a wacko. I love this, you love this, your parents love this.

Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn – “Louisiana Woman”

I want to be Loretta Lynn when I grow up. Mississippi and all. 

The Whites – “Keep On The Sunny Side”

Our country is going through some dark times, but let us not forget all of the beauty we  share.

Harry McClintock – “Big Rock Candy Mountain”

Classic cowboy attitude.

The Doors – “Alabama Song”

Where I’m guessing everyone ends up after fireworks.


5 Superb White Wines under $30 for Spring + What to Play While You Sip

Photo: “Bodega Ribera del Duero Vino Asador Rafael Corrales Aranda de Duero” by Pravdaverita – Own work. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

With the beginning of Spring, white wines will be exceptionally tasty. Here are a few to try.

Spring means fine seafood, fresh weather, and group gatherings over some great white wine. The following wines have all been selected accordingly for the sunnier season–and their palatable price range (all five picks are under $30).

Once the bottle’s been uncorked, hit play on our custom playlist–perfect for a small treat for a date-night-with-yourself.


Kim Crawford 2012 Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough, $16

kim crawford


Cederberg Winery Bukettraube 2010, $24


Domaine de la Villaudière 2012 Sauvignon Blanc (Sancerre), $29

audiere sancerre

Mastroberardino Falanghina  2013, $21 


Alois Lageder Pinot Grigio 2013    $15


Zev Norotsky On the Launch of New Electronic Dance Music and DJ Magazine “Elektro”

Electronic music has changed nightlife forever, for better…for worse. It has made DJ’s rock stars, strange and remote places destinations, and has filled clubs and stadiums. It’s inspired Woodstockian festivals. It has defined, along with mash up/mixed format, a renaissance in nightlife. When clubs were going through their doldrums just a few years back, it was argued that there had not been a new genre of music to lead us out of the boredom. Mixed format combined other genres and was considered by some to be a sort of wishy-washy sound for the musically-challenged masses. DJs like AM certainly shattered that misconception. Electronic was lumped in as a progression of house and not much new. This has proven to be an inadequate description of the sound that has swept the world. Many DJs I have spoken to speak of how it has united people worldwide, as superstar DJs play for hundreds of thousands, from Asia to South America.

Zev Norotsky formerly of Mirrorball and Get There PR, has joined Harris Publications as president of its H360 Group. They are launching elektro, a new magazine…
"[It’s] geared toward electronic dance music/DJ fans… elektro’s mission is to take you behind the turntables and into the lives of DJs, sharing their passion for the music, giving fans an all-access backstage pass. From Tiesto’s sold-out gig, to David Guetta’s new album and the Swedish House Mafia’s unreleased track, elektro will show you the tools to make the music and the lifestyle they live. Electronic music is now the fastest-growing genre in music. DJs are the new rock stars and are selling out arenas around the world. elektro brings you face- to-face with the fans that attend these events, along with powerful marketing solutions including print, online, and experiential activations at sold-out shows and festivals across the globe."
Tiesto is on the first issue’s cover. It will come out quarterly. I sent Zev a few questions (electronically of course) and got these answers:
What is elektro?
elektro is a new platform for electronic dance music enthusiasts to learn about DJ culture and their favorite artists and producers. It’s definitely much more than a magazine as we have also built in a comprehensive digital ecosystem and a large special event calendar for 2012 to round out our presence nationwide. This includes our online hub at, very active social media engagement, and strategic partnerships with Spotify,, mixcloud etc. We will also be distributed at all the large festivals including Ultra and Electric Daisy in New York and Las Vegas, etc.
You have been a promoter/marketing guy;  is elektro an exit strategy…a way out of nightlife’s day-to-day, er… night-to-night, or a natural progression and a deeper commitment?
I must refer to a quote from Steve Jobs where he said, "You can’t connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards." I got my start in nightlife very early working the doors at Limelight and Kit Kat Klub when I was in college, striking out a few times on my own and eventually landing with Eddie Dean at Pacha NYC.  Nightlife is my absolute passion and I like to say that I got my Masters following Eddie around as we launched the Pacha brand in America. That was, by far, the most valuable experience of my life as I learned not only the importance of branding and guidelines, but also how vital nightlife can be to the world of marketing and how strong the connection is between consumers and brands. I have been jumping up and down on corporate board room tables for the last four or five years, begging brand managers to pay attention to what’s going on in electronic dance music (EDM) and people are finally paying attention. It’s an amazing feeling and now I have elektro to make sense of it all. I never could have imagined this starting out but when I look back it all makes perfect sense.
Everybody in the world is going electronic..or is it elektronic… as online is more and more the way people want it…why print?
We are very in tune with the digital space. I actually moderated a panel a few weeks back during Social Media Week based on a theory that the explosion of EDM in America is intrinsically tied to social media; that’s why we have created an extensive online presence across every single medium there is for us to share content. We are curating playlists with Spotify, streaming from events with, YouTube, Instagram, etc., you name it. The honest answer is you need everything to succeed and we take a 360 approach here. The sweet spot for me is how everything connects from the live events, the social media, and the print piece. That gives us maximum leverage as both an editorial property and a marketing vehicle for brands.
How did Tiesto become your first cover boy?
This was such a no-brainer for me; he is arguably the most iconic DJ of all time and truly personifies how far dance music has come in America, from the initial burst in late ’90s, to now. I literally made a mock-up of elektro about a year ago with him on the cover to show my partners what I look at every day to remind me how this all started.
It’s a quarterly; will there be events to celebrate each issue at various clubs around the world? Will the cover boy be the DJ? Will the distribution of the magazine at these events be a huge part of the marketing strategy?
Absolutely. We are gearing up for a massive launch during Miami Music Week. In addition to a private launch party with Roger Sanchez that we are hosting for the industry on Thursday, March 22 at The Setai, we are going to be distributed in the VIP section at Ultra, are an official media partner of Winter Music Conference, and will be hosting events all week at the National Hotel, Villa221, Mansion, as well as a big in-store event with Guess Jeans on Saturday 3/24. We’re also working on an official launch party in New York on April 14th at Pacha NYC which will be a sort of homecoming for me I guess, so I’m definitely looking forward to that.

Spotify Really Wants You To Listen To The Eagles

Have you heard? The Eagles have landed on Spotify. Did you hear this? You probably did, as it’s all Spotify is talking about. The Eagles! They have landed. Heard of them? Want to hear them now? Oh look, here’s another alert, right where Spotify usually updates you on your friends’ activity and the like. It reads: “The Very Best Of The Eagles by Eagles is now available on Spotify.” Fancy that!

But where to begin? The Eagles are so classic, so seminal, it’s agony to start with just one track. If only there was some YouTube mashup that played all their songs at once, that would be a real time-saver. “Witchy Woman”? “Desperado”? “Hotel California”? Not the original “Hotel California,” certainly. I once promised an old roommate that I’d only ever play the Spanish version of that.
This is such a momentous occasion I hardly know what to say. Spotify, that you’ve given us “albums and singles from The Eagles’ epic 40+ year history,” well, it’s almost too much good news to absorb at once. I feel as though I can finally, in a way I never have before—what’s the term—not “Take It Easy”—oh yeah: “Take It To The Limit.” Wait a minute, that isn’t the montage song from Scarface? Ripoff.

DJ Lindsay Luv’s Coachella 2013 Playlist, and a Few Tips On Surviving the Festival

Unleash the fringe, the crop tops, and the celebrities-are-just-like-us cameos: Coachella 2013 is here! With the California Desert about to be invaded by thousands of new-age flower children, hipsters who refute the name, celebrities attempting to fly under the radar, and actual music lovers, you might want some intel on how to make the best of it. Luckily for you, I happen to be a Coachella veteran, and I’ll be there once again this year, embracing the masses and spinning the hits for the exclusive pool parties and big brand bashes all weekend. As a service to BlackBook readers, I’ve sorted through the line-up, put together a Spotify playlist of Coachella 2013’s best and brightest, and jotted down a reality-based list of tips on how to make the most of this magical weekend. Whether you want to get up to speed on the lineup during your traffic-jammed drive into the desert, rock out in style at the pool parties, or make sure you can name at least one good song by each band, this playlist has you covered. And if you can’t make it this year, it’ll make you feel like you’re right there with everyone, minus the Evian spritzers and dream catchers.  Scroll down for the music, as well as a few essential pieces of advice.

Coachella Survival Guide, Idea vs. Reality

The Idea: RSVP to everything and tell everyone you are going to every party. 

The Reality: Pick a few of your must-see/must-be-seen-at parties and map out a game plan. Everything is a trek from everything, so keep driving times, or driver times, and distances in mind. Realistically you will not be able to pop in and out of the festival and in and out of parties, so plan accordingly.  Secure your designated driver at the beginning of the day, whether that be a sober friend or a shared ride. I generally like to pick one pool party for the day, head to the fest around 5pm when the weather is cooling down, and then go straight from the festival to an after-party. Three stops = no stress.

The Idea: Wear a crop top, flower halo, fringe bag, cutoffs, dirty boots, and a dream catcher … all at once. Proceed to dance in circles, smiling and muttering haikus and Nick Cave lyrics.

The Reality: Festival fashion has become a costume of sorts, and there is nothing wrong with having fun with it for a weekend. But be realistic: You should wear your festival fashions, they shouldn’t wear you. Pick some key items and build an authentically ‘you’ look around them. And remember: not all crop tops are created equal!

The Idea: Know every band, every song, and mention how you plan to catch all of their sets.

The Reality: Pick your favorites, narrow down that list within the time frame you have mapped out for your day, and then commit to seeing them. Use a Coachella app with reminders and scheduling alerts to map out your festival time and make it to see your picks.

The Idea: Put your every thought on social media and let the world know what an AMAZE time you are having.

Reality: Sharing is caring, but don’t forget that Tweeting and Instagramming eats up precious phone battery life that you may need to call your driver or figure out directions. Pick the highlights of the day to share with your friends and the people stuck at home and you will have at least 20% battery by EOD!

The Idea: You are having the best time of your life!

The Reality: You are indeed! Coachella is a blast. Kick back, drink responsibly, and enjoy the tunes and the people. See you there.

Longtime friend of BlackBook Lindsay Luv will be spinning at the Galore Magazine ‘Woman Who Rock’ Party Saturday, hosted by Kelly Rowland at the Hard Rock, and the GUESS HOTEL Sunday at the Viceroy. Visit her official website and follow her on Instagram and Twitter @LindsayLuv. 

[Related: Lindsay Luv’s Valentine’s Day Playlist; Interview with Lindsay Luv]

The 50 Most Embarrassing Songs You’ve Shared On Facebook

Every several weeks, I like to play a little game. I log on Facebook and scroll down the sidebar minifeed, where my best friend’s Spotify song listenings always pop up. She works under the alias of her work’s company name since she’s their main FB promoter, which is both highly protective and also dangerous. Around 11am, I take a gander at the list and, without-fail, there it is: a Twilight soundtrack song or a Gwen Stefani power piece. Sometimes an obscure song from Creed.

This is when I hop on Gchat and start a conversation like, “So weird, but remember that song by the guy with the long hair that goes ‘when you’re not with me, I’m free,’ and in the music video he’s singing on a canoe in a drowning village? It’s been stuck in my head all morning.” And she goes “OMG! ‘My Sacrifice’ by Creed! I was just listening to that. That’s crazy!” And this is when I crack up at my own morning entertainment and vow never to tell her my little trick.

Two authors also find amusement in such twisted things: Rob Tannenbaum and Craig Marks, the co-authors of a book about the creation of MTV that has become such a hit that a movie adaptation is in the works. They’ve pulled together a list of the fifty most embarrassing songs we’ve shared on Facebook. Yes, songs like “We Are The World,” and Susan Boyle’s “Hallelujah” do top the list. And the entire list can be listened to on loop on Slacker Radio’s new “most embarrassing” station. Don’t worry, no one will know.

Is your most embarrassing shared song on here? Take a look.

1) Chris Brown, "Strip""

2) Train, "Hey Soul Sister"

3) Susan Boyle, "Hallelujah"

4) Nickelback, "Rockstar"

5) Pitbull, "Dont Stop The Party"

6) Limp Bizkit, "Nookie"

7) Artists for Haiti, "We Are the World"

8) Jason Mraz, "I’m Yours"

9) Owl City, "Fireflies"

10) Bon Iver, "Holocene"

11) James Blunt, "You’re Beautiful"

12) Hammer, "Pumps and a Bump"

13) Starship, "We Built This City"

14)  U2 "Vertigo"(#14 for obvious catorce reasons)

15) Jessie J, "Price Tag"

16) Barenaked Ladies, "One Week"

17) Sting, "Fields of Gold"

18) Black Eyed Peas, "My Humps"

19) Spin Doctors, "Two Princes"

20) Simon and Garfunkel, "The Sound of Silence"

21) Five For Fighting, "Superman (It’s Not Easy)"

22) Flo-Rida, "Whistle"

23) Deep Blue Something, "Breakfast at Tiffanys

24) Bon Jovi, "It’s My Life"

25) Colbie Caillat, "Bubbly"

26) Enrique Iglesias, "Hero"

27) Counting Crows, "Big Yellow Taxi"

28) Creed, "With Arms Wide Open"

29) Ja Rule, "Always on Time" (f/Ashanti)

30) Toby Keith, "Courtesy of the Red White and Blue"

31) Crash Test Dummies, "Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm"

32) Paris Hilton, "Turn You On"

33) Dynamite Hack, "Boyz n the Hood"

34) Ed Sheeran, "Wake Me Up"

35) Madonna, "Give Me All Your Luvin"

36) Eamon, "Fuck It (I Don’t Want You Back)"

37) Rascal Flatts, "What Hurts the Most"

38) Aaron Carter, "Aaron’s Party"

39) Kreakshawn, "Gucci Gucci"

40) Miley Cyrus, "Party In The USA"

41) 3 Doors Down, "Kryptonite"

42) Frank Sinatra ‘My Way"

43) REM, "Shiny Happy People"

44) Paula Cole, "I Don’t Want to Wait"

45) Justin Timberlake ‘Sexy Back"

46) Hinder, "Lips of an Angel

47) Akon, "Lonely"

48) Genesis, "Illegal Alien"

49) Katy Perry, "I Kissed a Girl"

50) John Mayer, "Your Body Is a Wonderland"


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Shut Up And Listen To Music About Fog

I know, I know, we’d all prefer to see the sun at least once every fortnight, but the fog blanketing New York today is pretty cool, so just enjoy these foggy-sounding fog songs. (Note: definitely includes John Carpenter’s main theme from beloved horror flick The Fog.)

All Fogged Up And Nowhere To Go 

Beat Happening — "Foggy Eyes"

Craft Spells — "The Fog Rose High"

The Fresh & Onlys — "Fog Machine"

Tim Hecker — "In The Fog I"

Brian Eno — "Events In Dense Fog"

John Carpenter — "Theme from The Fog"

Nosaj Thing — "Fog"

Fossil Collective — "Fog"

Kate Bush — "The Fog"

Azure Ray — "In The Fog"

Parov Stelar, Jerry Di Monza — "The Fog"

Robot Science — "Fog"

For those in a more minimalist mood, here’s all three movements of Tim Hecker’s "In The Fog" together as they flow on the excellent album Ravedeath, 1972. Now go get fogged.

Follow Miles Klee on Twitter. Photo by Bex Schwartz.