STYLE SCOOP: Kendall Jenner Walks for Marc Jacobs, Sports Illustrated Anniv. Cover Models

Surprise, surprise, someone from the Kardashian clan is a legit model now. Baby sis Kendall Jenner bared her 18 year-old tatas in a sheer Marc Jacobs top while walking in the designer’s FW14 runway show last night in New York. And we have to say, bleach a girl’s eyebrows, stick a wig on her, and she looks pretty legit. Congrats on your first show, Kendall!

Sports Illustrated released its 50th anniversary issue cover featuring the bums of models Chrissy Teigen (John Legend’s wifey), Lily Aldridge, and Nina Agdal. Lookin’ good ladies.

Do Good & Have Fun At ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ Spring Soiree Thursday

In NYC, doing good is a hard thing to do; amid the packed subways to catch, under-paying jobs to compete over, and overpriced lattes to guzzle mid-stride, the full body-and-mind frenzy overtakes the intrinsic want to be a good person. But once a year, a party comes along that, for four hours, momentarily changes everything. The name: The Fortune Society’s Spring Soiree, and this year’s theme is A Midsummer Night’s Dream (see photo) happening at The Bowery Hotel Thursday the 16th, from 9pm to 1am. 

While supporting Fortune’s rehab services for men and women emerging from incarceration, you get to not only party with the evening’s honored man of the night -documentary filmmaker Eugene Jareckei (Why We Fight, The House I Live In) – but also sip fruity cocktails to the tunes of DJ Alexander Dexter-Jones alongside expected attendees like socialite/model/editor Amanda Hearst, fashion designer Charlotte Ronson, and Sports Illustrated model Julie Henderson.

And if that’s not enough, you can get VIP tables stocked with cocktail waitresses, champagne, and bottles of vodka – as well as entrance to the exclusive after-party – if you donate enough money for a Friend, Patron, or Benefactor Table. ‘Tis something to consider.

But for the folks who just want to support awareness about the country’s criminal justice system (and gawk at Julie Henderson’s perfect… skin), the price of admission is simply $175. And there are only two days left to get tickets so… come and get ’em.

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‘Sports Illustrated’ Is Cool With Nearly Killing Kate Upton

Kate Upton, who dons bikini bottoms and a puffy white jacket on the cover of Sports Illustrated annual swimsuit issue, admitted before the cover’s reveal that the Antarctica-based shoot nearly killed her. "I don’t think you can go to Antarctica and stand in a bikini without that happening," she said. "But I didn’t die, and I’m OK now." Well, thank goodness, because who else could possible smash their boobs together on the cover of a magazine? Upton has taken the practice to a new level. Of course, the editors at Sports Illustrated see nothing wrong with the fact that their editorial vision nearly killed a half-naked woman.

Amanda Hess of Slate writes about getting a comment from the magazine:

I called Sports Illustrated to ask what the magazine was thinking putting Upton in that situation, and what it thinks of the decision now. Knowing Upton’s symptoms, which are consistent with hypothermia, does SI feel that Antarctica is an appropriate place to stage swimsuit shoot? “It’s on the cover,” was the magazine spokesman’s response. Later, in an emailed statement, he volleyed the responsibility back to Upton. "From the very beginning, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit franchise has put the models first,” he wrote. “We foster a very collaborative environment working closely with the models throughout the planning and execution of our shoots. This was again the case for the Antarctica production which we worked on with Kate for several months before embarking on the trip and during the six-day shoot." (Upton, for the record: “I was very surprised by the news that that’s where my shoot was going to be located.”)

As a reminder, here’s Upton going into details of how she suffered during the shoot:

“I’m naked and trying to change,” she told David Letterman of her weeklong experience in subzero temperatures. “I literally couldn’t move my legs, so the editors would have to pick up my legs and put them into my next outfit.” The effects continued when Upton returned to American soil. “When I came back, I was losing my hearing and eyesight,” she said with a smile on the Today show. “My body was shutting down because it was working so hard to keep me warm."

I mean, is worker’s compensation even an option here? I get that models are basically freelance workers, but I can tell you I’d never risk hypothermia for a gig, even if it got me on a giant billboard in New York City.

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Kate Upton Will Seduce You Over to DirecTV

DirecTV is known for having some rather unconvential commercials. There’s the infamous one starring Beyonce, which featured her song "Upgrade U" and lines like "Hey, lemme upgrade you to the best channels in HD, only on DirecTV. I’m talkin’ about the hottest channels, not that HD lineup get with cable," delivered in between intense dance moves (it’s one of my favorite commercials of all time, so deal with it). And then there’s this.

Yes, that’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition covergirl Kate Upton. Yes, she’s in a bikini. Yes, she wants you to switch to DirecTV. Yes, she will wait for you.

No, she doesn’t have any more details. No, she will not actually wait for you. No, I have no idea why this commercial exists.

I’ll stick with my Beyonce, thankyouverymuch.

Five Best Boston Sports Bars to Watch the Super Bowl

Every Boston-dwelling Patriots fan needs their bar to watch the game, chow down on some loaded potato skins, and eventually cry into their coagulated nachos and eighth Heineken. Lucky for them, we’ve found the five best Boston sports bar to do just that. No matter who they’re with and what atmosphere they’re craving, these spots will leave them happy on Sunday – or, at least, as happy as they can possibly be. 

Top-Rated Tradition: Coined the #1 Sports Bar in America by Sports Illustrated, The Four’s boasts 42 plasma TVs, cozy burled wood walls, and years of venerated history. 

Biggest TV: Champions Sports Bar‘s 12-by-24 foot projection screen turns the game into an IMAX movie.

Close Enough to See Them Sweat: Tucked under the Fenway bleachers, Bleacher Bar is the place to devour fried pickles and pastrami sliders. Bring your foodie girlfriend. 

Most TVs: Outfitted with 30 sixty inch TVs hi-def and two 6 1/2-by-11 foot screen monsters, we wouldn’t be surprised if Jerry Remy’s Sports Bar & Grill stocked TVs by the toilets.

When You Can’t Make a Decision: Battery Park Bar & Lounge is an elegant lounge, a sports bar with 16 high-def flat-screen TVs, and a restaurant with a wooden patio. When you want to get our of the house, lick your barbecue sauce-covered fingers, and still maintain your dignity – go here. 

The Unfortunate Fashions of Michael Phelps

Michael “Gilly” Phelps may want to keep to the pool. While nobody questions his swimming talents or his taste in ladies, his choice of fashion is another matter. Guest of a Guest produces this unnerving photo of Phelps spotted last night at Beijing hotspot China Doll sporting a shirt that looked as if he upchucked a banana daiquiri all over his front. His bemedaled look didn’t turn out much better, however.

Phelps brings home eight gold medals for the United States, and Sports Illustrated goes out and dresses him in drag. In a nod to the 1972 Mark Spitz cover (sad, tiny little inset at bottom left), SI draped Phelps in red ribbons and gold. The result? Guy looks like he’s wearing a halter top. Either that, or they positioned the ribbons around his neck to hide those palpating gills.