A Spirited Selection of Upscale New York Sports Bars to Watch (the Giants Win) the Super Bowl

On Sunday, the most important sporting event in the world will be held, assuming by "world" you mean "United States." This year’s Super Bowl is particularly significant, as it pits the Giants of East Rutherford, New Jersey New York against the Patriots of Foxborough, Massachusetts New England, two of the biggest television advertising markets most historically rich cities in the country. A list of Boston sports bars can be found here. As for my fair city, New York is filled with sports bars, but there are a handful of particularly upscale joints that break the lager-and-wings mold with fancy cocktails and haute cuisine – particularly important if you’re trying to make a date of it. Here are a few of our favorites. 

Bounce Sporting Club – Downtown

This upscale sports lounge attracts fans from far and wide with artisinal cocktails, delicious food, and more TVs than you can shake a thunderstick at.  In honor of the home team, order a Blueberi Bounce cocktail, which is made with Stoli Blueberi vodka, fresh lemon, smashed blueberries, and ginger ale.

Bounce Sporting Club – Uptown

The original location of Bounce strikes the perfect balance between clubhouse and fancy restaurant. If you wanted to watch the game and your better half was counting on date night, this is your spot. 


The sports bar reimagined as a nightclub. Clubby feel, football-leather banquettes, and sophisticated sips abound. 

The Ainsworth

This posh Chelsea sports bar has 40 flat screen TVs, along with miso duck spring rolls and 100-ounce beer tubes.

Warren 77

Sean Avery and Beatrice bloodlines make this about as trendy as sports bars get. Plenty of fun even if the Giants lose, not that there’s any chance of that happening. 

The Windsor

British-accented sports pub has Guinness-battered fish and chips and porn star martinis. Also, sports. 

The Fulton

Sophisticated sports bar way downtown goes the gastropub route with a killer menu and craft beers from here to eternity. 


Proving that fancy sports bar is not an oxymoron. Big screens and quality burgers will make you cheer. 


Party like a rap star while watching sports stars at Jay-Z’s super club. 

Village Pourhouse

This East Village sports mecca gets rowdy, but that’s to be expected when you’ve got 50 bottles and 24 draft beers going at any given time. A nice, comfy hang. 

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Five Best Boston Sports Bars to Watch the Super Bowl

Every Boston-dwelling Patriots fan needs their bar to watch the game, chow down on some loaded potato skins, and eventually cry into their coagulated nachos and eighth Heineken. Lucky for them, we’ve found the five best Boston sports bar to do just that. No matter who they’re with and what atmosphere they’re craving, these spots will leave them happy on Sunday – or, at least, as happy as they can possibly be. 

Top-Rated Tradition: Coined the #1 Sports Bar in America by Sports Illustrated, The Four’s boasts 42 plasma TVs, cozy burled wood walls, and years of venerated history. 

Biggest TV: Champions Sports Bar‘s 12-by-24 foot projection screen turns the game into an IMAX movie.

Close Enough to See Them Sweat: Tucked under the Fenway bleachers, Bleacher Bar is the place to devour fried pickles and pastrami sliders. Bring your foodie girlfriend. 

Most TVs: Outfitted with 30 sixty inch TVs hi-def and two 6 1/2-by-11 foot screen monsters, we wouldn’t be surprised if Jerry Remy’s Sports Bar & Grill stocked TVs by the toilets.

When You Can’t Make a Decision: Battery Park Bar & Lounge is an elegant lounge, a sports bar with 16 high-def flat-screen TVs, and a restaurant with a wooden patio. When you want to get our of the house, lick your barbecue sauce-covered fingers, and still maintain your dignity – go here.