I’m Not Going To SXSW, So Stop Asking

Hey, man: self-promotion is tough. And if you’re the PR point person for a few different bands, that’s even tougher. Toughest of all might be trying to generate PR buzz for all eight of the bands you represent, all of which are performing twice at SXSW next week. Unfortunately, I can’t help. You see, I’m not going to SXSW. Not to see films, or hear music, or gawk at new technology. None of it.

“But,” you will interject, “aren’t you a pop culture writer? And isn’t SXSW, for the briefest of moments, going to be the undisputed epicenter of American pop culture?” Yes, exactly: who could stand to be in such a place? And I’ve seen Slacker enough times (once) to want to avoid Austin, Texas, for completely separate reasons.

I’m really sorry, though: I know a lot of you strangers had your hearts set on “meeting up” or “getting together” or “checking in,” mostly because you keep emailing me about it. I’m not entirely sure what we would do once we made contact—stand on line outside a crowded bar and wait to get arrested for blocking a fire lane, I’d guess—but it’s just not in the cards. Maybe next year. 

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