Top 10 Most Glamorous Fashion Instagrams from This Weekend

Besides that ultra-glamorous wedding of Solange Knowles and Alan Ferguson, it seems it was a relatively quiet weekend for the fashion set. But that’s no reason to not document an outfit. Check out some of the greatest looks below.

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Another day another enviable outfit from Olivia Palermo.

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Valentino, forever slaying me with the accessories.

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Trade legs with me for the day plz. 

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Friends who wear complementary outfits together stay together.  

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Congratulations to Solange Knowles and Alan Ferguson!

Naomi Campbell, enough said.

I spy palm trees. Take me to there.

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50 Shades of Grey, with some blue.

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Another all-white group shot, this time from FKA Twigs.

Street Style Hot Tips from Solange, Caroline Issa, and The Man Repeller

Photo courtesy of Refinery29

Refinery29 has entered the print space with their new book STYLE STALKING. The tome, co-written by Editor-in-Chief, Christene Barberich and Creative Director, Piera Gelardi, doesn’t shy away from the brightest of streetstyle (in fact, it features a whole section on brights).

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 10.58.28 AM

It’s safe to say that this isn’t a book about timeless style. It’s a book about self-expression and how some of the industry’s most expressive keep their creative juices flowing on a large scale and on a smaller scale (that is to say: does leopard mix with plaid or stripes or both or neither?). The mantra of the book can be boiled down to it’s cover flap quote: “Why choose basic anything when you can shine instead?”

Here are three expert tips we’ll be implementing ASAP:

Solange Knowles on Brights:

Q: What are three items you think every woman should try in a bright instead of a neutral?

A: A turtleneck, a plain T-shirt, and a simple leather bag.

Leandra Medine on Metallics:

Q: What’s the secret to doing metallics during the day (without looking like you’re doing a walk of shame?).

A: My rule with sequins is that if I’m wearing them, I also have to be wearing either sneakers or denim.

Caroline Issa on Ladylike Style:

Q: What’s the finishing item you find yourself constantly reaching for to take your outfits to the next level?

A: A swipe of red lipstick and a great pair of earrings always do the trick for me.

Get your own copy of the book here.

The It List and Legend Missy Elliot Come Out for Alexander Wang X H&M

Jessica Chastain, Dakota Fanning, Eddie Redmayne, and Kate Mara strike a pose. Photo: Neil Rusman/

It’s the collection that everyone has been talking about and its literally (almost) here. The Alexander Wang X H&M Collection has been one of the most hyped about collaborations in history, so it’s no question why a team of A Wang’s A-List besties came out to support.

The crowd shopped a pop-up shop, and hip hop legend Missy Elliot performed. The perfect sound for his nostalgic meets futuristic collaboration. Not siblings with Beyoncé or engaged to Jennifer Aniston? No worries, we’ve got you covered with the night’s best looks. The collection will be up for grabs to the public November 6th. Better start camping out at your local H&M now!

Missy Elliott Performing
Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 10.36.57 AM
Photo: @alyssashapiro on Instagram

Karlie KlossALEXANDER WANG x H&M Launch EventPhoto: Neil Rasmun/ 

Nate Lowman and Justin TherouxALEXANDER WANG x H&M Launch EventPhoto: Neil Rasmun/ 

Jessica Chastain Billy-Farrell-4Photo: Billy Farrell/

Emily WeissNeil-Rasmus-5Photo: Neil Rasmun/ 

Kate Mara and Mary J. Blige Neil-RasmusPhoto: Neil Rasmun/

Dakota Fanning Billy-FarrellPhoto: Billy Farrell/

Solange Knowles Neil-Rasmus-3Photo: Neil Rasmun/ 

Alexander Wang X H&M Army ALEXANDER WANG x H&M Launch EventPhoto: Neil Rasmun/

8 Crazy Instagrams You Missed This Columbus Day Weekend

Happy Columbus Day Weekend, everyone! Celebrate this weird in-between holiday by checking out what fashionable posts you missed on Instagram this weekend.


Eva Chen in front of a Bradley Theodore mural.

Floral prints don’t have to die with summer. 



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Now this looks like a fun party. 



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That bag tho.



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Fantastic Mr. Fox costume, an alternative to the cliché sexy cat costume. 



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Love everything in this picture.

Zenon all grown up.



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Solange Knowles outdoing Bey in the style inspiration department.

Jay Z’s Hundredth Problem: 5 Reasons Solange Probs Threw the Punch

Photo: NY Daily News 

So by now you’ve probably seen the footage of Miss Solange Knowles going all World Star Hip-Hop on American royalty Jay Z in the elevator at The Standard. ‘Twas the night of the fabulous Met Ball and the only thing on Solange’s mind was getting in one last kick at Jay before a body guard ripped her and her brand new pixie-cut away from the Hip-Hop God. All awhile big sis and Queen of  everything Beyoncé held herself with class, as always. If you haven’t been speculating all day as to why they scuffle even happened, then you’re a mess and need to sort out your priorities, but don’t worry, because we definitely have. Here are five reasons that Solange threw a little punch and kick at King Jay.

UPDATE: Solange throws another hit? Read more here.

Speculation # 1) It was all about the babies. Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci had a couple too many and had a little case of word vomit. During a convo between Bey, Solange and Tisci, he accidentally said that baby Blue Ivy was cuter than Solange’s toddler Daniel. Solange clearly didn’t take the opinion well and took out the anger on Jay instead of Riccardo, because she wanted to snag a free nightingale bag of course.

Speculation # 2) Jay surprised Beyoncé with the presidential suite at the Standard –- he wanted to set the ambience in hopes of creating Blue Ivy Volume 2. Solange got wind of this news and threw a damn fit because she didn’t want to head back to Brooklyn alone.

Speculation # 3) Solange been drinkin’… Solange been drinkin’. The Boom Boom Room atop le Standard is a place filled with booze, they wont even let you in if you’re wearing sneakers, even Lanvin ones (personal experience). Solange had way too many watermelon martinis and the ‘hood within her came out.

Speculation # 4) It was an inside job! Total Kardashian style. Solange teamed up with The Standard and the fight was a result of a press hungry hotel and media hungry celebrity younger sister. Hilary and Haley Duff syndrome.

Speculation # 5) This one is very logical and could possibly be the answer. Solange wanted to press the buttons on the elevator but Jay beat her to it.


A First Glimpse At What’s Opening and What Never Should Have Closed

A very fat – or is it phat – quiet cat is out of the bag. I am sworn to secrecy about Toy, the new Tony Theodore/Koch brothers-driven spot in the Ganesvoort Meatpacking. I was graciously and quietly given a tour the other day while workman readied the Jeffrey Beers-designed space. I promised to keep it all on the low but once a PR firm sends out invites… it’s time to talk. Toy looks like it will be fun to play with. My goodness that was corny but expected I guess. Daniel, Derek, and Tony gave me the $2-tour and I was impressed. There is a wonderful outdoor space, an oyster bar and multi-levels and faceted mirrors all over the ceiling, fabulous blue booths and ebonized tables, and the whole place is better suited than previous incarnations to embrace those seeking the good life down in the Meatpacking District.

The event the PR peeps are hawking is this Monster Diesel party Thursday night. No, that’s not a truck and an energy drink soiree rather it is the clothing company announcing the launch of its "Noise Division" and a headphone company. Noise at the event is offered up by Theophilus London, Solange Knowles, and Brendan Fallis. I promised everyone I would attend and will do so.

On Saturday night I was hobnobbing at Snap and Stash where bon vivants gathered to watch that wonderful fight where Tim Bradley whipped Manny Pacquiao. After the fight, the models, promoters, and owners poured into the street and then over to Darby Downstairs. I heard Ryan Gosling and a slew of others like that attended. I didn’t see them in the crowd. I did get to chat up a bearded Leonardo DiCaprio who I hadn’t seen in a minute. He used to hang with us at Life and other joints we ran. He’s as cool and down- to-earth as ever and it was great to small-talk with the big star. I don’t much like to talk about celebs in clubs, but when they’re on the sidewalk talking to me I figure it’s OK.

After all the hoopla, I joined my party downstairs at Snap for a bottle of Beau Joie Champagne. My group included Jenny Oz Leroy of Tavern on the Green and Russian Tea Room fame. It’s amazing to me that this city pushed her out of Tavern, the joint her dad created from nothing and now, years later, the building is rotting. It’s a testament to bureaucracy gone bad and it’s complete and utter bullshit from the pencil-pushers involved.

Tavern was part of the fabric of this town. It was weddings and galas and lights and magic. It was visited and revisited by generations. It was memories. It was jobs and tax revenues from one of the highest grossing restaurants in the country, until Vegas exploded the undisputed truth in restaurant revenues. It lays empty, and every warm summer day underscores the huge mistake made by this administration. Admit it fellows…admit that you royally fucked up, dropped the ball, blew it, and beg Jenny to take it back.

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Mark Kamins’ Greatest Legacy & My Spot On The ‘Vanity Fair’ Downtown 100 List

The celebration of Mark Kamins’ life and times culminates at Santos Party House tonight. Konk will perform for the first time since 1986. Lady Miss Kier of Dee-Lite fame, as well. Coati Mundi, Crystal Ark, and a ton of other performers will crowd both floors of the club that most resembles the old- school type clubs where most of these folks did their thing …in days of yore. A zillion DJs including Jellybean Benitez and Justin Strauss and Mike Pickering and Stretch Armstrong and Ivan Ivan and Jazzy Nice and and and…. will make musical statements about the man we and thousands of others loved. I will MC along with Jim Fouratt, Chi Chi Valenti, Michael Holman, and and and. Proceeds of the event will go to the Mark Kamins Scholarship Award in Electronic Music. Walter Durkacz is the puppeteer pulling all the strings that make this sort of thing happen. Not an easy gig.

This journey will end for all of us maybe tomorrow, maybe in 40 or 50 years. Many have preceded. Some people will say Mark’s legacy can be defined by a great record or his immense body of work. I think Mark Kamins’ legacy is the love that he instilled in the hearts of all the people who will gather tonight to remember and celebrate a life well-lived. 
For 20 years, Vanity Fair’s George Wayne has compiled his Downtown 100 List for his annual party of the Most Fabulous+Inspired+Relevant People Who Today Define Downtown. The list has often been controversial, as many who think of themselves in those terms have been snubbed, and many newbies added have gained instantaneous validation and recognition.

The order of the list seems to be irrelevant save for the first name who is always someone delicious. This year that name is Kate Upton. The list includes Solange Knowles and Vito Schnabel and Marc Jacobs and Dita Von Teese and Alan Cumming and Susanne Bartsch and, like, 94 more. I am honored to be listed as well. George is an old and extremely vibrant friend. I will join him on The DL Rooftop, 95 Delancey, tomorrow night at 10pm.

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Solange, The Lonely Island Team Up For Grammar Lesson

For those unfamiliar with the term, "hashtag rap" refers to a delivery device in rap where the MC, instead of using "like" or "as a" in setting up a simile, just cuts straight to the word for emphasis. It’s a common tactic especially in the world of battle rap, where lines like these (usually "I’ll put [x] in a box") have become endlessly parodied clichés in and of themselves. In "Semicolon," their latest video for YouTube Comedy Week, the Digital Short veterans of The Lonely Island riff on the concept, with most welcome help from Maya Rudolph and Solange, who makes cheesy lines like "We run the game/Umpire/we chase the night/Young Squire" sound ever so smooth. 

Of course, within about 30 seconds of watching this video, those familar with the rules of grammar will notice that The Lonely Island and Solange are using the semicolon incorrectly. Instead of using the punctuation mark to separate two independent clauses, they use it to separate an independent clause from a word for emphasis, the typical job of a colon. And, as Slate’s David Haglund points out, there are a few other errors in need of a copy edit. But maybe that was the point of it all, to elaborately disguise a treatise on the futility of living your (that’s "your," not "you’re") life as a pedant and feeling better about yourself because of it in the middle of a spoof of hashtag rap. That’s probably overthinking it, but if that was the intention, then good job, Andy Samberg and collaborators. 

So, pedants and self-identifying grammar fascists, you should probably beware this video as it will either make you into a victim of trollbait or frustrate you to no end, depending on your interpretation. But, if you enjoy deliberately wack wordplay, kinetic typography and/or the presence of Solange Knowles in anything, you will enjoy this video. Watch.

Solange Knowles Grouses About Music Bloggers That Don’t Understand R&B

I don’t know exactly which music blogs she is referring to specifically. But this morning Solange Knowles went off on a Twitter rant about bloggers who don’t "get" hip hop culture and R&B culture.

Knowles tweets seem to be implying that some writer(s) who aren’t fully immersed in hip hop and R&B culture are writing influenctial blog posts critiquing aspects of it that they don’t understand:

Who has pissed of Solange?

And more importantly: how dare you piss off Solange?!?!

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