Sofia Coppola Talks Colin Farrell Pinup Calendars, New Orleans & Working With Nicole Kidman

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Sofia Coppola is back, bitches. The director and writer of The Beguiledwho’s fresh off of a Best Director prize from Cannes, has surprised and delighted us yet again with her new Southern Gothic drama, placing Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst and Elle Fanning in an isolated manor home with a sweaty Colin Farrell, and then seeing what happens.

The movie is everything you hope it will be: steamy, erotic, scary, violent – and full of signature Coppola sparks of humor and steady-paced storytelling. It’s reminiscent of some of her past work: the feminine longing of Virgin Suicides is there, as well as the extravagant costumes of Marie Antoinette – and even some of the groupthink-gone-wrong of Bling Ring. But The Beguiled is, as always with Coppola, a decidedly new chapter in a career of powerful stories about women. It was previously a book and a 1971 movie; but her version is wholeheartedly new and original.

We caught up with her for a chat about her star-studded cast, career evolution, and how, exactly, she decided to cast her main hunk.


This film is very different from your previous movies but there are some similar themes: female lust, as in Virgin Suicides, and opulent fashion, reminiscent of Marie Antoinette. How does it relate to your others, and what drove you to want to tell this story?

When I first thought about the story it reminded me a little bit of Virgin Suicides and that side of the world, of just girls kind of isolated and the mystery between men and women. And I love a period piece, so that was appealing. I have that side of myself that can really express a Marie Antoinette. I got to tap into that side – I love a nice ruffle. And petticoats.

And friends had jokingly suggested you make this movie?

Yeah, my friend Anne Ross, who was also the production designer, told me about this film and kind of said, “I think you should redo this.” And I just watched it, but then I changed my mind and I kept thinking about it. It’s about this group of women, but it’s told from the guy’s point of view, the soldier they take in. And I really wanted to see the story from their point of view, what it was like for them. So much of it is about sexual oppression, and desire. I felt like the other film treated it like they were crazy women, and I wanted to talk about desire in a relatable way.

You told Vulture that you made this film for a lot of your gay male friends. Can you expand on that further? A good place to start might be the setting: you filmed in Jennifer Coolidge’s house and the Lemonade house, amongst others locations.

It was very exciting – it was so fun to meet Jennifer Coolidge, she came by, and we’re all fans of hers. I was thinking a lot in the casting, when I was looking for who would play this soldier, I wanted to find a guy that women would love and gay men would love too. That was the audience I had in mind. My friend, the shoe designer Fabrizio Viti, was the consultant on how to look at the male body in an objectified way. He was my advisor. He pushed me – in the sponge bath scene with Nicole Kidman, he pushed me to really go there.

Were there any other men in final contention for that part?

I thought about a bunch of different people – my guy friends all had their favorites. But when I met Colin – he was so masculine, and had all the qualities, but could also be really complex. He’s not just a dumb hunk.

I read he was posing for a calendar shoot? What was that?

We were shooting the scene where he’s gardening, and doing his manly handywork around the garden, and we were joking we’d make a calendar, because it was so romance novel. He was really funny about it. But the photographer did take a bunch of pictures for me for an imaginary calendar. And now I’m thinking we have to make it.

If you make it, I will buy it. Was the set goofy and fun? 

It was, yes – my favorite memories were spending time with all the actors on the porch, with everyone in their petticoats sort of undone. Sitting around on this porch in New Orleans, and getting to hang out with Nicole, and Kirsten and Elle. Even though we were under the gun, it was fun to relax.

This was your first time working with Nicole?

Yeah, I’ve always loved her as an actress. She taught me a lot – the way she can work an eyebrow. Just to see her as that regal and imposing headmistress… I hope it spurs Halloween costumes in the fall.

Oh, you can count on me to dress up as her. 

I want a nightgown with a candelabra.

I promise you. And I do want to dive into Kirsten as well. This role is so different from, say, Lux in Virgin Suicides.

I loved her in this part because she’s so bubbly and fun in real life, so to see her transform – we always talked about how her character is really under the thumb of Miss Martha. It was amazing to see her transform on set. I love seeing when actors get cast against type.

Did you write this part with her in mind?

I wanted to work with her, so when I picked this story about women of different ages, I thought, “Oh, Kirsten can be the teacher. Now Elle’s old enough to play the Lolita-y teenage girl.” Kirsten is so smart and funny and gets my sensibility. I trust her. She’s able to convey so much under the surface.

Elle was so funny. Did you intend for her to be the comic relief?

Her character always cracked me up – I thought it was funny to make her really self-absorbed. We were laughing a lot because she really added this attitude. I wanted to feel all the tension, but then have humor without going full camp.

I’ve read that you don’t let your daughter have a phone, because the idle mind is so important for coming up with ideas. That resonated with me, because people just don’t have time to sit with their thoughts any more. And this movie is about that too – idle minds.

Being a writer, so much of being creative comes from when you’re able to daydream and space out, and just be quiet, and alone with yourself. And now it’s so addictive and connected – it’s hard to have long stretches where you’re really alone. We’re so in the habit of always being in contact. I appreciate going to the movie theaters now because when you’re at home, it’s hard to really be disciplined and put your phone in another room. So the theater is that rare moment where you really focus on that experience – where you can get lost in another world.

Have you seen anything lately that has struck you?

I just watched this Frederick Wiseman documentary at a festival – he made a lot of movies in the 70s, I love this one called Model about the fashion industry. I want to see Wonder Woman, but I haven’t yet.

The Incredibles is one of your favorite movies – it’s one of mine too. Would you ever, or have you ever thought of doing an animated film or a superhero film?

I love that movie, yes. I hadn’t thought about it, though it would be fun to do an animated film. But I really like being on set with the actors, and that process. A couple years ago I actually thought, “Where’s Wonder Woman?” So I’m glad to see her.

So Little Mermaid isn’t happening?

Yeah, I really wanted it to, but it’s not. It became so much about the budget.

Do you have any ideas in the works for next projects?

This has been so intense, that I’m excited to get this one out and take a break. But I did just look at the Yves Saint Laurent Foundation last year, at their archives; but I haven’t done anything more with that yet. I do have a project that I’m producing, called Fairyland – it’s from the book by Alysia Abbott. It’s a memoir of growing up with a gay dad in San Francisco in the 70s. I optioned it to be a film and it’s in the works.

Kirsten Dunst, Rashida Jones Talk About First Loves in New Calvin Klein Underwear Campaign

In the new Calvin Klein Underwear campaign, Sofia Coppola directs actresses and models in black and white clips talking about their first kisses and crushes, each concluding with the phrase, “Calvin Klein or nothing at all.”

Kirsten Dunst, who’s in Coppola’s upcoming film Beguiled and has had a working relationship with the director since 1999’s The Virgin Suicides, talked about her first kiss, which happened in an elevator at the Washington Monument and came out of nowhere.


“I was in love with his best friend, so I was really upset afterwards,” Dunst explained. In another clip, Kirsten reflects on how Coppola had always loved her unusually pointy teeth, and how she’s a little sad that they’re “fixed” now after she chipped one of them.

Rashida Jones, another model for the campaign, tells the story of stalking a British actor she’d developed a crush upon, and leaving her beeper number outside his trailer.



“Sir, please, if you would, to reach me on my beeper number,” laughs Jones.

Other models in the campaign include Laura Hutton, Nathalie Love, Maya Hawke (daughter of Ethan), Laura Harrier, and Chase Sui Wonder.

Fashion, Supermodels, Celebs, and Collectors Love Jeff Koons

Photo: David X Prutting/

He’s made a name for himself becoming one of the most successful living American artist, selling his shiny works for millions of dollars, and is a discussion for bitter art students and fashion lovers alike. Jeff Koons has had collaboration with H&M — something that is regularly reserved for fashion houses like Alexander Wang or superstars like David Beckham. Jeff sealed the deal when he caught the attention of Lady Gaga’s lil’ monsters after designing her album cover for ArtPop.

The artist’s name is becoming omnipresent in pop culture, so it only makes sense that Koons is nearly a celeb himself. See below to further explore the phenomenon.

1. Jeff with supermodel Naomi Campbell Joe-SchildhornPhoto: Neil Rasmus/

2. Jeff with fashion designer Stella McCartney Joe-SPhoto: Joe Schildhorn/

3. Jeff with movie star Drew Barrymore and supermodel Natalia Vodianova AN EVENING HONORING STELLA McCARTNEY PRESENTED BY AMERICAN EXPRESSPhoto: Joe Schildhorn/

4. Jeff with supermodel Stephanie Seymour JEFFPhoto: David X Prutting/

5. Jeff With his wife Justine, actor Taylor Kinney and mega star Lady Gaga The Worldwide Editors of HARPER'S BAZAAR Celebrate ICONS by CARINE ROITFELDPhoto: Billy Farrell/

6. Jeff with director Sofia Coppola and supermodel Naomi Campbell PROJECT PERPETUAL Inaugural Dinner & AuctionPhoto: Neil Rasmus/

7. Jeff with actress Ashley Benson H&M x JEFF KOONS 5th Ave Flagship EventPhoto: David X Prutting/

8. Jeff with American icon Tommy Hilfiger and wife Dee 2014 HIGH LINE ART DINNER sponsored by TOMMY HILFIGER HOMEPhoto: David X Prutting/

9. Jeff with journalist and publishing powerhouse Arianna Huffington JEFFPhoto: David X Prutting/

10. Jeff with his wife Justine and the legendary Sir Paul McCartney Joe-Schildhorn-3Photo: Joe Schildhorn/

Ballroom Marfa Benefit Gala 2014: Film, Fashion, and Art Unite

All Photos: Benjamin Lozovsky/ 

Texas comes to New York City for the annual Ballroom Marfa Benefit Gala. Check out the cool mix of art / fashion / film world attendees below.

BALLROOM MARFA Benefit Gala 2014Fairfax Dorn

BALLROOM MARFA Benefit Gala 2014Douglas Friedman, Martha Stewart

BALLROOM MARFA Benefit Gala 2014Luke Wilson

BALLROOM MARFA Benefit Gala 2014Jessica Hart

BALLROOM MARFA Benefit Gala 2014Jenny Laird, Hunter Hill, Lacey Dorn

BALLROOM MARFA Benefit Gala 2014Roya Sachs, Reed Krakoff, Lacey Dorn

BALLROOM MARFA Benefit Gala 2014Allison Sarofim, Naomi Campbell

BALLROOM MARFA Benefit Gala 2014Sofia Coppola

BALLROOM MARFA Benefit Gala 2014William Laird, Trey Laird, Jenny Laird

BALLROOM MARFA Benefit Gala 2014Rambert Rigaud, Peter Copping

BALLROOM MARFA Benefit Gala 2014Peter Saul, Sally Saul

BALLROOM MARFA Benefit Gala 2014
Lauren Santo DomingoDustin YellinAndres Santo Domingo


Who’s Your Best Dressed? Our Most Stylish Party Goers of The Week

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As usual, Naomi Campbell proves that she is the be all end all supermodel, and Kate Hudson once again shows you how to look like a radiant movie star. The week was filled with stunning looks on some stunning favorites. Who gets your vote for best dressed?

1. Kate Hudson at Tiffany & Co. Baby2Baby Gala Honoring (herself) Kate Hudson

Tiffany & Co. Presents the Baby2Baby Gala Honoring Kate HudsonPhoto: Owen Kolasinski/

2. Kerry Washington at Tiffany & Co. Baby2Baby Gala Honoring Kate Hudson

Tiffany & Co. Presents the Baby2Baby Gala Honoring Kate HudsonPhoto: Owen Kolasinski/

3. Nicole Richie at Tiffany & Co. Baby2Baby Gala Honoring Kate Hudson

Tiffany & Co. Presents the Baby2Baby Gala Honoring Kate HudsonPhoto: Owen Kolasinski/

4. Julie Bowen at Tiffany & Co. Baby2Baby Gala Honoring Kate Hudson

Tiffany & Co. Presents the Baby2Baby Gala Honoring Kate HudsonPhoto: Owen Kolasinski/

5. Eddie Redmayne at The 2nd Annual Breakthrough Prize Awards

2nd Annual Breakthrough Prize AwardsPhoto: John Salangsang/

6. Lauren Santo Domingo at the Christie’s Valentino Dinner Celebration

Neil-Rasmus-4Photo: Neil Rasmus/

7. Zani Gugelmann at the Christie’s Valentino Dinner Celebration

Neil-Rasmus-3Photo: Neil Rasmus/

8. Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis at the Christie’s Valentino Dinner Celebration

Neil-Rasmus-5Photo: Neil Rasmus/

9. Sofia Coppola at Project Perpetual Inaugural Dinner and Auction

Neil-Rasmus-2Photo: Neil Rasmus/

10. Naomi Campbell at the Project Perpetual Inaugural Dinner and Auction

PROJECT PERPETUAL Inaugural Dinner & Auction Photo: Neil Rasmus/

Sofia Coppola Presents Awkward, Charming, Super Sweet Holiday Moments

Sofia Coppola. Photo courtesy of

It is Halloween, so in America that means the holiday season starts tomorrow. In preparation, we’re watching (and rewatching) Sofia Coppola’s four odd, sweet, endearing videos for Gap’s Dress Normal campaign, featuring the tagline “you don’t have to get them to give them Gap”.

Get yourself in the holiday spirit and watch them now:

Celebrating the Beauty of Sofia Coppola on Her Birthday

As the daughter to one of cinema’s most treasured directors, filmmaking was in Sofia Coppola’s blood. And after beginning her career as an actress when she was just an infant in The Godfather, Sofia continued working in films well into her twenties, making appearances in everything from The Outsiders and Frankenweenie, to Peggy Sue Got Married and The Godfather Part III. But in 1998 she made the leap over to filmmaking with her short film, Lick the Star before embarking on her directorial debut The Virgin Suicides. Not only does that film hold up as one of her greatest cinematic achievements, but it established her own auteuristic aesthetic.

With each of her films, Coppola brings you into her unique world with an atmospheric style that’s full of melancholy but always delicate and beautiful and impeccably scored. Whether she’s telling the tale of fantastical depressive teens or lavish 18th-century royalty, there’s always a touch that feels distinctly hers. It’s a soft-lit dreamy quality with a heavy-heart and weary eye, that has proved she is much more than just Francis Ford’s daughter.

And as today is Sofia’s birthday, we’ve rounded up some memorable moments from her oeuvre of gorgeous films. Enjoy.

Does It Get Easier?

The Five Lisbon Girls

Making Of: The Virgin Suicides

Marie Antoinette Behind the Scenes

You’re Really Good

Suntory Time

Impossible Excursions

You Look Great

Magic Man

I Want Candy

Playground Love

Bling Ring Clip

Louis Vuitton x Sofia Coppola Cruise 2012 Bags Are Perforated Perfection

Like most things Sofia Coppola touches, her latest collaboration with French fashion house Louis Vuitton is effortlessly cool. Inspired by old school LV, the cruise 2012 accessories collection is filled with bags from the luxury label’s past, but are spruced up with sportswear details, like bright hues and perforations. 

Even the classic monogrammed Saumur ($1,950) and Chantilly ($1,640) handbags are back, but still feel very new, thanks to the colored trim and interior, exposed through diamond-shaped cutouts. Speaking of Chantilly, the pictured Flore Chantilly in turquoise or black ($2,580) is guaranteed to be a bestseller for it’s on-trend compact style and classic Coppola vibe.

The collection also features Saumur clutches in monogram or white, and a monogrammed beach bag with a playful touristy theme. See the full range here

FashionFeed: Sofia Coppola for Marni x H&M, Stacey Keibler for NYFW

● Peep the Sofia Coppola-directed Marni for H&M video, starring British actress Imogen Poots. [Telegraph]

● Another perk of dating George Clooney? Sitting front row at fashion week, which is apparently what Stacey Keibler is going to do—and she’s getting paid for it. [The Cut]

● Designer Prabal Gurung’s latest inspiration comes in the form of a feathered headdress from Moulin Rouge that he scored 11 years ago. [NYT]

● Designers predict what actress Rooney Mara will be wearing to the Superbowl. [Grazia]

● Tavi Gevinson strikes again: The tween blogger has been tapped to perform a cover of Neil Young’s "Heart of Gold" at the Standard Hotel during NYFW on February 12. [Styleite]

● Someone made a spoof video about abortions, inspired by Diesel’s controversial "Live Stupid" campaign. [Hint]