Social Eatz Brings NYC’s Only Korean Brunch: Q&A With Angelo Sosa

A little over a year has passed since Top Chef contender Angelo Sosa opened his Asian-fusion joint Social Eatz in Midtown. Now, the chef brings breakfast to the table, and most importantly, he brings breakfast ramen. I caught up with Sosa to find get the skinny on brunch and to see how a year of social eating has treated him.

After a year of running Social Eatz, how do you feel about where you are at?
What’s amazing about Social Eatz is the evolution. We’ve upped the ante on the menus, the food program, and even the space itself. I’m very proud of everything we’ve accomplished so far and I’m really looking forward to restaurant’s future. 

Are you working on any new projects?
My philosophy is to just take one day at a time and focus on nurturing what’s in front of me. 

Like brunch? What made you decide to add it to the menu?
I’ve been traveling a lot lately, and after my recent trip to Korea I wanted to introduce additional dishes at Social Eatz. Typically for Asian food, early in the day you’d just go to dim sum. So, we wanted to take Asian flavors and the concept of gathering for breakfast into the typical brunch setting.

How does the new menu reflect your concept?
We recently introduced some big changes at Social Eatz, and the evolution and growth has been amazing. Our Korean-inspired brunch is a key part of this evolution, and in many ways, it reflects our original concept of applying eastern flavors to typically western foods.

Is this really the only Korean brunch in the city?
This really is a western-style brunch with all Korean flavors. At least, we haven’t found another one yet. 

What’s your favorite thing about brunch?
I associate brunch with being very family-oriented. It’s the perfect time to connect over a casual meal with those who are close to you. 

What do you usually get for brunch?
I think our breakfast ramen is just killer. 

Can you recommend any breakfast spots?
I’m a big fan of small places and neighborhood type places. For me, Cafe Henri in the West Village is the epitome of a small neighborhood restaurant with amazing food. 

New York Gears Up for Malaysian Restaurant Week

Zak Pelaccio and his Fatty Crab empire definitely have pushed the boom of Malaysian food in the city. Or rather, Pelaccio has made Malaysian cuisine more popular to the masses that had never heard of Malay fish fry, chicken claypot, or the spicy curry dish java mee. Today the city kicks off the second annual Malaysian Restaurant Week, an event that runs until June 24 and includes not only New York, but New Jersey and Connecticut as well.

In the city you can get your Malaysian on with a three-course menu for $20.12 at popular establishments including Laut, Café Asean, Nyona, and of course, Fatty Crab, though both locations strictly offer the prix fixe deal for lunch, before 7pm or after 10pm. Also on the line up are some Asian-fusion restaurants that are offering a special Malaysian menu for the week. These include Top Chef contestant Angelo Sosa’s Social Eatz, Ian Kittichai’s Ember Room, Dragonfly, Wild Ginger in Midtown East, and Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Spice Market, though only for lunch. Not a bad line up considering the small number of Malaysian restaurants in the city, and, for you adventurous types, this weekend the Asian Food Markets in North Planfield, NJ will be hosting a sampling of the cuisine from 10am to 6pm.