Your Inner Child Needs This New Coach x Peanuts Collab

Images courtesy of Coach

Assuming there are others like me who are not too grown up for cartoons, many will rejoice over the new Coach x Peanuts collaboration. A tasteful mix between cartoon homage and Coach’s classic style, the collection features bags and accessories in basic colors (plus one in Woodstock yellow, of course) with cute and subtle imprints of various characters. There’s even a black leather Snoopy stuffed animal (!!!)

In addition to this fun collaboration, Coach will be launching an iPhone app of their own that will help users shop limited edition collections and easily find the Coach store nearest to them. To celebrate the Peanuts collaboration, the app will include fun features like a quiz to discover their inner Peanuts character. I myself already know I’m a Snoopy / Charlie Brown mix with aspects of Lucy when under-caffeinated, but others can download the app on October 22nd to find Peanuts character enlightenment.

The collection is currently available at today, and the full assortment will be available on Coach’s website on October 24.

coach x peanuts

coach app

These Dogs Are Chicer than You

Snoopy and Belle wear Isabel Marant

Snoopy and his sister Belle have wardrobes so chic they’re on display at the New Museum.

Some of my favorite fashion week moments are those that pay homage to fashion with a bit of light-heartedness. They are at once abundant and not-abundant, and sometimes they’re kind of destroyed by seeming like little more than Instagram-bait. There was, however, something decidedly unpretentious and in fact, adorable about #SBIF (that’s Snoopy and Belle–Snoopy’s sister, who knew?–in Fashion) a small exhibit I went to see at the New Museum’s Sky Room.

Snoopy (Charlie Brown’s pup) came into the world in 1950–two days into the premiere of Charles Schulz’s beloved Peanuts series. In 1968, Snoopy became a soft, cuddly toy, produced by Determined Productions and by the 1980’s fans were requesting clothes for their Snoopy stuffed animals. Connie Boucher who worked at Determined decided to reach out to the highest-end couture houses. Schulz was amazed that such famed designers were willing to lend their talent, but indeed they did. Snoopy was one chic beagle. Thirty years later, Snoopy and his sis have done some collecting to say the least.

In fact, it’s so fab that if I had Belle’s wardrobe, waking up for fashion week each day would be far less stressful. Outfitted by Anna Sui to Rodarte, J. Mendel to Dries Van Noten, Isabel Marant to Costello Tagliapietra, the siblings are impeccably fashioned and look dashing in each iteration. The exhibit is a testament to the weird and wonderful whimsy that keep fashion fun.

snoopy vintage chanel
Snoopy and Belle in casual vintage Chanel

snoopy versace
Decked out in Versace

snoopy rodarte
Majorly envious of these Rodarte ensembles

snoopy phillip treacy
Super on trend with headwear this season — in Philip Treacy

snoopy bibhu

Super Moons, Kendall (Jenner) + Jewels with Eddie Borgo: #NYFW Day 5

Eddie Borgo and some of his gorgeous new jewels

What day is it again? After toughing it out in the trenches — if braid bars and yoga and ogling gorgeous fashion can be called “the trenches” — for 5+ days, we’re starting to do things like sing, “What’s the day again,” to the tune of What’s My Age Again. Clever! We know.

BTW you can follow up through #NYFW on Instagram at @alyssashapiro, @sarajanenyc, @emilyovaert, and of course at @blackbookmag.

Sara: Alyssa, where have you been at since we hung out with Eddie Borgo this morning., who I know you’ve hung out with before, but I LOVED him.

Alyssa: He’s great, isn’t he? It’s a treat to visit his showroom. There are always macarons… and I always try on jewelry. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to, but I can’t help it! It’s like playing dress up in your mom’s closet but with really cool, gorgeous, relevant jewelry, instead of, you know, pearls. Though I love pearls. June baby here.

And yes, I’m redoing my manicure as we type.

Sara: I remember saving up for one of his smaller bracelets when his line first came out so the fashion nerd in me was pretty psyched.

Alyssa: Yes! Same. So while Sara and I were hanging out with Eddie and his new collection, what did you get up to, Emily?

Emily: Saw Kendall, Georgia May Jagger, Alexa Chung, AND Anna Wintour.  Finally got some big celeb sightings in today.

Alyssa: Hanging’ with the big guns! I like how you don’t think Kendall needs a last name, but freaking Georgia May does.

Sara: Is it weird that I am significantly more excited by Alexa and Kendall than Anna? Anna sat in front of me at Bridges of Madison County a few months ago, though, and I did not watch it for a moment. Kendall (her agency?) decided she didn’t need a last name, which is so endlessly hilarious to me. Like, sweetie, we can’t forget 10 seasons.

Alyssa: BAHAHA. Yes. They’ve provided quality TV for some time now, and I say that without a hint of irony. I appreciate their contribution.

Emily: I feel like I can be on a first name basis with the Kardashians. But really, I was so excited to see Georgia. I’m a HUGE Rolling Stones fan, and she is rock royalty.

Alyssa: We can. There is no other Kim in the world. But also, Georgia May forever.

Sara: Actually just LOLed. One more celeb thing: Nicki (Minaj’s) video with the Alexander Wang models, dancing to Anaconda is one of the best things to come out of NYFW.

Anyway. My day was super chill. I spent the morning with Alyssa and Jacob for a hot sec with Eddie Borgo and then walked two blocks to the New Museum for a different kind of fashion show. They are showing an exhibit of Snoopy and his sister Belle, and shortly you will be able to read a whole article on this exhibit.

Alyssa: Hi, I did not know Snoopy had a sister.

Sara: Um, me neither, but they are an extremely well dressed sibling pair. Vintage Chanel, Gucci, and of course newer styles from the likes of DVF, VPL, Opening Ceremony, and more. I was actually really excited because I got a poster which someday, I will frame. THEN, I got a Snoopy manicure.

snoopy nails

Alyssa: But no framing today, because fashion is the only thing?

Sara: Not a chance. I walked west after the Phillipp Plein store opening and literally thought, wow, this is the first time I have been outside and not running to a show in DAYS. I was out late (for me, but I am 97) with Peyton List last night. By late, I really don’t mean that late. Like 1:30 a.m. But today I was so tired, I got a little weepy. Eek. Fashion-emergency.

Alyssa: Okay this is really important, but it’s the Super Moon. Full moon in full effect. Not even joking, be careful. There is a reason why it all feels nuts, aside from it being mid-fashion week.

Sara: Wait, that’s insane! I remember Lena Dunham ‘gramming bout that a few months ago, so I thought we were done with that ish.

Alyssa: My friend Cecilia (who is the coolest hairstylist ever so I trust her) actually just told me we have six coming up in 2015.

Emily: On that same thread, Stephen Hawkings also mentioned how the God particle he’s working with could destroy the entire universe AT ANY MOMENT HAHA. Just weird vibes all around today.


Alyssa: What.

Emily: Apparently (ginger kid voice) we don’t have the machines big enough for it to collapse the entire universe, but if Stephen Hawkings talks about potential universal doom, I’m going to pay attention.

Important alert: Watch this:

Alyssa: Well, apparently, we just all need to keep an eye out this week circa Super Moon. So now you know why you’ve been weepy. Someone (wish I could remember who) tweeted that her NYFW survival tactic was to pretend every day is Wednesday. So I’ve been trying that.

Emily: I had a more chill day today as well but really happy I got to see the Tommy Hilfiger show! The stage was set like the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover, and Beatles songs played before the show started. Then when the models finally came out the playlist changed to include songs by Jimi Hendrix and the Rolling Stones with a live band playing. Maybe it’s because that’s some of my favorite music but I absolutely loved it and thought it gave an awesome energy to the show.

Alyssa: I love good show music. There’s so much about seeing a show in person that helps in understanding the collection. You gotta feel the whole vibe! I have so many good songs stuck in my head now from this week…

Okay so it wasn’t a show, but a presentation, but you guys, Theory was really good! So chic, really beautiful. Just simple, clean, so well done, so nicely staged. Just… sigh.

Emily: Yes! I loved Theory as well. It was presented really well and felt like a cool art exhibit.

Alyssa: So who wins, Snoopy or Theory?


Alyssa: My vote’s for Theory…

A Non-Comprehensive, Totally Baseless Set of Predictions for the ‘Peanuts’ Movie

Everything old is new again and nothing is sacred in Hollywood, and, as such, 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios have announced an animated movie based on the Peanuts cartoons due for Thanksgiving 2015. Charlie Brown and the gang have been animated before, most notably for holiday specials about everything from Christmas to Halloween to Arbor Day, and have appeared in full-length movies. But after Garfield, we’ve grown a bit cynical. The movie won’t be out for another three years, but still, here are some baseless predictions anyway. 

  • It’s in CGI and my childhood is effectively ruined forever.
  • “…featuring Justin Bieber as the voice of Woodstock the Bird.”
  • At least one bad Facebook joke, like in the Lifetime remake of Steel Magnolias.
  • An adult actually speaks in clear sentences as opposed to the distorted trombone noise. My childhood is effectively ruined forever.
  • Flash-forward to the gang as young adults. Lucy has a psychology degree and is living in Brooklyn and must choose between the struggling musician Schroeder (the Ethan Hawke avatar) or a more successful businessman (the Ben Stiller avatar). 
  • In an effort to go totally meta/shout out to adult fans vis-à-vis Arrested Development, at some point, Rerun does the Michael Cera “sad walk” to the classic Vince Guaraldi music.
  • There’s at least one scene of everyone dancing in typical Peanuts fashion to a song that was popular six or seven years before. Our money is on “Hey Ya!”
  • The Little Red-Haired Girl rebuffs Charlie Brown’s grand romantic gestures, only for him to find out that love was right there all along.
  • Closing scene: Charlie Brown goes to kick the football. He runs toward it while “Don’t Stop Believin’” plays. Just as his foot hits the ball, the screen goes dark for ten seconds a la the series finale of The Sopranos.