Goodnight Mr. Lewis: Death Mask Murderer Up For Parole, Clubdom Gasps

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The parole hearing of the convicted murderer 31 years into his 25 years to life sentence went relatively unnoticed. On February 23, 1985 Bernard LeGeros tortured to death club goer, model and aspiring fashion designer Eigil Dag Vesti in what was sensationalized as the “Death Mask Murder.”

The leather S&M mask preserved the face of the burnt and animal eaten corpse, allowing for identification in a pre-DNA world. It was the murder of the decade until a year later when the murder of Jennifer Levin in Central Park by Robert Chambers, the so-called “Preppy Murder” eclipsed it. Bernard LeGeros was not alone, but he was the only person convicted of the crime. “One Percenter,” Andrew Crispo was accused of masterminding the crime. The investigation led police into the S&M clubs that thrived in the old Meatpacking District. It opened up their eyes to a culture and society thriving underground, sometimes literally. Places like the Mineshaft where Eigel was picked up, catered to patrons that put themselves at risk as a way of life. The death of Eigel was still a shock.

Limelight VIP host Fred Rothbell-Mista was a target for Andrew Crispo and his lapdog Bernard LeGeros. Fred recounted to me, many years ago, how they tried to seduce him into leaving with them that evening. Drugs and sex were the bait, but Fred said he just didn’t feel comfortable. His gut told him it wasn’t right and he decided to find his action elsewhere. He told me he came close. Rumors of the death chilled the hot crowd. Some said his heart was cut out while he was still alive, while others said a large sex toy was still lodged in the corpse. Andrew Crispo’s drug-fueled forays into S&M had become legendary and now there was a body. They couldn’t pin it on the art mogul, but over the years other charges stuck. There was a threat to his lawyer to kidnap her child, there were other beatings, a tax rap. He did go to jail, but not the 30 years prosecutors wanted. He got out many years ago, while Bernard stayed locked away.

Years after the crime, I was in a 7th Avenue restaurant featuring a Chelsea crowd. It was a scene place and the scene at the bar was loud and cruisey. I was in mid-sentence when a communal gasp followed by the loud whispers stopped me cold: “It’s Andrew Crispo.” Every head turned, every conversation stopped. Joy turned into stone, as the guy that got away was shown a table. It was that kind of impact the murder had on nightlife—hard to pick up someone at a bar having heard of Eigels fate.

But death was no stranger to nightlfe. It was a war with casualties counted just like any
war. It was measured in deaths, wounded or missing in action. Drugs, AIDS and a crime ridden NYC had taken a massive toll. A creative generation was wiped out. Where are the Haring’s, the Warhol’s, the Basquiat’s today? The mean streets of New York bubbled out that vibrant art scene, as well as new genres of music like punk, hip-hop and house that had only percolated in the deep underground.

Those who were there remember the early to mid ’80s as a sort of golden age for club life. It had a speedy numbness like a Cocaine rush. Looking back at that time, old school patrons talk of how mixed the clubs were with celebrities and Euro-trash hobnobbing with skateboard punks, artists and the fashion set. Clubs had become inclusive as even the most exclusive ones looked to curate a smorgasbord of tastes, styles and classes. Gays hung out with straights, rich with poor, Blacks with whites, all in the same room. Transgender people used any bathroom they wanted to and nobody complained. New drugs replaced, or at least cooperated, with old drugs. Looking back, it looks like heaven, but really wasn’t. Part of the problem was the party never ended and nobody was keeping track of the cost.

After hours clubs, some as big as today’s mega clubs, flourished on weekends. During the week, there were countless regular hours places to go to and smaller joints that went till noon. Mondays were great and Tuesdays amazing. Many went out every night. Many enjoyed sex, drugs, alcohol and sleepless nights that merged seamlessly with annoying days. Sunglasses were part of a night crawler’s ensemble, as much as dancing shoes and condoms. Clubs were often located in seedy neighborhoods where nobody would complain. The local entrepreneurs scored big time by selling whatever was wanted—drugs, women, late night sandwiches—to the stumbling masses. Bad decisions went with distractions. We all made them, but Eigel paid the price.

Bernard ultimately stopped the party. He was Jack the Ripper, a subconscious demon, a pause to think in that mindless moment when the drugs, music and urges didn’t want to. The parole hearing has been postponed until November. When I saw his face on my computer the other day, I sensed the breath of that demon once again and worried that he will soon walk among us.

Kink For Dummies: Domi Dollz Launch Fundraiser For Their First Book

Down here in the Caribbean, it’s hard to believe that the holiday season is in full force. A friend up north was talking about snow while my main concern is tan lines. For the record, there won’t be any…it’s like that. I’ll be filing little glimpses as I sip tropical fruit drinks and practice the art of not getting caught staring at the bikinis while laying out next to Amanda. Amanda can be scary.

Speaking of scary…Sandy not only destroyed homes, ‘hoods, and a sense of security; it threw the calendar out with the bath water. Many people and businesses plan their holiday parties at the last minute, right before Thanksgiving, and many, bolstered by an improved economy and needing a reason to be cheerful, are scrambling for a night date in a hot spot. Domi Dollz, a group that lives and teaches a real life 50 Shades of Grey lifestyle, is one such group. They will have a super-secret seasonal soiree as soon as they find a place to hang their hat…er, whip.

This year they have a lot to be cheerful about as they are completing their first real-deal book, Kinky Amour, on the subject. Publishing a book is an expensive process and they are trying to raise funds to complete. I  asked Domi Dollz founder and president Nina Payne to tell me all about it:

The fundraiser. Tell me about it.
Someone had mentioned I should try a fundraiser a couple months ago when I was faced with the huge budget of getting this book together. Domi Dollz isn’t just trying to self-publish a book; we’re also creating video tutorials and taking beautiful photographs to show readers how they can practice kinky techniques. We are raising funds so we can properly advertise and promote this book to help make the world a sexier place. Check out the fundraiser here.

What is Kinky Amour?
Kinky Amour is an introduction into kink that explores everything from communication, psychology, and safety, to specific techniques like spanking, bondage, and role-playing. This book has been designed to inspire the reader and help direct her or him to discovering what works best for them and whomever they’re with.

So what types of things will you be covering in the book?
We’re covering a lot of ground in our first book, which is so exciting, beginning  with understanding what kink really is and the reminder that no one should feel ashamed if they are curious or interested in it. Kink is about fun, creativity, and, most of all, trust; it can really liberate an individual and especially strengthen the bond of a relationship. But we will also be covering lots of specific techniques likes spanking, flogging, bondage, dirty talk, role playing, and much more.

What makes this book different than the other kink books out there?
Kinky Amouris not only a book, but it will also be an eBook that has beautiful photography and video tutorials. In fact, it will be the first eBook about kink with video tutorials which you can download to your computer, KindleFire, or iPad. We’ve structured it in a sort of "Kink For Dummies”-style  way, and it will feature personal stories, kinky tips, and other fun stuff from myself, Ms. Mona Rogers, and other fellow Domi Dollz.

So this is a collective effort from all the Domi Dollz.
Yes, our fans will be happy to hear that this book will have contributions from other Domi Dollz, all of whom you can check out here. My biggest help was Ms. Mona Rogers; she came in while I was writing the final draft and really elevated it to the next level. We are very excited by what we have.

What motivated you to write this book?
Aside from wanting to bring a positive message to the world, we were also motivated to write this book after getting feedback from people all over the world interested in our workshops, but weren’t able to attend. We hope this book will bring people an opportunity to learn at their own pace in the privacy of their own home, and hopefully help them embrace their sexualities.

When will the book be out?
February 2013. We are currently shooting all the video and photography, and it’s been a blast watching it all come together.

Tell me about the costs of producing this tome. How do people get involved?
Domi Dollz is on Indiegogo to raise funds to bring this book to life. Self-publishing is no easy task; we’re not only producing high-quality videos and photos, but also advertising it, which has an added cost. It’s expensive to make your dreams come true! We are hoping others who support kink and sexual education will also support our cause. All the money raised will go toward the creation, publishing, and promotion of Kinky Amour. When you check out the fundraiser, you’ll see our sexy video explaining it all. People can use their credit cards or Paypal to donate on Indiegogo. We also accept money orders,  so just email one of our Dollz, and she can arrange that. We are aiming to raise $10,000, but honestly EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS and gets us closer to our dream. We are grateful for it all and offer perks for different-sized donations. If all the kinksters in NYC donated just $1, we would have way more than ten grand! 

Your Intro To Kinky Sex: World-Famous Dominatrixes Write & Launch New ‘Kink 101’ Book

With the explosion of Fifty Shades of Grey and Rihanna’s "S&M," one thing is increasingly clear: we secretly love kink. Whether E.L. James’ book piqued your curiosity, or you surprisingly loved it when your date tied you up last summer, we’ve all got some "kinks" in us that deserve a good deal of exploration. And thanks to a new book written by two world-renowned, professional dominatrixes, the task is now all the easier. Meet Kisses To Kink: A Dominatrix’s Guide To Great Sex.

A “kink for dummies,” this two-volume tome brings all things kink – from S&M to bondage to role playing – out of the taboo and into your hands in a very step-by-step, educational way. The best part: it’s an eBook on iTunes & Amazon, which means its not only private, but your commute from your apartment to work just got way more fun

With personal stories and kinky tips by authors Ms. Nina Payne and Ms. Mona Rogers – founders of the Domi Dollz, a group of pro dominatrixes – Kisses To Kink elevates your play to a nearly pro-level in a very simple way. It also includes video tutorials and photographs of incredibly good looking people in lingerie doing very naughty things. If only all our textbooks had that…

And another cool thing:  I wrote the foreword! Which is very, very much worth reading. 

So go ahead: download the book here or here, be selfish, demand an amazing sex life. Bedtime reading doesn’t get better than this.

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Confession: Why I like Being Paddled

I like being paddled. I never really thought I’d say this before. Is this wrong? Twisted? I’m not sure. But I do know, at the behest of a friend who strongly recommended it, I got paddled. And since then, I’ve been hooked. I’ve been getting paddled every morning since—and I’m that much happier for it.

My paddle is rounded, actually—with furry bristles, which makes it unique in its function. And it’s not as large as most paddles—probably no more than a foot long. I call it “My Goody” because it just makes me feel good. In fact, when I bought it, it said on the case that it’s 30 times more effective than other paddles. Whatever that means. The skin-to-paddle impact, initially, feels very rough. Your flesh just kind of tingles under its motion, and that tingling reverberates all throughout your body, making it definitely one of the more pleasurable ways to start the day.

For those of you who have never experimented with a paddle before, the best time to use it is right after a shower, when you’re really wet all over, and it’s freezing out and you’re thinking, “If I go outside like this, I’m actually going to drench my clothes.” Which is always pretty embarrassing, and hypothermic, really. Oddly enough, it manages to soak up all the wetness, which is really hard to explain (is it scientific? magic? a miracle?) but whatever it is, it manages to do it in a matter of minutes. And by the end of your session of aggressive paddling, you’re not wet anymore.

I try to explain my want for paddling to my friends, but when I show them “My Goody,” they scoff. Their eyes widen. They say things like, “Bonnie, that is the strangest looking thing ever” and “What is happening to you?” So I’ve started hiding it. Which is really a shame, because why should I feel ashamed of something that makes me feel good? And who cares if it looks weird. Elmo looks weird, but people love him nonetheless. So do earmuffs. People wear them.

Anyway, I’m standing by what I said before: I like being paddled. And no, I don’t care what people say or how “My Goody” looks, because life is too short and too long to worry about such things. So I’m going to let it go and just enjoy my paddle. My mornings with it. The happiness it brings me. And thank the heavens that the Goody QuikStyle Paddle Hair Brush exists. It’s like a towel and brush in one. So long, hair dryer.

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Domi Dollz Launch Fundraiser For Their First ‘Kink for Dummies’ Book

There are several things in life that make us consider how woefully sad and colorless the world must have been without their very presence. We’re talking things like cinnamon buns, leather pants, and snow globes. But recently, another addition has been made to the list: the book Kinky Amour. A “kink for dummies,” this tome brings all things kink – from S&M to bondage to role playing – out of the taboo and into the mainstream in an accessible, step-by-step, educational way. The learning gets easier since Kinky Amour will be available in eBook form as soon as February 2013, and include downloadable video tutorials and photographs of incredibly good looking people in lingerie doing very naughty things. If only all our textbooks had that…

But I digress. Kinky Amour is created by the experts themselves: the Domi Dollz, a group of professional NYC-based dominatrixes who know the power of a sexual power play and a good spanking. With personal stories and kinky tips contributed by the Dollz and the founder and president herself, Ms. Nina Payne, Kinky Amour doesn’t simply educate;  it titillates and elevates your play to a nearly pro-level – safety first, of course. And since the Dollz are currently NYC-based, the book is making the teachings of their world-renowned workshops national, global, atmospheric, as anyone, anywhere – martian or man – can buy or download the book.

To raise money to release Kinky Amour, the Domi Dollz have launched a fundraiser, where certain donations are rewarded with incentives from a “yes, mistress” t-shirt and free tickets and VIP access to their workshops, to one-on-one lessons with the Dollz in person. And if you’ve ever witnessed one of their workshops – ahem, I have – let me just say the experience is priceless.

So go ahead: be selfish, demand an amazing sex life, get that book out into the world. Bedtime reading doesn’t get better than this.

My Night of S&M

In a cavernous dungeon basement in Flatiron, I walked in on something kinky; men in spiked chokers and tight briefs were bent against the wall and being spanked, dominatrixes in black corsets and demure pencil skirts were playing with nipple clamps, and mistress/slave role-playing was not just expected of me, it was demanded – or else.

In this dimly-lit world where every kinky desire was expressed and whim acted upon, perhaps the greatest surprise of it all was this: it was purely educational. And that’s where the Domi Dollz come in.
The Domi Dollz are a group of professional dominatrixes who seek to bring kinky, non-conventional play out of the dungeon and into the mainstream. They do this by educating, titillating, and spanking the masses of people who crowd the monthly workshops at the Museum of Sex with their friends, dates, and insatiable curiosity for something a little bit more. Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele look-a-likes and enthusiasts, these audiences are comprised of regulars – or newbies that frequently become regulars – thanks to the disarming quality of the mistress in charge: founder and president of Domi Dollz Ms. Nina Payne.
Here’s what you need to know about Ms. Nina Payne: she’s that girl from high school who exudes sex, humor, friendliness, and sincerity – to the point that you can’t stand the fact that you like her so much – but dammit, you do. When (seemingly) innocent guests are asked to whip other (seemingly) innocent guests with suede floggers, Payne assists with accessible language, such as, "It’s like a tennis swing, follow all the way through," and "It’s kind of like that, but not like that; you know what I mean." She assiduously moves through whipping, spanking, flogging, blindfolding, and nipple clamping, to bondage, and eventually role-playing, all while miraculously convincing audience members to come up and try it themselves. 
Payne is flanked by not only the straight-out-of-a-guy’s-dream Ms. Mona Rogers, but also two muscled, shirtless, collared men with wicked grins on their faces whom, according to Payne, can each be regarded as "Boy. They have no name."
But perhaps what is most stirring about the Domi Dollz workshops is their ability to uncover something very deep within yourself – and the person you bring – that you didn’t know existed before. After a 60-minute dose of pure kink – you find yourself in one of two places: shamelessly turned on, or just not that into it. You surprise yourself. And regardless of where you stand and how many whippings it took to get there, it’s a pretty pleasurable place to be. 
Domi Dollz

‘Fifty Shades of Grey’: Where to Do It Yourself, All Over NYC

Whether you love it, hate it, or just get off on it, there’s no denying Fifty Shades of Grey is an S&M-ridden force of nature. Guys are reading it, libidos are reawakening, and the sale of rope at hardware stores has significantly increased

So why not get in on the action? Here are our top five places to do it yourself, live the Fifty Shades life, all over NYC. Fuck yes.

Holy cow, oh my. Am I blushing? Did I just bite my lip? 

Please don’t hit me.