Linkage: Justin Bieber Wrote A Song About Mariah Yeater

Justin Bieber is not just taunting his non-baby mama Mariah Yeater, he is also writing songs about her. As he explained last night at a London listening session, "there are songs about things I’m going through" on Believer, including one about his mother and another about "that girl." This is hopefully where Taylor Swift — sure master of the revenge song — comes in. [PageSix]

One intrepid music writer went to see Nickelback and Creed on the same night and not only lived to tell the tale, but also "had a totally rad time." [GQ]

New York City Parks Foundation has officially announced the 2012 season of SummerStage, and it for some reason includes a "more relatable take" on Shakespeare’s Hamlet, as plotted in the Lower East Side and set to Pearl Jam’s Ten. [Gothamist]

Even science wants a say: Like the blue monkeys of Kenya and wild horses of New Zealand before them, there is reason to believe that the girls on HBO’s Girls demonstrate the benefits of "affiliative, long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships between females."  [NYT]

In an effort to "update the language of everyday fashion" and to help "streamline" language, the New Yorker has banned the word "slacks" from for the next week. What this week of omission will mean for "everday fashion" remains to be seen. [NYer]

"We work for NBC, so we’ll see," says Tina Fey of 30 Rock‘s perhaps imminent end. "The one thing I’ve always wanted from the beginning, that hopefully will come true, is that whenever we do end, I would like to know in advance. So we can write the end. Because it’s such a writers’ show." [ArtsBeat]

Socialist François Hollande appears to have won the first round of voting for the French presidency with the unlikely help of Jay-Z and Kanye West’s "Niggas in Paris," which figures prominently in his campaign videos. [D+T]