New York Openings: Proletariat, Max Bratwurst und Bier, Skylark

Everything’s been done, they say. Just look at Hollywood. While some decry reinventing the wheel, others embrace it and end up stumbling onto something new. Just-opened NYC bars Proletariat, Max Bratwurst, and Skylark bump up classic ideas with their own contemporary twist.

Proletariat updates the speakeasy aesthetic with a rare-brew bar in the back of Jane’s Sweet Buns. Emphasis is on the rotating list of seasonal brews, augmented by a draft cocktail or two. Max Bratwurst und Bier in Astoria puts a unique spin on traditional German dishes. All the tried and true classics are here, as well as some innovative wurst choices, including rabbit, alligator, and rattlesnake. Inspired by grandma’s basement, Skylark brings classic ’70s vibes to Park Slope. The retro menu features roast beef, cheddar, and mashed potatoes on white bread, among other classics. A smart tap selection is on-hand to satisfy the modern Brooklyn crowd.