Links: Brittany Murphy’s Husband Found Dead; ‘Lost’ Is—As You May Have Heard—Over

● Simon Monjack was found dead in his Los Angeles home just months after his wife, the actress Brittany Murphy, died after going into cardiac arrest. His cause of death is as of yet unknown. [LAT] ● Saturday Night Live skit-turned-unnecessary feature film, MacGruber, bombed hard at the box office, pulling in only $4.1 million, or way less than A Night at the Roxbury. [HR] ● Mark Twain’s autobiography, which he demanded be kept sealed for 100 years after his death, is scheduled for release this year. [DM]

● So, about that Lost thing… Reactions abound. [The Entire Internet] ● A thirteen-year-old boy climbed Mount Everest this weekend, while all other thirteen-year-olds died in video games. [Reuters] ● Sarah Ferguson, better known as Fergie, Duchess of York, was caught on camera selling access to her royal ex-husband. Brits have all the secret camera tabloid fun. [MSNBC]