Sant Ambroeus SoHo Has the Chicest Plates in All NYC

Photos: Courtesy of Sant Ambroeus

The simultaneously compact/packed wall of plates at Sant Ambroeus on Lafayette Street are just the beginning of general manager Alireza Niroomand‘s plan for redecoration. Niroomand has commissioned influencers, fashionistas, artists–all Sant Ambroeus groupies–to partake in a sort of culinary art collective.

You can’t take your eyes off the wall. Where to look? Donald Robertson‘s signature lips, or Brian Atwood‘s gem-adorned fancy plate? And that’s just a small selection. Other contributors include Leandra Medine (The Man Repeller), Deer Dana, and Edward Enninful. Looking will have to suffice because these plates are not for eating off of or taking home. But that’s okay–it just means a couple extra visits to the SoHo hotspot might be in order.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASimon Doonan and Jonathan Adler







FashionFeed: Mila Kunis for Dior, Coco Rocha for Twitter

● Joining the ranks of fellow actresses Natalie Portman, Charlize Theron, and Marion Cotillard, Mila Kunis has been named the new face of Christian Dior. [Fashionologie]

● 23-year-old model Coco Rocha says that she has "extended her career" by actively engaging with her fans on Twitter and other social media platforms. [Telegraph]

● According to Barneys creative ambassador and Gay Men Don’t Get Fat author, Simon Doonan says that "sushi may well be the gayest food on Earth" because of it’s dainty presentation and portion control.  [Styleite]

● Prabal Gurung’s first line of T-shirts will set you back $200 to $300 a pop. [The Cut]

● First Proenza Schouler and now Jil Sander. Natasha Poly’s sweeping up those spring 2012 ad campaigns quite nicely. [Style]

● Despite continuous controversy, American Apparel’s sales raised 15% in December due to a partnership with Groupon, but the lifestyle brand is still around $161.6 in debt, which is nothing to shake. [Grazia]

Simon Doonan, Diane von Furstenburg & Zach Galifianakis Design Bags for a Cause

Last night, we joined a handful of fashion and Hollywood heavyweights at Barneys Beverly Hills to toast the launch of Patti Hansen’s new line of cross-body bags, Hung on U. Inspired by the dance-friendly bags worn at Studio 54, these carryalls are amazing because they’re both lightweight and hands-free, so you can do your thing without constantly clutching your shoulder. A famous model, the wife of the Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards, and the mother of models Alexandra and Theodora, Hansen wanted to use her celebrity status to do something that’s both creative and for a good cause, so she asked 20 of her family’s famous friends to customize a few bags for charity. See our favorites, including a furry number by Barneys’ creative director Simon Doonan (pictured), after the jump.

image “It’s actually made of wig hair – not real hair, thank god!” said Doonan of his hair fringe bag. Each celebrity-designed bag is up for auction now through October 12, on Charity Buzz with all proceeds benefiting Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Fund.

image We loved the rope detail on this Diane von Furstenberg design.

image Perhaps the most unlikely design collaborator ever, actor-comedian Zach Galifianakis pitched in by painting and autographing a bag. We’re digging this color story, Zach!

image Keith and Patti’s gorgeous daughters, Alexandra (left) and Theodora (right). “You won’t believe it, but this dress is actually from H&M! My sister gave it to me for my birthday,” Alexandra noted rather triumphantly. We then bonded over vintage and thrift stores. What girl doesn’t like a good steal?

image The lady of the hour, Ms. Patti Hansen, rocking a killer Michael Kors suit. Note the rock star touch of white lingerie peeking through. Can we be this cool someday?

Where Celebs Go Out: Wes Anderson, Emmy Rossum, Charlotte Ronson, & More

At Lucky magazine’s Lucky Shops:

● KATRINA BOWDEN – “I love Café Mogador in the East Village. It’s Moroccan, and they have these great fish and chicken kebabs and really cool dishes and olives and bread. It’s really good. And they have this fish soup that’s amazing, on special sometimes.”

● ANA ORTIZ – “I’m a very local person right now because I don’t have a lot of time away. So there’s this really groovy little place across the street from me called the Speak Low bar and it’s in Dumbo in Brooklyn, and it’s just underneath Rice. It’s a really funky, hip little bar. And they have the most delicious cocktails. As soon as I was able to drink after giving birth, I went down there. They have the best martini I ever had!”

At The Fantastic Mr. Fox press day:

● WES ANDERSON – “There’s a place in Los Angeles called Nishimura that’s a sushi place. That’s a great place. I would recommend that one.”

At launch party for Yoga Wii by Dreamcatcher Interactive Inc.:

● ANJA RUBIK – “Right now — it changes, of course — right now, I’m addicted to Matsuri. It’s a Japanese restaurant in the Maritime Hotel. I just love the food there. It’s incredible and the atmosphere they create there is so beautiful. I love it there. I love the Cipriani’s uptown. I love it. The food is so great. And it also has an incredible atmosphere. Da Silvano is great. Bar Pitti is amazing. It has Italian food, which is fantastic. I love Gobo. It’s all this organic food, vegetarian. It’s on Sixth Avenue near Eighth Street or Seventh Street.”

At Fashion Group International’s Night of Stars:

● SIMON DOONAN – “I love Il Cantinori. It’s around the corner from my house. The risotto primavera is killer!”

● EMMY ROSSUM – “I really like David Burke Townhouse. I love that lollypop tree that comes out at the end. There’s like a cheesecake lollypop tree. It looks like a lollypop, but it’s a ball of cheesecake on the end of stick and it’s in this holder that makes it look like a tree. I really like eating sushi at Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, at like 4am.”

● TOMMY HILFIGER – “Rebecca’s in Greenwich, Connecticut. Incredibly delicious. It’s simple, but it’s really, really high-quality food and always well done — consistent. It’s prepared very well.”

● MARK RONSON – “My favorite restaurant in New York is, probably, Gino’s uptown on 60th and Lex. The angel hair with the secret sauce. They call it that. ‘Cause when you’re a kid, and anyone tells you something’s secret, of course, you like think it’s amazing. In the whole word, I don’t know. I wish — I’m really good at answering these questions, but not on the spot.”

● DITA VON TEESE – “I love going to London to eat. I love China Tang at the Dorchester because I love the Art Deco Chinese interior. I love the Wolseley in London. And I’m not familiar with New York restaurants. It seems like they’re ever changing, so …”

At Purgatorio pop-up club:

● JOSH LUCAS – “Oh, the old school — Raoul’s is one of my all-time favorites. And there’s a place right down in my neighborhood, called Broadway East, which is a really interesting new kind of organic, sexy restaurant I like a lot. Also, down by my place, Les Enfants Terribles, you know that place? A good, little fun one. Those are my three that come to mind immediately.”

● SIMON HAMMERSTEIN – “That’s a hard question. I kind of like the 18th floor of the Standard — the bar on the 18th floor. I think he’s done a really good job with that.”

● CHRISTIAN SIRIANO – “In New York, I love the Cooper Square Hotel. We have dinner there a lot, hang out there — really, really fun. But, like hang out, hang out spots — where do we go? Oh, Bagatelle, very fabulous. I’m pretty low key, so I feel like — my couch, that’s where we go to hang out and have a party.”

At Motorola’s party for Droid phone with Verizon service:

● PATRICK HEUSINGER – “I just went to Delicatessen for the first time. I really enjoyed that. We watch Sunday and Monday football at Brother Jimmy’s on the Upper West Side. Yeah, it’s great. We’ve been going there since I was in college because I went to college here in New York, too. And then, I go to the bar, Niagara, on the Lower East Side a lot. That’s one of my haunts. I probably go there once a week. One of my best friends works there, so — it’s on 7th and Avenue A.

● JUDAH FRIEDLANDER – “I don’t drink or anything. I’m a role model for children. But I do eat. The place I really crave is called Sarajevo. It’s in Astoria — Bosnian owners. It’s basically Yugoslavian food. Awesome. That’s the place I crave more than any place. Cevapcici is the main thing. It’s kind of like ground beef and lamb on skewers, and you serve it in this fresh, homemade bread. And there’s this spread called Kajmak. It’s kind of like a sour-cream spread, except a million times better. And then you put ajvar on it, also, which is a like a tomato, red pepper, eggplant spread. And then you put raw onions on it, and you’re in heaven, baby! And you got power! And you’re ready to kick ass! It’s good stuff. The other thing they have is stuffed cabbage with tomato sauce, which they call sarma. It’s in Astoria. It’s on 34th Avenue and 38th Street. It’s so good. That’s my favorite food. I like all the ethnic, little take-out type places. Those are my favorite places.”

At launch of fashion game Style Savvy for the Nintendo DS and DSi:

● CHARLOTTE RONSON – “I love Bar Pitti on 6th Avenue. It’s nice and easy. You can sit outside when the weather is nice. You always run into someone you know. For movies, the Anjelika is nice. It’s clean. I’m drawn to movies that play there. In London, I love Holland Park, Kensington High Street — great area with lots of good shops and walking distance from my parents’ home. La Famiglia is a great restaurant.”

At launch party for Scupltz shapewear and legwear:

● ROBERT VERDI –Le Singe Vert on 7th Avenue. It means the Green Monkey. I was born in ’68, the year of the monkey. I love it. Novita, on 22nd Street, off of Park Avenue. It feels very insider; the food is fabulous. There’s a scene, but it’s not sceney. Da Silvano, because I feel like a big schmaltz when I go there ’cause I’m treated better than I really am. He’s really sweet. I’m very good friends with his wife, Marisa, who treats me like family. Since I grew up in a restaurant family, it’s a feeling I like to have when I go out to eat.

Doonan & Adler OK Capes, Boas, Press-On Nails & Xanax

Simon Doonan, the Creative Director of Barney’s New York, is a busy man. But never too busy to give a good quote. Having just finished the uptown destination’s holiday window displays (this year, the windows are all about SNL), Doonan gave a quippy interview to Luxist at the annual Moth Ball, alongside his significant other, Jonathan Adler.

The interviewer started by asking about capes. Specifically, are they still in style. “Capes? Everything is in. That’s the thing, nothing ever goes out of style anymore. All trends concurrently exist. In this room somebody is probably rocking every trend known to mankind,” Doonan said. But, wait, everything? Well according to Doonan and Adler. The former adds, “nothing makes you feel bubbly and vivacious like a feather boa. It’s very glam rock.” To which Adler responded, “I think that everyone should have Lee Press On Nails for every guest.” Also uncovered in the bizarre interview, the one thing Adler never leaves home without: an emergency stash of “xanax, xanax, and xanax.” As for Adler’s other great pleasures in life? Ping-pong and Facebook.

Simon Doonan’s Palatial Gay Fantasia

This week’s edition of the New Yorker takes a look inside the home of Barneys’ inimitable creative director Simon Doonan. Doonan’s Nasty: My Family and Other Glamorous Varmints, was adapted for television by the BBC last fall as a series called Beautiful People, and it recently debuted stateside on the Logo network. Right off the bat, he describes his digs as a “palatial gay fantasia.” The grandiose description, though over the top, isn’t surprising given the fact that Doonan recently married his partner of 14 years, interior designer Jonathan Adler. Not to mention the abode in question is outfitted with garden gnomes, a paisley ping-pong table, and a “burlap bust of Napoleon” in the fireplace.

One of the more outstanding moments captured by the piece: “Adler frequently refers to Doonan as an ‘obese elf,’ even though Doonan weighs in at a hundred and thirty-five pounds of lean white elf meat.” Of his finances post-memoir, Doonan recalls, “‘when the book was optioned, everyone thought I’d start flying to work in a mink-lined helicopter’ … in reality, his compensation was a bit more modest; he wouldn’t say how much he was paid, but allowed that it was ‘better than a poke in the eye with a dirty stick’.” And of his parents’ probable reaction to Beautiful People were they to see it, Doonan says, “my father would probably be appalled. He and my mom got through their very difficult lives by not examining them. They created a milieu that was so chaotic my gayness was small potatoes.” If only there were an accompanying slideshow on The Selby.

Simon Doonan: Pro-Cankles

imageIf I had a witty little fashion buddy, you know, the kind who cracks wise, gets excited over sartorial missteps and casts a clean eye on emerging trends, it’d be fashion writer and Barney’s Creative Director Simon Doonan. For as long as I can remember, back when I proudly knew nothing of fashion, I always liked his rants in the New York Observer. So it was no surprise that when the cheeky Brit rolled through Washington DC on a book tour for Eccentric Glamour: Creating an Insanely More Fabulous You, he offered some helpful advice for Beltway drones.

“For me, the only faux pas is conformity,” Doonan decreed. “Except if you’re in Washington … if people are public servants — if you work in Washington — your clothes should have a certain self-denying restraint to them. … I like my politicians to be frumpy and frowzy. I like them to have cankles.” Advice for DC women: “Say no to ho, lose the flip-flops and resist the tidal wave of porno chic.” For men, he wants to maintain the frump chino and oxford uniform, but has one suggestion: “There’s a lot of really fun underwear you can buy now. You could sort of really go for it with your underwear.”