Catch An Interactive Sigur Ròs Concert Online This Afternoon

Icelandic post-rock legends Sigur Ròs released their latest album, kveikur, this week. It is, no joke, their best in years. Their fanbase agreed vociferously, taking to a revamped page of the band’s website to stream the new music early and react in real time, posting rapturous Instagrams, Vines, Tweets, and videos with the hashtag #kveikur as they enjoyed their first listen. Today, something even cooler is going down.

At 2:50 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, aim your web browser at, and prepare yourself for a genuine treat. Sigur Ròs will be playing “a selection of songs from the record live during a special 360-degree interactive webcast from Dresden, Germany.” What this means is that “fans will be able to take control of the 360-degree cameras that will be placed around the stage,” zooming around the event however they please.

Pretty nifty, no? I wouldn’t mind remotely taking control of a camera in Dresden, Germany, even if I were just filming a parking lot. But with Sigur Ròs yowling their epic dark fairytale ballads, it’ll be more like you’re filming your own overpriced concert DVD. Hey, if Martin Scorsese can do it … right? To tide you over, here’s “Ísjaki,” a definite album highlight.


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Sigur Rós Announce ‘Kveikur’

I spent a lot of college zoning out to Sigur Rós’ first two albums, which I always recall as being ethereal and droney—but I forget sometimes that the band is capable of thunderous, squalling sound as well: the primeval guitarscape of an molten earth before life began. Well, they’re not letting anyone forget that this time around. Kveikur, out in June, is the first of the band’s albums as a trio, following the departure of Kjartan Sveinsson. Check out the video for the first single, “Brennisteinn,” below.

Frontman Jónsi Birgisson is there with his trademark falsetto and Hopelandic lyrics (has anyone besides he and Liz Fraser made up a language for their music?), but the background is harsh, even industrial. The black-and-white-and-yellow visuals are no less austere and creepy. I guess they moved past their “chillout” phase quite a while ago, no?

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Make Your Apartment Smell Like Iceland With the Sigur Rós Candle

Sigur Rós has had a rather busy 12 months, what with the release of their 2012 album Valtari and the Secret Video Project that went with it, not to mention the Secret Video Project featuring shorts from John Cameron Mitchell and a naked Shia LaBeouf, among other things. They played some festival shows last year and have a ton of dates coming up across the U.S. and Europe, including Coachella and Sasquatch!, and have Oneohtrix Point Never and TIm Hecker performing with them. So now seems like as good of a time as any to release the best kind of merchandising tie-in for Sigur Rós: a custom scented candle that smells like their studio, named the "Varðeldur candle" after a song from their most recent album. 

As Sigur Rós themselves put it on their website:

“The smoky, slightly briny smell of a flotsam campfire on a distant black beach under a wan midnight sun. And, most recently, the smell of Sigur Rós’s studio, while they go about the quasi-mystical business of making the magic happen. Specially developed to the band’s olfactory specifications, this candle burns for 35 evocative hours of ‘instant Iceland,’ or something like that.”

And for $23.50—plus shipping from England—that flotsam-y, beachy smell can inspire you too to make weird and beautiful and heartbreaking music for acid trips and Wes Anderson movies. For effect, watch the "Starálfur" scene from The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou and Mitchell and Dash Shaw’s video, Seraph, for the Sigur Rós video project. 

Seraph from Sigur Rós Valtari Mystery Films on Vimeo.

John Cameron Mitchell and Dash Shaw Create Stunning New Video for Sigur Rós

Fans of the fluid, evocative animated sequences in John Cameron Mitchell’s Hedwig and the Angry Inch will notice some similarities — particularly the movement and the highlighting of eyes and faces — to “Seraph,” the sequence he’s co-written for Sigur Ros’ Mystery Film Experiment. Mitchell collaborated with Dash Shaw on the video, which features album selections “Rembihnútur” and “Ekki Múkk” (the latter which we’ve already seen at least once) from the new album, Valtari. (In the experiment, which will run through November 19th, Sigur Rós gave a number of filmmakers the same budget to each create a different short film around one of the songs from Valtari.)

The clip, which builds over the angelic “Rembihnútur,” focuses on a young boy grapping with his own desire to be nude, the religious dogma imparted to him by his father and the internal conflict he faces, which he takes out on his own body through self-harm and violence, and eventually prison. The climactic scene, against the clop-clopping of “Rembihnútur’s” percussive heartbeat, is somewhat difficult to watch, even with the beautiful music soundtracking it. Take a look at Shaw and Mitchell’s work below.

Henry Jun Wah Lee Directs Incredibly Soothing Clip for Sigur Ros’ ‘Dauðalogn’

It’s Wednesday! You’ve made it through more than half the week! Good job! Chances are, you’re pretty stressed out about it. What better way to unwind from the pressures of the week than with some lush, screen-saver nature footage set to billowing Icelandic pop music?

For the eighth installment of Sigur Ros’ "Mystery Film Experiment" in which a dozen filmmakers, all with the same budget, each create a video from a track from their new album, Valtari, Henry Jun Wah Lee, a highly gifted nature photographer and filmmaker (and a physician of Chinese medicine, says his website—is there anything this man can’t do?), explored the green forests, crags and rocky coasts of Japan’s Yakushima island. Nature unfolds, clouds billow and stars twinkle while the sweet, string-heavy track plays. Watch below.

Here’s Your Very Literal Shark Week Playlist

Whether you live every week like it’s Shark Week or dread the hype around the thing, or just couldn’t care either way, here are some shark-centric tracks for your listening pleasure. 

Great White – “Once Bitten, Twice Shy”

It wouldn’t be a shark playlist without this late-‘80s metal hit, now, would it? Start Shark Week off with some gnawing riffs.

Beastie Boys – “Egg Man”

One of quite a few choice jams from Paul’s Boutique, the funky “Egg Man” sports an impressive load of samples, including, very briefly, John Williams’ unmistakable theme music from Jaws.

Gruff Rhys – “Shark Ridden Waters”

No actual sharks appear in the Godard-saluting music video for Gruff Rhys’ “Shark Ridden Waters,” but one human is very committed to the role.

Blondie – “A Shark In Jets Clothing”

Not gonna lie, we wish Shark Week involved more references to the rival gangs from West Side Story. We also wish it involved more Blondie. We wish everything involved more Blondie.

Yo La Tengo – “Season of the Shark”

Nothing says a good Great White mauling like Yo La Tengo, right? At least this ditty is there to comfort you after you’ve relived one too many traumatic memories of watching Jaws as a kid and being afraid of all large bodies of water for six months.

Frank Zappa – “The Mud Shark”

The Mothers of Invention salute one of rock’s most memorable (and thoroughly nasty) urban legends with a spoken-word and swamp-funk freakout.

Sigur Ros – "Staralfur"

One of Wes Anderson’s most iconic and touching cinematic moments—Steve Zissou and crew’s encounter with the Jaguar Shark at the end of The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou—is given extra emotional weight thanks to the gorgeous Sigur Ros track serving as its undercurrent.

The Not-So-Scary Sharks – “Bohemian Rhapsody”

This was a skit from the BBC comedy series Walk on the Wild Side, in which comedians dub over nature-show footage for some hilarious and some eye-rolling results. The “Not-So-Scary” Sharks were among the show’s most beloved characters for their chuckle-inducing, goofy lipdubs of the Jaws theme tune, Blur’s “Parklife” and “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Sigur Ros Release Another Weird Music Video

Sigur Ros makes pretty music, for sure. Generally that music is the kind I imagine people do yoga to—I don’t do yoga, but if I did I would probably do it to Sigur Ros, or maybe something by John Adams in case I was feeling spunky, because I’m also a reeeeeal smug asshole—or, you know, the kind that people nap to. Sigur Ros kinda makes me really sleepy! Anyway, if you have nearly seven minutes to spare and want to watch a lady roll around and stretch and shake her head to ambient instrumental music made by people from Iceland, you’re in luck! If you’re looking for another chance to watch Shia LaBoeuf get naked and weird, I’m sorry. Check out the video for "Varðeldur" below.

Daniel Radcliffe In Slow Club’s “Beginners” and Other Celebrities in Music Videos

After Shia LaBoeuf bared all for Sigur Ros yesterday, Daniel Radcliffe is the latest movie star to feature in a music video. In the clip for folk-pop duo Slow Club’s typically gorgeous track “Beginners,” Radcliffe has a dramatic breakdown in a pub, all filmed in one take. (If the teeth-gnashing and fist-shaking weren’t clear enough, it’s obvious that his character is in a bad place from his Hawaiian shirt.) Watch “Beginners” below, and check out some other music videos with celebrity guests.

Slow Club – “Beginners”


The Shoes – “Time To Dance”
Jake Gyllenhaal channels Patrick Bateman as he goes on a killing spree soundtracked by the French dance-pop duo the Shoes.

The Apples In Stereo – “Dance Floor”
This isn’t another Daniel Radcliffe clip; it’s Elijah Wood being transported through time and space to meet indie-pop stalwarts the Apples in Stereo.

Brandon Flowers – “Crossfire”
Killers frontman Brandon Flowers never did anything on a small scale, so it made sense to have Charlize Theron play a warrior on a mission in this video for one of his solo songs. Her?

Father John Misty – “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings”
Aubrey Plaza gets angry, bites/throws things, and goes through some sort of party/nightmare hybrid.

Vampire Weekend – “Giving Up The Gun”
This earlier foray sees Jake Gyllenhaal brandishing a tennis racket in one hand and a handle of whiskey in the other. The video also features cameos from RZA, Lil Jon, and Joe Jonas.

Shia LaBoeuf Gets Freaky for Sigur Ros Video

A Sigur Ros video starring Shia LaBoeuf? Sure, why not. The Transformers star shows another side in the Alma Har’el-directed clip for “Fjögur Píanó,” from the Icelandic band’s latest album, Valtari.

LaBoeuf and a lady friend, played by Denna Thomson, spend most of the eight-and-a-half minute clip getting naked and freaky while surrounded by butterflies. They also eat those scorpion lollipops from Southwestern gift shops, pretend to be in a car that’s sinking underwater, and get blown away by some sort of psychic wind.

Watch the NSFW “Fjögur Píanó” video below: