Sia’s Christmas Album Is Coming in A Month

Photo: @siamusic on Instagram


Sia’s released the album art and tracklist for her upcoming holiday spectacle, Everyday Is Christmas, her follow up to 2016’s This Is Acting. 

The new holiday record, composed entirely of original work (no more covers of “Jingle Bells”!) and is out November 17. It includes songs with names like “Ho Ho Ho” and “Puppies Are Forever.” It’s also interesting to mention that the first song is called “Santa Is Coming For Us” – perhaps Sia will be taking things in a more haunting, Nightmare Before Christmas type direction?

Take a look at the full track list and album art below.


1. “Santa’s Coming For Us”

2. “Candy Cane Lane”

3.  “Snowman”

4. “Snowflake”

5. “Ho Ho Ho”

6. “Puppies Are Forever”

7. “Sunshine”

8. “Underneath the Mistletoe”

9. “Everyday Is Christmas”

10. “Underneath the Christmas Lights”

Brooke Candy and Sia Release Beautiful, Emboldening Video for ‘Living Out Loud’

Today, Brooke Candy drops the music video for her latest project, “Living Out Loud,” featuring the one and only Sia. The video displays Candy, as well as various men and women, dressed confidently in high-necked white lace gowns.

Candy elects to display herself in a softer, more subdued presentation in this video than her prior work – an interesting statement since she still shows off prominent body tattoos and crawls around on the ground in bondage gear like a spider.

The writing of “Living Out Loud” was a collaboration between Sia, Greg Kurstin, Geoffrey Early, and Priscilla Renea. Sia herself does not appear in the video, but, in classic form, dancers with her signature black and white wigs.

Take a look below:

Eight Moments You Have to See from Last Night’s Grammy’s

Kanye Kanye’d and all the other moments to shortcut your way through last night’s Grammy’s–or just relive the memories if you’re into that.

 Sam Smith Wins ‘Best Pop Vocal Album’

Katy Perry looked genuinely happy for him, in spite of her loss, and Smith’s speech focused on how the tides turned when he decided to just be himself.

Beyoncé Performs “Take My Hand, Precious Lord”

Looking like an actual angel.

Kanye Pulls a Kanye

It could have been worse…

Sia Performs…with Kristen Wiig 

Little Maddie Ziegler was dancing too. Those Anna Wintour-esque wigs must be stacking up somewhere.

Madonna Performs “Living for Love”

Surrounded by a swarm of horned dancers

AC/DC Opened the Grammy’s

The Grammy’s are so vintage.

Riri, Kanye, and Paul McCartney Play “FourFiveSeconds”

Besties Kanye and Paul McCartney were joined by Rihanna to perform their co-written single for her next album. The trio wore variations on suits and Riri added chunks of diamonds.

Prince Makes the Statement of the Night in an Orange Ensemble

“Albums — remember those? Albums still matter. Albums, like books and black lives, still matter.”




Will David Guetta Spin The Fate of R&B?

It’s hard to tell where the crowd’s flickering lighters meet the beaming LED screens strung around Randall’s Island like Christmas trees on steroids. The sun has set on the former juvenile delinquent reform school site as David Guetta steps onto the main stage for his performance at New York’s enormous electronic music event, Electric Zoo. The 35,000 dance music devotees look like a sea of neon-clad ants from up here. One thing is clear: The scene is definitely a zoo, and the 44-year-old Frenchman is its ringleader.

The show has begun. Spasmodic lights begin to flash and flicker while Star Trek-esque synths pump from the speakers. Guetta drops the opening chords of Sia’s “Titanium (Alesso Remix)” before announcing his arrival to the Big Apple this morning from Ibiza, the island that’s home to his famed Fuck Me I’m Famous party that draws the likes of and Diddy weekly. “New York!” he drags out. “Are you ready to party?!” On cue, the break beat drops and concertgoers collectively go ape shit as Guetta dances, flails and orchestrates in the DJ booth. He neither sings, raps, chants, nor ad-libs—yet the man puts on one hell of a show.

“It always means something special to me when I play in cities like New York or Chicago or Detroit because this is where [house] music was born even though it became more of a European thing later on,” says the tall, lumbering producer/DJ from beneath a mangled mane of blonde waves and a grin so wide it teeters on goofy. The one-hour set wrapped 20 minutes ago, and he’s now lounging lithely on the black leather couch in his trailer, wearing a crisp black T-shirt with an eagle screen-printed across. The peaceful energy Guetta exudes is contagious in a way that anyone—from within a room to an arena—can feel, part of why millions flock to see him nightly across the globe.

Read the full story on!

Lena Dunham, Tavi Gevinson and More Urge Democracy Through Lip-Syncing

I know, I know. We’re sick of all the political ads, too. But instead of hiring crappy actors and relying on bad green-screens and the FEAR FONT, filmmaker and HelloGiggles writer Sarah Sophie Flicker decided to use the power of a ‘60s pop anthem and a few recognizable friends to convey her message about the importance of putting women’s health and reproductive rights at the forefront this election. With flowers in their hair and webcams at the ready, dozens of women joined Flicker for an impassioned lip-sync of Lesley Gore’s classic, “You Don’t Own Me.”

And what a cast Flicker assembled: Carrie Brownstein, Rookie founder Tavi Gevinson, Lena Dunham, Zoë Kravitz, Alexa Chung, Kate Nash, Rain Phoenix, Sia, Miranda July and Alia Shawkat make appearances—see if you can spot ‘em all.

This is, by default, probably the best political ad we’ve seen all election season, if only because we have yet to see another political ad which juxtaposes information about the threat of defunding of Planned Parenthood with a shot of what appears to be Mae Whitman (her?) eating noodles. And the only political ad with an approval message from Lesley Gore herself. Watch.

Christina Aguilera to Dupe Hipsters with Santigold, M.I.A. Collaborations

Previously: Le Tigre! Sia! Goldfrapp! Ladytron! And now Christina Aguilera, like a ventriloquist, has managed to stay tight-lipped while intimating how she’s also collaborated with Santigold and M.I.A.. But specific details about the Best Album Ever otherwise remain cloudy. We don’t even have a release date, although a viral should be forthcoming — it usually is.

Adds Aguilera, “I know I can’t let too much out the bag too soon. I think I’m most proud of this work than I’ve ever been, just because I worked with so many amazing and incredibly talented people.” Despite being spoiled for collaborators, Aguilera singles out Sia, saying, “I think we really created some super crazy magic together.”

But while Aguilera rides the coat-tails of such talent to the highest tier of indie street cred, perhaps a sizable number of us will continue to ape for the good old days. And the rest of us will wait patiently to see how badly Aguilera manages to dupe the Pitchfork set into thinking that there might be any palpable difference between this new album and this Goldfrappish gem featured on her greatest hits collection.

Bvlgari and R&R Celebrate Summer!

Reader, If I could impart one piece of nightlife advice it would be the following. Don’t start off a night with a terrible hangover when the BVLGARI Diagono Watch Collection, and Rock & Republic “Summer at The Beatrice Inn” are on the itinerary. Furthermore, it’s best not to attend an event celebrating anything having more than two consecutive consonants in its name with said terrible hangover, espcially if it’s being held at Frank Gehry’s sleek IAC Building. The elegance of it all will make you feel like the tuna tar-tar being passed around. Instead, don your best Proenza Schouler with the prior knowledge that you’ll be bumping into beautiful people like Sean Avery, Simon Spurr, and New York Jets center Nick Mangold, and that later at the Beatrice, you’ll be dancing with Kirsten Dunst, Sia, Emma Snowdon-Jones and May Anderson. A cautionary tale.

The striking IAC building is certainly a thing of beauty—the inside is stylish with minimal adornments, aside from the dazzling Diagono watches gleaming from their display cases. A gathering of gorgeous people examines the watches and projections on the large, bare walls. I take several peach and mango martinis from a beautiful waiter, knowing that imbibing should instantly make being surrounded by this grotesque amount of sophistication feel more tolerable. It works. Soon enough I’m blowing air kisses, shaking hands with the best of them, bothering Anna Wintour’s new intern/Rangers star Sean Avery, and listening to people test out fake British accents. Simon Spurr is considerate of the hangover: “I don’t understand how some people can just get up after a long night, hit the gym and feel normal,” the twenty-something designer says. The peach mango martinis work so well, I end up staying longer than expected. I try on a few of the lustrously crafted watches, and enjoy the cool summer night on the substantial back patio.

We arrive at the Beatrice much later than intended. But Rock & Republic’s “Summer at The Beatrice Inn” has been mercifully extended for the entire evening. Already enveloped in a martini haze, we dash to the all-too familiar bar, and are reunited with the Inn’s usual suspects. I recognize Sia, the dog-loving musician whose CD, Some People Have Real Problems, I’ve had on repeat on the office surround-sound these past few weeks. I say hello to the sprite songstress, and tell her I love her dog. She looks at me quizzically, and I relent to explain myself.

image James Murphy image Julia Restoin Roitfeld with friend and President of Rock & Republic Andrea Bernholtz.

I rejoin my friends as standard Beatrice whispers ensue, “Did you see Kirsten Dunst is here?” my friend B says excitedly. I look over to see the lovely ingénue dressed in a white tank and hat, waiting patiently in line for the bathroom. I walk past her, not having a good enough opener prepared, and find Andrea Bernholtz, President of Rock & Republic. I decide to do a bit of investigative journalism on the new Rock & Republic cosmetics line they are celebrating. “It’s very sexy, dramatic and provocative. But overall, we just wanted an excuse to throw an amazing party.” With LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy on the tables, Andre Balazs, Lazaro Hernandez of Proenza Schouler, Kelly Bensimon, and Julia Restoin Roitfeld, present and accounted for, and an open bar that stretched until closing time, I’d say she was successful in her excuse.

Later, we finish off our drinks on the dance floor, and at one point initiate some kind of invisible jump rope contest. It’s one of the telling reasons my first hangover never quite healed itself, and I’m faced with another, doubly worse. There will be no BVLGARI/Beatrice parties for me tonight.

image May Anderson image Revelers at the Beatrice

Now You Sia, Now You Don’t

There we were, perched atop the balcony inside the Highline Ballroom waiting for Yelle to take the stage—which didn’t happen until 1:30 a.m.—when our friend picked out a bleach-blonde dancer amidst the mass and said, “Isn’t that Sia?”

We occupied the next thirty minutes by staring at the dancer with squinted eyes, while she cavorted frenetically to classic hits from classic dance acts like Cassius and Daft Punk. Unable to decide, we realized our curiosity needed quelling if we were to enjoy Yelle in peace. So downstairs, we went to tap Blondie on the back. We didn’t even have to ask, because face to face, there was little doubt it was indeed Sia. For some reason we revealed to her the most hideously obvious thing imaginable—that her song “Breathe Me” was responsible for our routine viewing of the “Six Feet Under” series-ending montage. She was pleased by the recognition and the gratitude we gushed on her, and we returned to our table upstairs, either pleased that we were the only ones in the venue who recognized her, or bashful that we were the only ones mawkish enough to acknowledge it. Check out Sia with a condom on her head here!

Top of the World, Ma!

imageMoby, on the top terrace of the El Dorado, New York City.

“My apartment uptown is the top five levels of the El Dorado, which is a legendary art deco building designed by Emery Roth, originally constructed in 1927. Everyone from Marilyn Monroe to Bono to Groucho Marx has lived there at one point or another. My apartment has five terraces, two of which are 360 degrees, and from the terraces you can see all of Central Park, Long Island Sound, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Hudson River past the George Washington Bridge. It’s basically unobstructed views for about 40 or 50 miles in every direction. Plus, the very top is really popular with hawks and falcons (the birds, not the sports teams).

imageI have a lot of fears, but I’m not afraid of heights. It’s not such a nice apartment for anyone who’s afraid of heights; the very, very top is particularly disconcerting, with a sheer drop of about 400 feet and no guard rail. On one hand, the space is incredibly tranquil and quiet and pristine. When you stand atthe top terrace you feel like an enlightened superhero, with New York City spread before you and only the occasional hawk or falcon hovering nearby. It’s probably the most private apartment in New York, with the only non-bird neighbor being two stories down. And while it’s quiet and pristine, it’s also a fantastic place for a good ’70s-style disco party, replete with all the degenerate trappings of a good ’70s disco party.”

Moby’s new album, Last Night, will be released this month. Photos by Jelle Wagenaar.

imageGavin Rossdale, at Freemans Sporting Club, Lower East Side, New York City.

“If any day can be sacred, there’s nothing to replace the elixir of a razor-sharp shave, a fresh haircut, and some new threads, ideally at Freemans Sporting Club. The warmth of the shop and the accompanying restaurant hit you with the stately, homely décor of a bygone era—a nostalgic glow of style and practicality. You can enter, naked and unkempt, spiritually disheveled, thirsty and hungry, and leave like a punk lord. The food is delicious, the clothes buzz with style, and the staff, skilled and friendly—what’s not to enjoy? I go for the feeling, and the care that’s been put in the place. The places we love have a little of us in them, a kinship maybe. The food is simple, but it takes skill to leave things alone: food without pretense. Bukowski said it best: ‘Don’t Try.’ There’s cold beer on tap, and the mac ’n’ cheese? It’s a gateway to childhood.”

Gavin Rossdale’s solo debut, Wanderlust, will be released this month. Photo by Shawn Mortensen.

imageSia, at the dog park in Silverlake, Los Angeles.

“I spend at least an hour a day at the park with my two mutts. I have Pantera Marvelous, who is black and looks like a shiny labrador pup, but really is a fully grown anomaly (my vet, who is Japanese, calls him a new “bleed”), and Licklick Science, who is seriously licky, and looks like a small Benji dog with three legs. A coyote ate my baby’s leg off. It’s a grand community at the dog park, and an awesome place to observe politics and mood. I have made friends and enemies there. (Pantera has some ‘behavioral issues’ and can be snappy—so embarrassing.)”

Sia is currently on a U.S. tour in support of her album, Some People Have Real Problems. Photo by Sye Williams.

image Lupe Fiasco, on the R train, New York City.

“The life I lead can be very private sometimes, which can create somewhat of a glass ceiling, as far as creativity goes, so for a ‘creative escape’ I need to be in places of public interaction, and in some circumstances that means public transportation. It’s like a public rejuvenation when you live a private lifestyle… It makes sure that my work is grounded in reality and the human experience; you see all forms of the human experience on the train.”

Lupe Fiasco is on tour with Kanye West this month. Photo by Flora Hanitijo.
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