Shu Uemura X Yaz Bukey Is the Year’s Most Whimsical Makeup Collaboration

Shu Uemura’s last collaboration with Choupette Lagerfeld (the most famous kitty in the world) was a hit, but lest you think that going back to mere human inspiration might be a downgrade in fun, you’d be wrong! The Japanese cosmetic brand’s latest collab, which launched today is with the fabulous, eclectic Parisian designer Yaz Bukey, an Ottoman Princess whose family reigned in Egypt (seriously) and now creates whimsical Trompe-l’œil accessories out of plexiglas. Her motifs are often fingers, lips, and big bold eyes, and her her aesthetic matches–bright colors and clean lines. An extensive (29 piece) collaboration, Yaz created four colorways–and personalities to match–along with a wild story about these 4 women who all compete for the heart of Mr. Shu Shu. There’s sexy Yaz, Smart Lola, Romantic Betty, and Daring Tina–all played by Yaz herself in the cheeky video below. Pick your poison and make up your face accordingly.

Get Glam with the Most Spoiled Glamourpuss of All, Choupette

Emily models the Shupette Has-It-All eye and lip palette

The ubiquity of the “cat-eye,” #catsofintagram, and endless cat videos, GIFs, etc are all the proof we need: cats are chic. Shu Uemura and Karl Lagerfeld have joined forces to further the obsession. The fusion of Shu Uemura’s name and Lagerfeld’s infamous kitty, Choupette brings us “SHUPETTE,” a small holiday collection inspired by Lagerfeld’s feline “daughter.”

And, since Lagerfeld’s sketches are drawn in Shu Uemura cosmetics, the collaboration was a natural fit.

Of course, with fame, one sometimes pays a price in a loss of modesty, and perhaps the honor of one’s very own cosmetics line has gone to little Chou’s head. Of the collab she (presumably) said, “I’m the world’s most famous furry beauty Choupette Lagerfeld, queen of catnaps, spoiled glamourpuss and social media’s most wanted.” We guess she deserves it!



The collection will be available at from October 15.


Wong Kar-Wai Directs Bukowski-Inspired Makeup Ad

There’s not a lot of money in art; the real cash comes from commerce. That’s what director Wong Kar-Wai must’ve been thinking when he agreed to direct a commercial for Shu Uemura, a Japanese cosmetics company. "I enjoyed working with individuals and brands who know how to appreciate art and perfection," he told Puretrend. "Shu Uemura is one of them," translation being "I like the money and the money likes me." Brands aren’t real, Wong! You can’t work with one!

Joking aside, it’s a perfectly pretty ad — heavy on atmosphere, music, vibrant visuals, beautiful women, just like his movies. Wong also said that the commercial inspired by the Charles Bukowski poem, "Drowning in water, drowning in flames." "This poem by Charles Bukowski is a paradox," he said. "My film explores this contradiction of passion. I thought that the contrast of red and blue, which reflects the opposition between the hot and cold, was ideal." That’s an extreme allusion, but ambition never hurt anyone.

Best case scenario, the money helps fund his next film after next year’s The Grandmasters comes out. Worst case, he stays pai-ai-aiiiiiid and buys himself a nice massage chair to soothe his creative muscles. Because, you see, muscles, creativity, ha ha, yeah. If you like the makeup, go to Macy’s and ask for "the one that makes my room explode full of gold."

Madonna’s Makeup Artist Spills Madge’s Beauty Secrets

Here in this post I hold the secret to getting everything you’ve ever dreamed of, and the secret to Madonna’s fountain of youth face. First of all, to gain great riches while working at your dream job, complete with prestige and stardom, apparently all you have to do is ask for it. At least, that’s how it happened for Gina Brooke, Madonna’s personal makeup artist and Shu Uemura’s eyelash-obsessed artistic director. On the morning of her big move to Los Angeles, determined to make the big time in Hollywood, Brooke laid out her makeup portfolios on her bed, and in her authoritative, native New Yorker tone, made it explicitly clear they were not to be touched. This was a New York moving company, so naturally the collection of all of her life’s work disappeared. She began desperately reaching out to LA acquaintances for test work, immediately connecting with Caroline Murphy and landing and an agent who helped grant her two initial wishes: to work at the top at Shu Uemura, and to be Madonna’s personal makeup maven.

It may simply be that Brooke has a touch of magic in her fingertips, and if that’s the case, then you’re going to want to book an appointment with her at Bloomingdale’s tomorrow between 11am-7pm for her personalized (magic) makeup tutorial. Until then, learn how she keeps Madonna forever young.

Now mink eyelashes are the big beauty splurge, but Madonna started it all, correct? Yes, I wanted to present Madonna with a gift initially, so I met with Shu Uemura and we created a special set of mink eyelashes for her. I wanted them to be singularly special, not mass produced, so it could still be animal safe. Next thing you know Oprah’s people are calling up begging for a pair. They ordered around 200 of them at $1,000 each.

What is Madonna’s best skin fix — the one thing that keeps her looking so youthful? Madonna is a big fan of masks. We do a lot of the Phyto-Black Lift Lifting Mask, which is a gel-like mask that contains tightening polymers and soybean extract for tightening and smoothing the skin while improving elasticity and fighting against wrinkles. Here’s the trick; she comes straight from the shower so her pores are wide open, then we apply the mask, very detailed. The face contours are instantly and visibly re-defined as if the skin is lifted.

What sets you and what you do for Madonna apart from every other artist? I’d like to think there are no rules to makeup, there’s no formula, and there’s no one or right way to do anything. With Madonna, she and I are very much alike — we are both detailed perfectionists. When I work with her, I use magnifying glasses and a head light. Madonna has an eye — she likes balance and straight lines and perfect proportions. I do as well, and I think we both see the same things.

What are your biggest magic tricks? I’m always improving. I love using calendula oil … I use a lot of Japanese products you can’t get in the states, like Sante FX Neo eye drops. I think one of the most important things to do, that most women don’t get right, is mixing foundation. Nobody’s face is one color, and mixing foundation colors can really add so much, and it looks natural. I mix my foundation with the cleansing oils, which gives them a nice texture, and it goes on smoothly with a foundation brush.


Madonna’s Makeup Bag Cleansing Oils ($35-$72) – They’re so versatile, there really is one for every skin type. Farfallina False Eyelashes ($29) – Eyelashes are so important. You can have a totally bare face, put on some lashes, with a red lip and that can be a totally finished look. Nobara Cream Cover Stick Foundation ($42) – Nobara is perfect; it can be sheer, mixable, or it can be used to cover imperfections. Mascara ($22-$28) – I am an advocate of mascara, there’s a kind of mascara for everyone. Red Lipstick ($23-$45) – I think it’s important for every woman to have a red lipstick that’s their color in their bag. It really pulls a look together quickly. Phyto-Black Lift Lifting Mask ($65) – This mask tones instantly.

To reserve your space for Gina Brooke’s exclusive appearance at Bloomingdale’s, call 212-705-2000.