Shangri-La Paris Will Finally Open Next Month

Believe it or not, there’s more to the 16th arrondissement (Trocadero) in Paris than “unobstructed views of the Eiffel Tower.” Sure, Troc is a little removed from the city center, but it has its own charm. For one, it’s less touristy and more community-minded, thanks to the strong residential feel – if you visit, best to brush up on your French, s’il te plait. It’s also more upmarket than you’d imagine (or maybe Paris is just super-expensive everywhere). Case in point, Shangri-La Paris will open doors on December 17 in the neighborhood. The hotel was slated to open this past fall, but hey, shit happens.

One of the highlights of Shangri-La’s new hotel is that it’s taken over the former private home of Napoleon Bonaparte’s grand-nephew, Prince Roland Bonaparte. You can only imagine how ridiculously over-the-top this 1896 landmark building will be, especially in the hands of Shangri-La, who deliver poshness you can rely on. In fact, Pierre-Yves Rochon designed each of the 81 rooms—including 27 suites—and not a single one is the same. Given that there’s less than a hundred rooms, this makes the hotel the most “boutique” of all Shangri-La properties. It’s also the Asian chain’s first property in Europe. There will be three restaurants, a full-service spa, and nearly half of the rooms will have balconies and terraces, which brings you that much closer to—wait for it—unobstructed views of the Eiffel Tower.