Emmy Rossum Won’t Do Another ‘Shameless’ Season Without Equal Pay

As Showtime talks contracts for a possible eighth season of its hit dramedy Shameless, lead Emmy Rossum has demanded equal pay to that of her co-star William H. Macy, according to The Hollywood ReporterIf the show is renewed for an eighth season, it will be Showtime’s longest ever running scripted original series.

Macy’s contract has already been negotiated and given a much higher boost in pay than season 7 – Rossum seeks to match or even get a higher figure than Macy. The network reportedly may choose to acquiesce, write Rossum’s character of Fiona out of the eighth season, or cancel the show altogether.

Fiona is the central, matriarchal character of Shameless and easily has as much screen time as Macy’s Frank, if not more. If her contract is to be settled, it may mean major renegotiations for all the show’s other stars.

Rossum’s demands follow Rob Wright’s ultimatum for equal pay on House of Cards, and is in the pattern of actresses on Modern Family initially starting with a smaller check and building to match their male costars.



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