Devorah Rose: “I Find Relationships Frightening. I Would Have To Be Tricked Into One.”

In the Rolling Stones’ classic "Paint It Black," Mick Jagger sees a red door and he wants it painted black. This is the attitude the luscious Devorah Rose is bringing to Valentine’s Day. The Anti-Valentine’s Day Massacre features a Priscilla Jade Lingerie Fashion Show and will benefit the Seven Star Animal Sanctuary. The invite welcomes homewreckers, serial daters, bad boyfriends, the "other women," and that sort. There are DJs and videos and even psychic medium Jesse Bravo. It starts at 9pm at Lucky Strike Lanes. In the end, it is all about Devorah Rose…always the center of attention and always with good reason. If I were 20 years younger and her IQ 20 points lower, I’d make moves. I caught up with the face and body of Pricsilla Jade Lingerie and got personal.

What is this?  A party for bad boys and girls or a singles thing on VDay…traditionally a couples’ night out?
It’s for couples as well as singles – angels and devils. A fun little debach-n-chic fete for all.
Devorah Rose Yellow
Devorah Rose is a brand as well as a person. What are the major differences?
I think there is an idea that lives on the internet, gossip pages, and photo shoots – she is much more exciting and scandalous than I am. She seems very fun, but she is not me. I am more of a down-to-earth girl who loves movie marathons, baking with friends, and laughing until my stomach hurts. Of course, I can’t deny that I love playing dress-up and going to galas – what girl doesn’t? I do hope to democratize luxury since that is the area I work in. Right now, I’m focusing on discovering new talent and giving them opportunities they’ve never had before.
What will happen at this event? Tell us about the lingerie fashion show.
There will be body-painted models handing out Longchamp bags, a lingerie fashion show, a kissing-photo booth, psychics, and much, much more!!! I’m the face of Priscilla Jade lingerie and am absolutely in love with the line. It’s romantic, feminine, and girly. I can’t wait for the show!
Devorah Rose Black
Can true love be found at a lounge… club or bar….. and are you looking for that? Does romance and traditional Valentine’s messages still have relevance for most or is true romance just naivety and wishful thinking?
I’m a romantic and think love can strike whenever, wherever. I think it’s best when two people are coming from a pure place of passion, curiosity, and craving.
What are you looking for in a companion… are you even looking?
I find relationships frightening. I would have to be tricked into one. Perhaps with lots and lots of chocolate cake and foot massages.
Devorah Rose Yellow Lay
Tell me about the charities.
Seven Star Sanctuary rescues cats, dogs, chickens, ducks, rabbits, and horses. Their mission is to treat animals’ medical, physical, and emotional needs in an effort to prepare them for permanent loving homes. It is a small, intimate environment where animals really get hands-on care. I love what they do and am so happy to help them keep their doors open.