Gareth Pugh on Pheromones & the Morning After

Last night, on the seventh floor of the New Museum, a slew of sleekly outfitted downtown New Yorkers gathered to celebrate the launch of a collection of six different limited-edition perfumes, called the Six Scents Fragrance Initiative. Sponsored by Soho boutique Seven New York, the collection includes customized fragrances courtesy of fashion designers Gareth Pugh (who was on hand last night playing host), Jeremy Scott, Preen, Alexandre Herchcovitch, Bernhard Willhelm, and Cosmic Wonder Light Source.

The Misshapes were also in attendance, manning the decks while partygoers sniffed the various scents through perforations in their according tall, cubed stands (proceeds of perfume sales of will benefit Designers Against AIDS International AIDS Awareness Education Center in Antwerp, Belgium). I caught up with London-based Pugh in the midst of his being mobbed by editors and admirers alike, and picked his brain on the topic of the night: scent. For starters, what is his least favorite smell? “[Laughing] well I could give you a very lewd answer,” he teased. Instead, he opted for one more PG-13. “I used to work in a bar and the smell of it the morning after, it’s like after a house party and you have to clean it up. That’s the worst. Especially if you’re hungover; the smell quite literally makes you feel sick.” And, on the other end of the spectrum, what smell is most comforting to the wunderkind? “My boyfriend’s hair,” he replied with a smile, simultaneously reaching over to his boyfriend, who was standing beside us, to finger his bleached blond locks. “So, what shampoo do you use?” I asked, leaning in to see if I could catch a whiff. “I don’t think it’s the shampoo,” he laughed. “It’s definitely the pheromones.”

Fashion Week: Von Unwerth Boogies, Eadon Models

imageSpotted at the New York/Grand Life party at the Tribeca Grand Hotel last night: former model-turned-fashion photog Ellen Von Unwerth cutting a rug with a long-locked blond fellow. (Attention Publicists: “Hosted by Threeasfour, Pleasure Principal, Hood By Air, and Kenzo Minami.”) The crowd was refreshingly eclectic at this two-floor fête still kicking well beyond when this writer made her exit around 3 a.m. Attendees included fashionistas from every walk of life, as well as the slightly more sporadic men in suits. I spotted designer William Eadon and learned about a look he’s in the midst of creating for his namesake unisex line, carried at Seven New York among other boutiques.

Turns out the designer (who has one of my favorite websites around) is planning a pant inspired by the pair of customized Dockers he was sporting last night. Pleats in the front, a wider thigh, and then tapered at the bottom. From what I could tell, he’s well on his way to producing yet another item downtown fashion folk soon be scooping up.