James Franco And Seth Rogen Spoof Kimye’s ‘Bound 2’ Video

Uh Huh, Honey.

It was only a matter of time before Kanye West’s bizarre video for “Bound 2” caught the eye of American pop culture’s other favorite overachiever. James Franco wore his finest plaid-on-plaid look for his shot-for-shot remake of the clip, and naturally, Seth Rogen is the Kim to his Kanye. Rogen does a pretty good job of mimicking the Kardashian smolder, but he also brings a lot of back hair to the table.

Watch the two longtime collaborators get cozy on a motorcycle below:

James Franco is probably working on about 12 different art installations while also getting a degree from the Sorbonne right now.

Here’s the trailer for the upcoming film Palo Alto:


John Krasinski Will Be Making an Appearance on ‘Arrested Development’

We’ve all been patiently drinking our juice and counting down the days until Netflix unveils Arrested Development‘s revived new season on May 26th. And as the cult comedy was wont to do, the fifteen new episodes look to be chock-full of guest appearances—from Henry Winkler reprising his role as Barry Zuckerkorn and Scott Baio’s Bob Loblaw to  Liza Minelli as the vertigo-ridden Lucille Austero. And now, it appears that everyone’s favorite Office dude John Krasinski will be making a cameo appearance on the show as well.

With The Office sadly ending for good on May 16th, it will be a nice treat to see that goofy ol’ face on our screens, even if we’re not sure just what his role will be. The details on his role are hush hush as of now, but in the season, he’ll be joined by everyone from Isla Fisher, Andy Richter, Kristen Wiig, Conan OBrien, John Slattery, Ben Stiller, and Seth Rogen as guests.

So in the meantime, prepare yourself for the new season with some bloopers from the past.



Trailer For Fake Sequel to Real Movie Marketing Ploy For Other Movie

Good grief. This is what movie marketing has come to. I mean, yeah, yesterday was April Fool’s Day, you’re gonna try to pull a fast one because branding and it’s funny or something, but it doesn’t show a lot of confidence in your product when you’re trying to get people’s attention with a shoddy sequel to a more beloved movie. But that’s what the team behind upcoming disaster comedy This Is The End did—they decided to make a fake trailer for a fake sequel to James Franco and Seth Rogen’s popular stoner buddy comedy Pineapple Express, in which Danny McBride returns to ask the bros to assassinate Woody Harrelson. Seems legit. 

No really, it seems like it might even be legit for about five seconds, like oh, maybe they’re just trying to cash in on the summer movie craze and make this one about cocaine instead of weed (what a bold new universe!), until you realize that they’re just screwing around with a camera in a basement like a couple of bored suburban high schoolers reenacting Pineapple Express. But then the ruse is revealed, and it’s just a bunch of actor-bros watching the trailer in a basement. This is actually kind of a shame, because regardless of your thoughts on the Apatow/Rogen/Evan Goldberg cabal of comedies, there are some very funny people signed up for This Is The End. In addition to Rogen, Franco, McBride and Jonah Hill, the film has Craig Robinson, Paul Rudd, Jason Segel, Emma Watson, Aziz Ansari, Mindy Kaling, Rihanna and Michael Cera. Certainly there are other opportunities to entice viewers with a cast like that than to rehash Pineapple Express.

Like, come on, you have Jason Segel, Seth Rogen and James Franco. If you’re going to mess with people, at least play the nostalgia angle and go with a Freaks and Geeks movie as the premise. You might even get a Kickstarter to make it happen for real in the process! 

Seth Rogen and James Franco in Talks to Team Up Again for ‘The Interview’

Well, as usual, the James Franco news doesn’t stop rolling in. On the heels of Spring Breakers, the premiere of his Daddy video, and everything else he has floating around in that bizarre brain of his it looks like a new project with longtime pal Seth Rogen is in the works. We first saw the two together in Judd Apatow’s beloved cult series Freak and Geeks, before buddy pot comedy Pineapple Express, again in Green Hornet, the upcoming apocalyptic comedy The Is The End—which Rogen co-directed with Evan Goldberg.

But now Goldberg and Rogen are working on their next directorial venture with a film based on a story they wrote with Dan Sterling. And of course, the two have been eyeing Franco for the lead role of a talk show host with Rogen co-starring as his producer. Apparently the movie will focus on said host and producer who get "mixed up in a plot to assassinate the leader of North Korea." So that’s about all the information thus far and talks haven’t worked their way into the final stages but I’m hopeful and pretty sure this will win people over.

‘Neighborhood Watch’ Gathers Stiller, Vaughn & Hill to Fight Aliens

In case you’re trying to get this all out of the way ahead of time, Neighborhood Watch will be your brocentric comedy to watch for in 2012. Supporting evidence: It stars Jonah Hill, Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller; it’s written by Superbad‘s Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg; it’s directed by The Lonely Island‘s Akiva Schaffer. What more do you need? This first trailer, which comes to us via the A.V. Club, is kind of sparse, but it does the trick. Because what explains a movie’s ethos more than a bunch of suburbanites riding around to "Still D.R.E."?

If it wasn’t clear enough, it seems to be about some kind of neighborhood watch, but here’s a wrinkle: They’re apparently teaming up to fight aliens, not just snot-nosed teenagers. (What a world.) British comedian Richard Ayoade is the fourth man of the SUV-based posse, so get ready for his U.S. star push soon after the film drops on July 27. 

Seth Rogen Preps Dirty Jokes & The Independent Spirit Awards Red Carpet Live Stream

The Oscars aren’t the only awards show happening this weekend.  The Independent Spirit Awards take place today to honor, as the name suggests, independent films.  While you probably don’t need another opportunity to see The Artist win everything, this is a much less stiff affair.  The always funny Seth Rogen is slated to host, meaning there will probably be a lot of drug and fart jokes, and as he confirmed in an interview, a ton of dick jokes.  More on that below and a livestream of the red carpet starting at 2pm.

Rogen sat down with the Hollywood Reporter to give them a preview on what to expect, saying he doesn’t need to see Shame "to make a lot of dick jokes about Michael Fassbender.” He also complimented George Clooney’s joke on the matter, but thinks he might have stolen it from him. “I had actually done one at the National Board of Review a couple weeks earlier that was maybe even better. He was there. So my theory is, he saw me and tried to improve on what I had done.”

And finally, when asked "How much will attendees hear about your erection during the Spirits show?” he respondedFor once, I hope to turn the attention on other people’s dicks.”  So there you have it. The whole interview can be found here.

Check out the live stream:

Clooney, Gosling, & Everyone Else: Your TIFF Party Wrap-Up

This year’s Toronto International Film Festival was touted the biggest in years, as far as pure star power goes, with the trifecta of Clooney, Pitt, and Gosling topping most people’s to-stalk list. If last year was any indication, Grey Goose Soho House would again be ground zero for all things A-list, and it was, with The Ides of March duo and a host of others descending on the members only club’s weekend pop-up on Saturday night. The venue–3 levels of typical Toronto loft, exposed brick walls and floor-to-ceiling windows–was retrofitted to suit Soho House’s sophisticated but comfortable palette: pillowy, velvet couches, rustic lamps and table sets, and tribal rugs strewn across the hardwood floors. The party, which was officially the post-game for David Cronenberg’s A Dangerous Method, quickly achieved shit-show status when Clooney arrived with his ex-girlfriend-to-be Stacey Kiebler, as lesser stars lined up to greet the couple.

But the real star of the night was Win Butler. The Arcade Fire frontman (with his ethreal date Regine), had Hollywood’s elite geeking out, and in particular, Blackbook cover boy Alexander Skarsgaard, who was spotted showing Butler footage he had shot of Arcade Fire on his phone while a nearby Bono chatted with Clooney, most likely about future let’s-save-the-world initiatives. Upstairs in a battle of crushes old and new, Gosling took on Dave Matthews in a game of ping pong, while lovebirds Chris Pratt and Anna Faris, and Kate Mara and Max Minghella,looked on. And though Pitt didn’t show, his Moneyball co-star Jonah Hill did, and was seen chatting with Keira Knightley, probably about how to handle all those eating disorder rumours.

The sheer wattage of Soho House was hard to match, especially after Harvey Weinstein closed it out Monday with his annual bash. But we have to hand it to the folks at Blackberry who mounted a valiant effort at King West’s newly-renovated haunt Brassaii, for a trio of nights that doubled as the perfect pre-drink spot for Soho House’s late night shenanigans. Tops of the three was the after party for 50/50, the buzzy cancer comedy (trust us, it’s good) starring Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Both leading men showed up to fete their premiere, along with co-stars Anna Kendrick and a very pregnant Bryce Dallas-Howard, who was a good sport all night despite being as big as a house. Speaking of good sports, Rogen who came off as one of the most approachable stars throughout the fest, happily obliged photo-seekers all night, while his beaming fiance stood by and watched.

So with Soho House and Brassaii establishing themselves as the biggest star magnets of the fest, the Gansevoort Hotel’s partnership with the low-key Toronto speakeasy goodnight provided a low-key but just as exclusive alternative to the usual TIFF red carpet clusterfuck. Although “Goodnight Gansevoort”, as it was dubbed, started with typical TIFF bombast–we were chauffered to the festivities in a shiny black BMW X6–the Moet and Belvedere sponsored evening was much less Hollywood, much more Toronto scenester than the typical TIFF bash. But after standing around awkwardly all week, guzzling double vodka sodas and hoping that tonight is the night Emily Blunt finally notices us, Goodnight Gansevoort’s deluge of equally wasted Torontonians (most in really short skirts) proved to be a welcome relief.

The Best Lines from the Worst ‘Green Hornet’ Reviews

We’re big fans of both Seth Rogen and Michel Gondry, so it pained us to admit yesterday that The Green Hornet did not live up its potential. A superhero movie written by and starring Seth Rogen, and directed by the madcap mind of Michel Gondry, could have, should have, been great. But if we thought we were being hard on the film, it was nothing compared to the onslaught of negative reviews the movie is getting today. Everything – the direction, the performances, the script, the 3-D – is getting torn to shreds by the country’s top critics. But if you’re not involved in the production, reading bad reviews can actually be pretty enjoyable, as critics try to one-up each other with inventive expressions of a movie’s terribleness. We didn’t think it was that bad. After the jump, some highlights of the lowlights.

Roger Ebert: The director of this half-cooked mess is Michel Gondry, whose “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” is as good as this one is bad. USA Today: Equally hard to comprehend is why supporting-actor Oscar winner Christoph Waltz (the unforgettable polyglot Nazi in Inglourious Basterds) would take the part of a caricatured crime boss. It must be the Oscar curse at work. Boston Globe: If the movie works for you at all, you’ll never look at The Dark Knight the same again. Entertainment Weekly: Maybe those clumsy 3-D glasses are meant to let moviegoers mimic the superhero mask-wearing experience? At any rate, they let moviegoers pay more for a ticket. Chicago Tribune: These two bicker over Britt’s temporary secretary (Cameron Diaz, in a role that makes you realize how valuable Gwyneth Paltrow was in the first Iron Man by comparison). The Village Voice: Initially conceived by Kevin Smith, Rogen’s Green Hornet is not the first facetious costumed crime-fighter, but neither Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man nor Will Smith’s Hancock were as doggedly unattractive as this tubby denizen of Upper Slobovia.

Why ‘The Green Hornet’ Doesn’t Quite Work

At this point in our movie-going careers, we’ve come to expect a certain something from a Seth Rogen movie, especially when the movie was co-written by Rogen and his writing partner, Evan Goldberg, the duo that gave us Superbad and Pineapple Express. The Green Hornet, which opens this weekend, is one of those movies – except that it isn’t. It just wants to be. A Rogen/Goldberg production is defined by the freedom to say whatever it likes, which often results in outrageous and unpredictable humor. After delivering hit after unlikely hit to his studio, Rogen has become one of the more autonomous filmmakers in Hollywood. Along with the rest of Judd Apatow’s comedy clique, he’s almost solely responsible for the wave of R-rated-ness that’s dominated Hollywood of late. But, when it comes to a $120 million budget, even Seth Rogen has to play by the rules. Unfortunately – and almost certainly because of Sony’s crippling need to market it to 12 year olds – The Green Hornet tries to follow the Rogen/Goldberg playbook without ever really committing to it. And that’s a problem.

The Green Hornet would have made a nice companion piece to Kick-Ass, another action comedy about ordinary folk who become masked vigilantes in order to find a higher purpose. Kick-Ass held nothing back: The violence was bloody and visceral yet cartoonish, and the language was foul. It left us feeling giddy, a kids movie that kids were too young to see.

Conversely, The Green Hornet might go down in history as the movie with the highest of body count ratio to least amount of blood. Seth Rogen’s Britt Daniels, a hard-partying newspaper heir who eventually becomes the Green Hornet, is a big fan of the word “shit.” He says it when his coffee isn’t made right. It’s easy to imagine Rogen and Goldberg censoring themselves in between bong hits. But have you ever known anyone who says “shit” and doesn’t use its sister word, “fuck,” just as freely? Apparently Britt Daniels saves all his F-bombs for when he isn’t being chased down by an 18-wheeler.

The Green Hornet is not without its Rogian charms. There’s the troubled bromance, this time between Britt Daniels and his trusty, far more talented sidekick Kato (Jay Chou), and the she’s-way-out-of-his-league blonde, brought to you by Cameron Diaz’s brainy secretary, Lenore Case. There’s also special effects and stunts galore, which Sony hopes will be the film’s true selling point. Not to mention the critical 3D that was added in post production for that extra zing. But none of that makes up for the fact that this movie is lost in ratings purgatory, one foot in PG heaven, the other being sucked into R-rated hell. As it stands now, The Green Hornet is a mildly amusing, self-referential take on the superhero genre made by a couple of outsiders who are finding themselves just a tad too much on the inside.