Some Charming One-Star ‘Arrested Development’ Reviews

Have you heard? Arrested Development’s fourth season, which “aired” on Netflix over the weekend, is – [extended drumroll] – different! As in, it is not the first three seasons all over again! As you can imagine, some long-time fans were furious about details such as: the passage of time, the tweaks for a new channel, and other things they couldn’t possibly have expected. Here are some one-star complaints from alleged series loyalists:

"Having loved the show previously, I can’t believe how bad the new season is. Or at least the first three shows, since that’s when I gave up watching. And jeez, what has happened to Portia de Rossi’s looks. Is it just too much botox?"

Hey, sorry a woman’s appearance ruined this for you! Also, good job not sticking with an experimental format that would have yielded the great comedic payoffs you’re used to if you’d paid even slight attention!

"Nope, this is just bad. No matter how many celeb cameos, the pace just isn’t there. The reoccurring ironies are too strained and not funny. Sorry Netflix. You obviously needed this one to work."

By “celeb cameos,” I’m assuming you mean appearances by all the celebrities who were in it the first time around. Netflix appreciates your pity, however.

"I’ll hop-on in agreement about the first 3 seasons – best American sitcom ever. 2 episodes of season 4 and "i’ve made a huge mistake". Completely destroyed the regard that i had for the series."

This one gets points for the in-joke up top, loses points for bandwagon behavior. Once again, if you’ve only watched the first couple episodes of season four, you have not even begun to understand the brilliance at work. Or would you prefer more Charlize Theron episodes? 

"The first 3 seasons were one of the best sitcoms of all times.The fourth season is abysmal. It’s not funny. It hardly even tries to be funny. Who the hell thought it was a good idea to make Ron Howard a central character?? I’d say Fox made the right decision killing the show before Hurwitz’s ego did."

Fox was right? Yeah, that sounds like a true Arrested Development fan. And wait, Hurwitz’s ego made Howard appear on camera? Weird.

"Did not like what I did watch of this show with no people of color in the cast period. The show doesn’t make any reasonable sense. What’s the point?"

What indeed.

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