The First Trailer for ‘Ghost in the Shell’ is Here (Watch)

The first full trailer for Scarlett Johansson’s sci-fi thriller is here, and in it, ScarJo kicks some serious robotic ass.

ScarJo stars as Major, a human cyborg and member of the elite special ops group Section 9, whose goal is to thwart the world’s most dangerous criminal and hackers – although, after watching the trailer, we’re not so sure Major’s creators are so innocent either.

The film is based off a Japanese manga comic with the same name, and is directed by Rupert Sanders.

Several have accused the movie of whitewashing by putting a white actress in the lead role, and of failing to capture the original comic’s concept of man and machine truly becoming one.

Watch the trailer below:

Scarlett Johansson Designs an Exclusive Tee to Support Planned Parenthood

For better or for worse, I’ve always drawn conclusions about celebrities based on what they do with their fame. (Case in point: Aaron Paul’s shout out to his wife’s charity work in his Emmy acceptance speech last night).

Scarlett Johansson, beyond the coquettish face and acting chops that made her a star, is a passionate advocate for women’s rights. And, she’s using her voice to speak up for the Planned Parenthood Action Fund.

Catalyzed by the disappointingly antiquated thinking behind the Hobby Lobby case earlier this year, Johansson felt compelled to take action. “When I heard that some politicians were cheering the Supreme Court’s decision to give bosses the right to interfere in our access to birth control, I thought I had woken up in another decade,” Johansson told Planned Parenthood.

“I was appalled by the thought of men taking away women’s ability to make our own personal health care decisions,” she continued, “That’s…why I’m proud to support Planned Parenthood Action Fund’s ‘Women Are Watching’ campaign to ensure that young women know the high stakes for women’s health and rights this November. Women are watching, and we will fight for candidates who will ensure that birth control is affordable and who will protect access to safe and legal abortion. Women will be the key to the elections this November and it’s more important than ever that young women register to vote and vote for the candidate that will stand up and fight for them,” Johansson said passionately of the collaboration.

Her exclusive design for Planned Parenthood, a tee is now available here.

Champagning Wednesdays Tonight, Spotted: Scarlett Johansson Getting a Tattoo

This Sunday I will DJ at the VAR Magazine launch at the Wooster Street Social Club (43 Wooster, Grand and Broome). Everyone knows the space from NY Ink. I have attended a couple of functions there and am looking forward to this event. I’m trying to arrange getting a tattoo in between DJ sets. There are a bunch of bands so I might be able to get a quickie. Has this been done? I’m such a visionary. It is an "art of tattoo event.” They say:

"The purpose of the event is to launch VAR’s inspired vision of tattoo and body art into mainstream culture. VAR recognizes the accessibility preferences of its readers and that with digital media and blogging comes on-demand video and audio interviews, image, and text at the tap of a finger or the click of a mouse. VARs first issue will focus on the desire for accessibility while returning to the tradition of fine art’s elite status as tactile object by publishing a traditional print edition."

FUSE TV’s very own Juliya Chernetsky will be the host for the evening. Sally Shan was my point person. I’m about to start a new round of tattoos and this is a good place to start.

Speaking of tattoos, the other day I caught Scarlett Johansson at Graceland, one of my favorite haunts, getting some ink. I don’t know what she got. Maybe I do, but I’ll leave that stuff to the gossip columnists. Speaking of gossip, I heard that one of my favorite heroines of nightlife is planning on a Meatpacking venture. Amy Sacco who has been, I am told, winning in London, is set to open up again in New York. If this is true, it is truly a reason to be cheerful. Nobody does it better than Amy.

My pal Nick Andreottola (I can never say his last name right…let alone spell it) is constantly inviting me to his highly successful Champagning Wednesdays at the Dream Hotel. Tonight I must venture up there – the one on 55th Street – because he has DJ Teal working for him. The idea of this early midweek event ( it goes from 6:30pm to midnight) appeals to me. This week, the party has moved upstairs to the Ava Penthouse Lounge of the hotel due to construction downstairs. A rule in nightclubs: if it’s not broke, don’t fix it but immediately export it to another location… and then another. So it goes with Champagning!

Downtown is being launched on Thursdays from 7pm till midnight at Villa Pacri (55 Ganesvoort) in the Meatpacking District. Bobby Blaze will provide the music. Villa Pacri provides an indoor and outdoor space so this figures to be a great early evening place to go to before the late night Meat mayhem.

BlackBook Giveaway: Enjoy Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s ‘Don Jon’ With a Special Prize Pack

After spending most of his young life in front of the camera, working with acclaimed directors— from his pal Rian Johnson to Gregg Araki, Christopher Nolan, and Steven Spielberg—Joseph Gordon-Levitt has proved himself a man of many talents. Swiftly moving from actor on the rise to one of the most sought after men in Hollywood, only naturally, he’s now progressed on into a directorial career of his own. And this weekend, his feature directorial debut Don Jon will roll into theaters, juicing up audiences, and showing the world his take on sexual comedy and self-discovery. 

Tackling one man’s struggle between the allure of easy satisfaction of fantasy and the the vulnerability and intimacy of reality, Levitt plays a young bachelor bartender focused on the simple things: his car, his pad, his girls, and his family. But when he meets the girl of his dreams (played by Scarlett Johansson)—or so he thinks—his world suddenly gets thrown off-kilter. Julianne Moore, Tony Danza, and Brie Larson round out of the cast of Levitt’s feature, and now,you too can get in on the action.
Tying in with the film’s release, we’ll be giving away a special prize pack Don Jon-centric items, sure to satisfy your body, your pad, and your girls.
The lucky winner will receive:
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Check out the prizes below.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s ‘Don Jon’s Addiction’ Breaks Records With Deal From Relativity Media

Well, even though Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s directorial debut Don Jon’s Addiction had critics saying that it had "a heavy testosterone-driven pushiness, rather than a deeply felt sex drive as an elemental force of nature," and that, "lack of self-reflection leaves Jon, and the film with him, frustratingly one-dimensional. Both as a director and actor, Gordon-Levitt is switched on all the time, offering little shading or nuance," it still seems to be one of the hottest tickets at Sundance. And whether the film is a soulful romantic comedy that audiences will love or the aethetically pleasing and emotionally shallow film some reviews suggest, there’s no doubting that the film will sell.

So after bids from The Weinstein Company to Lionsgate/Roadside, Relativity Media has won out with a record-breaking $4 million bid—a "historic, precedent-setting deal for a Sundance film." Apparently, the company has guaranteed $25 million in P&A for the film upon its opening  to at least 2000 screens in the summer. So of course, this won’t be just an independent theater/art house movie that fizzles out. But let’s be real, its a JGL and Scarlett Johansson helmed film about sex, and if that’s not a summer blister, I don’t know what is.

Now On Broadway: Hot Shirtless Guys

There are two revivals of classic, Pulitzer Prize-winning dramas currently running on Broadway right now. Roundabout Theatre Company’s production of Picnic, William Inge’s reflection on youth and love, opened this week at American Airlines Theatre. Meanwhile, Tennessee Williams’s fiery classic Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is currently in previews (the show opens on Thursday) at the Richard Rogers Theatre. Both plays offer classic stories and star-studded casts, but most importantly: both feature a really hot guy who spends a lot of time not wearing a shirt. 

Picnic, with features an all-star cast including film and theater legend Ellen Burstyn, Mare Winningham, Lost‘s Maggie Grace, and Ben Rappaport, that super cute guy from the unfortunate sitcom Outsourced, follows the residents of a small Midwestern town as they prepare for a Labor Day picnic. Everyone gets the vapors, of course, when a mysterious drifter with abs shows up, basically. Gossip Girl‘s Sebastian Stan goes without a shirt for most of the first and second acts of the show, and then struts around the third act with his shirt ripped open. Everyone is pretty good in it, especially Burstyn, Winningham, and Grace, but more importantly: Sebastian Stan looks great, as you can see above. 

Scarlett Johansson makes a return to the Great White Way as Maggie in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, and while she commands the stage and the audience’s attention, it’s Benjamin Walker, most known for playing the title roles in Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (he has a thing for revisionist history, I suppose), who caught my eye as Brick, limping around in just a towel for the entirety of the first act. And yes, there is some partial nudity. As you can gather from the photo below, Walker is a giant of a man. His presence should appease anyone who has an irrational dislike for Johansson and would need something fun to look at in order to get through the three-hour play. 

benjamin walker

Broadway is sexy again! Now if we can get these dudes to fly above the audience like in Spider-Man or something.

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Chatting with Lulu Gainsbourg on His Debut Album ‘From Gainsbourg to Lulu’

"Music has always been present in me and around me. I love music, listen to music everyday, can’t live without it," says Lulu Gainsbourg. As the son of legendary French musician Serge Gainsbourg, it’s only natural that he’d have a knack for music in his blood. And with From Gainsbourg to Lulu, his debut album, Lulu reimagines the work of his father, accompanied by his talented pool of friends—from Johnny Depp and Scarlett Johansson to Rufus Wainwright and Iggy Pop. "My dad bought me a piano when I was three or four. He used to play me a Disney songs," says Lulu. "The day he passed away, I spent all afternoon on piano then asked my mom to come down and played all the melodies he was playing to me, by ear. Within the next few days, I was having piano lessons." And ever since, Lulu has been exploring his musical affinities, ready to celebrate his father but show his talents as a musiciain himself.

We chatted with Lulu to talk about following in his father’s footsteps, why he chose this as his debut effort, and finding the perfect people to collaborate on the album.

Were you hesitant at all about pursuing a music career for fear of falling into the shadow of your father’s work?
I was definitely more than hesitant about having a music career because of my name, my father. But after all, I love music and this is what I do best, so let’s do it.

How was growing up as the son of someone so legendary; were you aware of his success at a young age?
I knew he was considered by one of icons in France but he has always been a father more than anything else for me, and will always be. Although when I started working on this tribute album, I was impressed by how big he was outside France as I had the chance to meet great artists who all knew him.

What else did you grow up listening to that inspired you?
So many people. Michael Jackson is one of my idols, Queen, Radiohead, Jamiroquai, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, etc. But also lots of film scores as well; I’m a huge fan of John Williams and Danny Elfman.

The album has done extremely well in France, how do you feel about the American reception thus far?
I hope that the message I tried to pass will go through. I did this album first for a gift to my father, but also to get interest of a new generation of people who doesn’t know who he was.

Why did you choose to do an album of covers as your debut album?
I didn’t choose. It just came. At that time I was thinking about doing this album, it was going to be the 20th anniversary of his death and I never gave him a gift—when he passed away I was only 5.

In terms of the artists on the album, why were these the people you wanted to work with?
I wanted to work with international artists talented from different music backgrounds to make this project more eclectic, and also to make this project traveling everywhere through these well know artists.

Do they represent something about the spirit of your father’s work?
Of course they do. My father loved Jazz and gypsy music, so I included some jazz and gypsy music in the album. He sang with Brigitte Bardot, I did the same with Scarlett. He worked with Marianne Faithfull and Vanessa Paradis, that’s why I wanted to work with them too.

You’ve been friends with Johnny Depp for a long time, how was collaborating with him on this? It’s interesting to see someone so acclaimed for his acting perform in a different medium.
Johnny has been a musician before acting. I really had some great times working with him on this. He had such great ideas and vision of what he wanted, of what I wanted and it was a pleasure to work with him. I’m sure we’ll work again together.

What attracted you to Scarlett Johansson as a performer?
I listened to her album she did with Pete Yorn, Break Up. It was inspired a bit by the Gainsbourg/Bardot duet, and I was really into her way of singing. Plus, my father sang “Bonnie and Clyde” with Bardot, who was one of the most beautiful women in their era, I just did the same with Scarlett, who is in my opinion one of the sexiest women in my generation.

Do any of the songs on the album stand out to you as favorites to either listen or have recreated?
I do have few favorites: “Bonnie and Clyde”, “Requiem pour un con with”, “Initials BB," the one with Rufus as well—but an album is like a book you know, if you miss one page then you miss the story.

You now live in New York, how does that compare for you as an artist than living in France?
I love New York. It’s the first time in my life I feel home somewhere else than Paris. And it’s quite a big thing for me as I love traveling but never felt home anywhere else before, weird.

Anthony Hopkins + Pillows + Turkey Necks = ‘Hitchcock’

How do you turn Anthony Hopkins into Alfred Hitchcock? Stuff a couple of pillows up his shirt and slap on a few prosthetic chins, apparently, and then let the master do his worst. Yes, in addition to HBO’s The Girl, there’s a big-screen biopic of the great director, this time focusing not on his creepy feelings toward Tippi Hendren but on his fascination with murder and the making of Psycho. (Don’t worry. I’m sure Hopkins makes plenty of awkward advances toward Scarlett Johansson’s Janet Leigh.)

With a star-studded cast including Helen Mirren (who needs no extra make-up, as she’s been in her sixties for, oh, TWENTY YEARS NOW?), Toni Collette, Jessica Biel (sure, throw her in there, too!), Danny Huston, and James D’arcy ("star-studded" is a relative term, folks), Hitchcock proves to be the most exciting biopic since that other Truman Capote movie came out with Sandra Bullock as Harper Lee and Gwyneth Paltrow as Peggy Lee. Check out the trailer below:

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The Week(end) In Covers, ScarJo Salutes Serge, Driving Old Dixie Down and More

Hey, it’s only Monday and this weekend had some notable instances of people recording versions of other people’s music.

Scarlett Johansson & Lulu Gainsbourg – "Bonnie & Clyde"

Any father, even one as magnificent and totally nuts as Serge Gainsbourg, would be lucky to have a kid as devoted as his son, Lulu, who is putting out a tribute album to his father to be released this October. To help, he’s enlisted the likes of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, Iggy Pop and, of course, Scarlett Johansson, who channels her best dark-and-sexy-French-lounge-singer impression to complement Lulu on "Bonnie & Clyde." Have a listen below (via The AV Club):

Glen Hansard, Lisa Hannigan & John Smith – "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down"

Speaking of The AV Club, the site has been showing their special summer mini-break version of "Undercover," and in today’s installment, three lovely folk artists salute the late, great Levon Helm (still sad) with a mournful and well-intentioned version of "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down." Glen Hansard always looks like he’s in pain when he’s singing, but it’s hard not to feel some kind of sorrow when thinking about Levon. He and his tourmates commit to the song, and there are some nice harmonies, and the Chicago setting for the video is totally sweet, but really, nothing will ever stack up to Helm’s original. 

Arctic Monkeys – "Come Together" 

The 2012 London Olympics opening ceremonies were a celebration of Britain’s most obvious cultural signifiers: James Bond, Mary Poppins, Harry Potter, corgis, Mr. Bean, The Beatles. The musical selections from the madcap brainchild of Danny Boyle, Stephen Daldry and musical directors Underworld included the latter’s own tracks, the Rolling Stones, Amy Winehouse, Fuck Buttons and appearances from British musicians of past and present, including the likes of Dizzee Rascal, Frank Turner, Emeli Sandé, Paul McCartney and Arctic Monkeys, who did a pretty standard cover of "Come Together" as well as their own hit, "I Bet That You Look Good on the Dancefloor." There’s a video up on Domino’s website of the performance.