A Closer Look at Julianne Moore’s Incredible Sarah Palin Transformation

We don’t know about you, but while others spent their Saturday night socializing with the outside world at various parties and events, we stayed glued to our couches to watch the highly-anticipated political docu-drama, Game Change. The HBO film directed by Jay Roach is based on the bestselling book of the same name, which recounts the 2008 US presidential election and the now infamous vice-presidential nominee, Sarah Palin. As we hoped, the film was really, really good and left us all wondering: how the hell did Julianna Moore turn into Sarah Palin’s doppelganger? 

According to People, Moore’s transformation process wasn’t easy: it took more than two hours in meticulous hair and makeup to perfect Palin’s signature big eyes and bigger hair. For her bright peepers, Moore said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that they made "the iris on the contact lens larger than [her] iris so [her] eyes would look bigger." There was also a lot of contouring in the makeup chair to match Palin’s shape, as well as daily drawn-on lips and a deep tan to cover Moore’s freckles. A bouffant wig and fake nails also completed the look.

As for the accessories, Moore wore the same specs that the former Governor of Alaska wore and the clothes were replicas of the same "pricey wardrobe" from Neiman’s and Saks Fifth Avenue that she was slammed for during the campaign (though no brand names were dropped). 

We imagine Tina Fey’s transformation would have taken less time (she truly is a spitting image), but Moore definitely did the dramatic role justice. 

Photo via TV Informant

Fox News Is As Sick Of Sarah Palin As We Are

Sarah Palin is out at Fox News — and while Fox didn’t exactly dump her, they didn’t offer her a lucrative contract, either. Back in 2010, the former Republican vice presidential nonimee joined the network as a commentator with a plush $1 million annual contract. But, reports Howard Kurtz at The Daily Beast, she hasn’t been a golden goose for the network as of late and this year was only offered "a fraction" of her original contract amount. Real Clear Politics broke the story and a Fox spokesperson confirmed on Friday that Palin and Fox had parted ways. 

It’s not hard to see how Palin’s moose meat had rotted, given the failure of the Tea Party movement and President Obama’s reelection. Kurtz noted on the Beast that  during the Republican National Convention, she was complaining on Facebook how Fox canceled her appearances. Plus there was her humiliating roast in Hollywood (depicted onscreen as Julianne Moore for HBO’s Game Chance) and the Palin family’s never-ending tabloid drama and their failing reality shows.    

 Palin published her first post-Fox News interview on the conservative news site Breitbart.com yesterday, imploring conservatives that they "can’t just preach to the choir" seemingly unironically. When asked what her plans would be, she explained: 

As far as long-term plans, the door is wide open. I know the country needs more truth-telling in the media, and I’m willing to do that. So, we shall see.

One hopes the Fox News henchmen are kicking themselves for all the money they sunk into building a studio inside Palin’s Wasilla, Alaska, home. That’s what you get, Roger Ailes, when you confess that you only hired Palin "because she was hot and got ratings." (Yes, he actually said that.)

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The Palins Dress Like They’re Sixteen Years Old

In all the hubbub about last night’s vice presidential debate, you may have missed Joe Biden coldly and devastatingly comparing Paul Ryan to the last politician he annihilated in a televised ninety-minute argument: Mama Grizzly herself, Sarah Palin. But while Ryan may have been touting the shitty taste of a gym-rat metalbro this election season, the no-less-visible Palin and husband Todd have been working hard to cement their legend as the most transparently teenaged adults in the politisphere:



Honestly, I can’t tell where they went shopping before this charming anti-gay photo-op. Was it Ed Hardy or Old Navy? The fuck are those sunglasses, Sarah? Do us a favor and stick to the Carhartts you do your moose-hunting in, the both of you. This sad attempt to distance yourself from the Alaska’s wild corruption and irrelevance by planting yourself firmly and squarely in the Mall of America is an insult to those who can’t actually afford decent clothes.


And Sarah’s transformation is far from over. A series of photos taken in LA this week show a woman who aspires to be the next Olsen twin: a bit too thin and striding around awkwardly in “horrible wedges.” She was in town to support daughter Bristol, a contestant on Dancing With the Stars, but with this botched Hollywood makeover it really looks as though she’s trying to pull a reverse-Reagan, which was of course the goal all along. No sense in getting stuck in charge of the country when you could have been tabloid fodder instead.

CNN Plays Pink’s ‘Stupid Girls’ Before Sarah Palin Chick-Fil-A Story

Oh, hai, CNN. What’s up? Just a friendly reminder that sexism is still sexism even if it is against a woman that we all hate. When you played Pink’s song Stupid Girls before a segement on CNN Sunday Morning about Sarah Palin visiting a Chick-fil-A to support their bigoted company? Yeah, not cool.

There are plenty ofsubstantive critiques to be made about Palin’s bigotry, pandering to the religious right, and yes, even her stupidity. But CNN’s use of the song wasn’t a substantive critique on anything specific other than just calling her a stupid girl — not even just stupid, but a stupid girl — for shopping at Chick-fil-A.

And the truly stupid thing about using that particular song is that Stupid Girls is actually very pro-feminist: the song is all about Pink refusing to dumb herself down to get male attention. CNN just used the refrain that goes "Stupid girls, stupid girls, stupid girls."


This isn’t the first time Palin has been treated in a sexist way. 30 Rock‘s Tracy Morgan called her "great masturbation material"; a creepy Arizona sheriff gifted her a pair of pink panties. And who could forget the time News Corps head honcho Roger Ailes said he hired her as a political commentator on Fox News because "she was hot and got ratings"? Likewise, Rep. Michele Bachmann made waves when she appeared on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and house band The Roots played the song Lyin’ Ass Bitch.

Obviously both have said some dumb things and both are awful human beings. But they’re not awful because they are women. The focus of criticism should not be on their gender. Sexism against any person, regardless of her or his political party wrong, even if they aren’t women’s rights supporters.

And more to the point? The last these these two (or their party) need are legitimate reasons to continue playing the victim. Shame on you, CNN.

Chatting With Melissa Farman About Playing Bristol Palin in ‘Game Change’

Less than a year after President Obama was inaugurated, journalists John Heilemann and Mark Halperin released the definitive chronicle of the heated 2008 election. Game Change was an immediate best-seller, offering a shocking behind-the-scenes look at four of the major presidential campaigns. While Obama, the Clintons, and John Edwards weren’t given any passes in the book, it was the McCain/Palin campaign that proved to be the most fascinating storyline. As Sarah Palin and her family were ripped apart by the national media and their personal secrets and faults exposed on front pages across the country, the story seemed ripe for a film adaptation. This Saturday, just two years after the book’s publication, Jay Roach’s Game Change will premiere on HBO with a big-name cast featuring Julianne Moore as Palin and Ed Harris as John McCain.

But you can’t make a movie about Sarah Palin without including her daughter, Bristol, who was pushed into the spotlight as the poster girl for teenage pregnancy. Stepping into the crucial role is Melissa Farman, with whom we spoke about the controversial film, working with Julianne Moore, and the pressure of playing a real-life celebrity.

It’s nearly impossible to not know the story of Game Change already, but had you read the book before you started shooting?
I did! I’m actually a senior at University of Southern California where I’m a double-major in political science and English lit. I was actually reading the book for class a few months before I auditioned. So it’s funny, having studied the book and kind of seeing the script come to life just a few months later.

It’s interesting that it’s focusing primarily on the McCain/Palin campaign, which I think is the more juicy part of the story. Was it kind of a challenge to portray someone is who still alive and still making news? Were you hesitant about that?
I think it’s daunting. You have a responsibility toward that person that is very much alive, not only just alive but alive in the media. There’s definitely going to be a lot more scrutiny, and there’s a sense of wanting not to just mimic the person and wanting to be free to create a character. At the same time, having that responsibility is what makes it all the more exciting. It’s also helpful to have someone who’s so much in the public’s conscience right now, in the sense that there was so much media around Bristol. The film focalizes on the campaign trail and how all of a sudden she was thrown into the limelight. I could really watch so much footage of her really getting used to the camera and kind of developing her personality once she was on the public stage. There was a lot of material for me to study, which was great.

I saw the Palin people have already attacked the film.
My cousin just sent me a YouTube video where some Palin supporter re-cut the trailer to show that the film was full of lies. There’s concern for sure, but, you know, if a movie’s being made about you, you’re going to wonder if it’s going to be what you want it to be. I think the film is a very balanced portrayal of Sarah Palin. In politics there’s always bound to be controversy, but I think this is storytelling, and it shows the behind-the-scenes of a campaign — both positive and negative. I think the film really empathizes on a personal level with Sarah Palin the woman. I think that’s something that maybe the Sarah Palin team is scared is not going to happen, but it does.

Has Bristol said anything?
No, she has not come out with anything publicly. I know Megan McCain has, but Bristol hasn’t.

How was it working with Julianne Moore? Is she kind of like an awesome movie mom?
Oh my gosh, it’s amazing. You know, I grew up idolizing her. She’s one of the reasons I started acting. As a kid I was super shy, so my mother put me on stage to help me get rid of my shyness, which is kind of a practical joke when you think of it. But then as I got into theatre, my mom and I would watch movies and go to plays together, and one of my mother’s favorite actresses was Julianne Moore. I grew up basically watching everything Julie did. Having her as an on-screen mom was kind of surreal, but the second I met her I got over it. She’s just so down to earth and makes everyone around her family. She’s really hard-working, and it’s really wonderful for me to watch her work because here’s someone who is at the top of her game and has had such an amazing career. Still, she just keeps working at it, challenging herself in such new ways. Watching her do this and carve this character out when we were working together was really, really inspiring.

You’re currently in school now. Are you finishing up this year?
I’ll probably be finishing up in the summer.

What’s it like balancing an acting career and school?
It’s hard. I was just on CSI last week and I missed a few classes, and the deal with my teachers is that if I miss a class I’ll do double the work. So it’s definitely a commitment, but it means a lot for me to be in school. I love being in school personally, and it gives me a sanctuary where you’re in the city of youth and your only responsibility is to learn; then you go out there in the real world and you’re working. Being a political science and lit major really kind of fuels my acting because I’m really just studying human nature all day and studying storytelling. I’m taking it from a different perspective, so that really fits well with my career.

Do you have anything lined up for once you’re finished?
You’re going to see my on CSI and then on TNT’s Perception, which is coming out in the summer. I got to play the role of Joan of Arc, and my grandmother is very excited. She’s French, so it’s finally a role she’s proud of. Usually I’m with a gun, or pregnant!

Photo by Peter Svenson

Would You Watch a Reality Show About Sarah Palin’s Husband?

No one would, it seems. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the former Alaskan governor has been trying to pitch a new reality show about her husband Todd’s career as a snowmobile racer without much luck. THR reports she was asking in the realm of Sarah Palin’s Alaska‘s $1 million-per-episode fee–just way too much to pay for a sport no one cares about. The Palins tried to get interest from TLC and A&E, but the networks made a stink face at the price and moved on. 

Palin’s star isn’t quite as bright as it was last year, when Palin’s Alaska hit record ratings with all its outdoor luster and carefully planned Alaska-as-America-as-life-as-Obama-is-a-socialist analogies. Since then, she’s been embroiled in controversy after controversy, her most notable public moment being the announcement that she wouldn’t run for president to the chagrin of many Republican operatives. With how fractured the GOP race looks right now, Palin could’ve absolutely sort-of run a campaign until at least January and raked in a bunch more cash. But there are more important fish to fry, like Tweeting about how Michelle Obama’s haircut is ruining Christmas.

In case you forgot, watch the intro credits for Sarah Palin’s Alaska, which are definitely real and not a Tim and Eric skit.

Scarlett Johansson v. Sarah Palin: Who Makes a Juicier Headline?

When Scarlett Johansson discovered today that private photos she’d taken of herself had been leaked on the Internet by hackers, she surely felt violated and embarrassed. However, she also must have felt somewhat relieved that this gross invasion of privacy coincided with the day that details from Joe McGinniss’ biography of Sarah Palin surfaced in the National Enquirer. If you were wondering what it would take for people to brush aside naked pictures of Scarlett Johansson, the answer is rumors of Sarah Palin having a one-night stand with basketball star Glen Rice and snorting cocaine off a 55-gallon oil drum.

The Palin rumors come from a “publishing source” of the McGinniss tell-all, The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin. You’ve probably heard them all by now: The alleged sexing of then-Michigan Wolverines star Glen Rice and the supposed cocaine snorting. While these two bombshells are salacious enough, it’s the small details that really give this scandal personality. For example, the source that said Palin “hauled his [Rice’s] ass down,” or the oft-quoted “55-gallon oil drum,” as if this implies she snorted 55 gallons of cocaine. While the Scarlett Johansson photos have already been widely circulated, their impact has been absorbed greatly by the Palin story. For example, “Glen Rice” has been trending above “Scarlett Johansson” all day on Twitter. Burying damaging news by announcing it on a Friday afternoon or immediately after a separate huge story breaks is an age-old PR tactic, even if, as in this case, it’s simply the result of chance timing. As this goes to press, we’ve covered our bases by compiling a list of hypothetical headlines that would push the Scarlett Johansson nude photos even further down the news cycle: Zombie Dave Thomas Rises From the Grave, Gives Out Free Frostys Chaz Bono: “I Shot JFK” Scientists Discover Cats Are Just Female Dogs Portugal Declares War on US Chaz Bono: “I am the Love Child of Sarah Palin and Glen Rice”

Here’s What a Sarah Palin Documentary Made by Michael Moore Would Look Like

You’d think the shameful performance of the “official” Sarah Palin documentary, The Undefeated, would put an end to the Palin documentary sub-genre. You’d think. But how then, do you explain Sarah Palin – You Betcha!, another moving picture documenting the Palin phenomenon? Let us try. Whereas The Undefeated was made by a Tea Party disciple who had Team Palin’s full blessing, You Betcha! takes a more back-channel approach. The first film was made by and for Palin’s shrinking group of supporters. This one was made for everyone else.

So what can we expect from Sarah Palin – You Betcha!? Its director is British pest Nick Broomfield, known for making the non-definitive Kurt and Courtney and Biggie & Tupac, two films that made wild, and ultimately unproven claims about its subjects. How will Broomfield fare with a subject who is actually alive? If this brand new teaser clip is any indication, it means he’ll do his best Michael Moore impression and shout things at his powerful subjects from a distance, only to be escorted out by security. It’s an entertaining two minutes, if only because silly disruptions of public gatherings are always thrilling on some primal level, but we’re not sure what Broomfield can say that hasn’t already been said.

Sarah Palin – You Betcha! premieres at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, and we’re at least curious.

Morning Links: J-Lo & Marc Anthony Split, Lil Wayne Bans Backstage Booze

● J-Lo and Marc Anthony, a couple who we thought might be happily high-maintenance together forever, have split. Divorce, however, can’t stop the show – they are still hoping to host their Latin talent search, Q’Viva!, together this fall. [THR] ● Harry Potter sold $476 million in tickets worldwide over the weekend, breaking all sorts of box office records and rendering the rest of the summer’s blockbusters as failures. [NYT] ● Meanwhile, Sarah Palin doc The Undefeated opened in Orange County, CA to nary a soul. Well, almost. [The Atlantic]

● Lil Wayne’s probation is all inclusive: the rapper has banned booze backstage for the entirety of his “I Am Still Music” tour. [TMZ] ● Chris Brown is set to star in a film adaptation of Steve Harvey’s Think Like A Man. Is there even a role that won’t conjure his troubled past? [BET] ● They came first for Mila, and then for Justin, and now they want Betty White, too. This year’s is sure to be the Marine Corps’ most star-studded ball yet! [Vulture]