Santigold Returns With ‘Big Mouth’ Single

It’s been a million blog years since Santi White charmed us with her self-titled debut all the way back in 2008. Back then, she was called Santogold; four years later, she’s Santigold and set to return with a new album called Master of My Make Believe, out this spring. After the jump, you can watch the video for the first single, "Big Mouth."

If you like the song, you can download it for free at Santigold’s website. The video’s tailor-made for bloggability, what with the hand-drawn lo-fi animation and the cartoon tigers. She’ll fit right back into a world that’s embraced in-yr-face female rappers like Azealia Banks and Rye Rye. Also, that production: sounds like Diplo, right? I’m going to say it’s Diplo, even if it’s not.

Rye Rye & Santigold Become Fashion Headliners

Prabal Gurung isn’t the only designer with a “new thing” going on. Last week, Alexander Wang debuted a campaign video featuring electro-rap star Santigold (née Santi White) and Spank Rock’s Naeem Juwan dancing to a remixed version of White’s hit single, “Go.” This isn’t the artist’s first collaboration with Wang – she also performed at his NYFW SS10 afterparty back in 2009, and is a front row regular at his runway shows. Now, another Wang favorite, Baltimore rapper Rye Rye, happens to be starring in Gurung’s fashion music video.

You’ll recall that Rye Rye (born Ryeisha Berrain) also performed at Wang’s killer SS11 afterparty, where everyone–including the designer–tore up the dance floor. Since both Wang and Gurung are breakout stars in the fashion world, we can see why they’d share a common interest in collaborating with young artists that are blazing trails in their own right.

Given their eyes for innovative designs and ears for infectious beats, we say Wang and Gurung link their music muses and create an joint NYFW dance party of epic proportions this September.

Christina Aguilera to Dupe Hipsters with Santigold, M.I.A. Collaborations

Previously: Le Tigre! Sia! Goldfrapp! Ladytron! And now Christina Aguilera, like a ventriloquist, has managed to stay tight-lipped while intimating how she’s also collaborated with Santigold and M.I.A.. But specific details about the Best Album Ever otherwise remain cloudy. We don’t even have a release date, although a viral should be forthcoming — it usually is.

Adds Aguilera, “I know I can’t let too much out the bag too soon. I think I’m most proud of this work than I’ve ever been, just because I worked with so many amazing and incredibly talented people.” Despite being spoiled for collaborators, Aguilera singles out Sia, saying, “I think we really created some super crazy magic together.”

But while Aguilera rides the coat-tails of such talent to the highest tier of indie street cred, perhaps a sizable number of us will continue to ape for the good old days. And the rest of us will wait patiently to see how badly Aguilera manages to dupe the Pitchfork set into thinking that there might be any palpable difference between this new album and this Goldfrappish gem featured on her greatest hits collection.

Pop Quiz: Santigold

Here’s why we love Santigold: She used to front a punk band in Philly named Stiffed, she can work out a tiger-print leotard, and she changed her name and you don’t even care why. This week, she and her fiancé Trouble Andrew took over Terminal 5 with Amanda Blank, and this summer Santi does the Euro festival thing, closing it all out at Lollapalooza in Chicago. For a woman this busy to take the time for our humble Pop Quiz, well, it’s an honor.

When you were in elementary school, what did you want to be when you grew up? I remember watching the movie Secret of My Success with Michael J. Fox when I was really young and wanting to own a big company like that. So I guess it’s safe to say I just wanted to be “the boss” when I grew up.

Do you have any tattoos? Nope.

Are you superstitious? A little. Only when it’s convenient.

First album you bought? The Power Station one with “Some Like It Hot.” I was at a record store with my dad when I was seven, and I picked it because I liked the cover.

If you could have any super power, what would you choose? I would like to be able to travel through time.

What restaurant would you eat at every day if you could? I would get bored eating at any restaurant every day. But right now I like this place called Samovar Tea Lounge in San Francisco. They should bring it to New York!

How many times a day on average do you think about sex? It depends on what time of month it is.

Have you ever been arrested? Never.

What’s your guilty pleasure? Watching awkward people.

Do you have a favorite bar in New York? No. I don’t really drink.

Ever been star struck? Not in the sense that I wrote about in my songs, where you try to emulate someone else. But just in awe of a star, yes.

When you get good news, who’s the first person you tell it to? There are about 10 people I tell things to. When I’m excited, it takes that many tellings of a story to get it out of my system.

What do you always watch if it’s on TV? E Hollywood True Stories (if that’s what it’s called), anything about aliens on the History Channel, old Sex and the City episodes, The Office.

What do you normally sleep in? Matching pajama sets.

Where’s the craziest place you’ve had sex? None of yo’ damn business!

What’s on your computer wallpaper? A picture of my fiancée’s “GOLD” tattoo on his chest. It’s so bad it’s good.

If you could be any literary character, who would you be? I’d be a character in a Haruki Murakami novel. I like how his characters see the world. It’s like the world cracks and opens up for them.

Where do you really want to be right now? Hawaii … or just home for a while.

What’s the first job you ever had? I worked at my dad’s law office when I was 12. He fired me.

Favorite Muppets/Sesame Street character? I like Kermit.

What’s the best advice you ever got? To live in the present.

Santigold: The Golden Woman

Santigold’s show last night, at Terminal 5 in New York City, was packed with a sea of fans who had trickled in throughout the evening during both Trouble Andrew and Amanda Blank’s supporting sets prior to Miss Santi taking the stage at 10pm. I trekked uptown solo in a jiffy – with my friend, the lovely Amy Gunther joining me later on — making sure to catch Trouble Andrew’s performance at 8pm sharp. Trevor Andrew (his real name) is an old friend from my days with Burton Snowboards. (Long story short, I’ve been involved with the snowboarding world for 15 years. No need to get into that right this sec.) So of course arriving promptly was a must. Just in time, phew, and amazing per the usual. Nice one Trev! Amanda Blank was next up. She had on one of the craziest getups I’ve seen in quite some time — black legging with white Christmas tree lights attached. Sorry I don’t have a photo. Just Google it!

Between Amanda Blank and Santi set’s, Amy arrived and I ended up meeting, of all people, Lil Jon. Yup, that Lil Jon, sans crunk cup unfortunately. (Bummer. I’ve always wanted to see one of those things up close.) I asked him why he came and what he’s been up to. “Well, Trev is my boy, so I had to come. As for me, I’ve just been in the studio.”

Santi (who bought her first pair of snowboarding boots from me back in 2001 — true story) finally took to the stage donned in a shiny black and gold metallic suit. Her performance was jaw dropping; Terminal 5’s energy reached an all-out high when she, her band, and backup singers suddenly burst into Soulja Boy’s “Turn My Swag On.” Santi said to the audience, “This song is so bad, it’s good! We love it and had to just throw it on for ya!”

Before the show’s end, I bumped into someone I’ve respected for years: Lyor Cohen, of Warner Music Group. Lyor is the man! Anyone who’s toured with Run DMC, the Beastie Boys, and launched careers of a slew of notable artists for the past 25 years certainly deserves props. And always the gentleman … Lyor stood up from his seat and gave me a kiss on both cheeks to say hello.

Miss Santi’s closing song involved around five audience members, Naeem Juwan from Spank Rock, and Amanda Blank singing and dancing along. Hot Hot Hot! Thank you Santi for yet another incredible show. I’m already ready for your next one.