Tao Team Opens Arlington Club, Hotel Chantelle is Starting Rumors…

Typically, the period between Labor Day and Halloween is slow in the club world. People are paying down credit card debt accumulated in a summer of WHEEE! Things like the Jewish holidays, flu season, back-to-school, and a dearth of tourists add to the red ink. The change of weather and the loss of daylight as we wind down to the Winter Solstice near Christmas are all negative factors. The season theoretically begins in earnest on Halloween. Sandy literally put a damp on those concepts, but building for an inevitable future is happening all around.

On a small renovation job, an electrician told me that getting even the most commonplace electrical supplies is becoming problematic as the post-Sandy rebuild is taking everything. I can only imagine what getting permits and inspections will be like from an over-tasked buildings department. Still, I hear of a Frank Roberts’ "mostly-a-restaurant project down in lower Little Italy.” I hear of a redux of GoldBar. Marquee nightclub, for a decade the "in" spot for the going-out crowd, is in renovations that will bring it up to speed with its Las Vegas incarnation.

Meanwhile, that Tao team is inviting peeps to the Thursday opening of their Arlington Club on Lexington between 73 and 74th Street.  St. Jerome’s has, of course, been sold to The Bowery Electric crew. That has left the St. Jerome’s "crowd" looking for a new home, and Hotel Chantelle grabbing for that gusto. Chantelle started its weekly Tuesday  “Rumors” party last night, going forward with famously ex-ex-St. Jerome’s honcho DJ Luc Carl joining DJ Ian El Dorado.

There’s all sorts of things happening over at Bantam where absolutely nothing to speak of has been happening. A re-thinking is occurring. Construction at EVR on 39th street between 5th and 6th is almost over – or is that ovr? I was there the other day checking out the progress and was very impressed.

On a final note: Friday I will be DJing the late set over at The Hanky Panky Club, up the side entrance of Webster Hall. It is a Sandy-related benefit called “Rock-N-Rebuild.” Acts/bands like Hits, Roma, Wild Yaks, The Netherlands, Outernational, and Kendra Morris will interrupt sets by Djs iDeath, Gavin Russom and, thankfully, Steve Lewis er …me. This shindig starts at 8pm. It’s hosted by man-about-town Terry Casey and the lovely Flutura Bardhi. Please help where you can. While people are ordering $1000 bottles of booze, many are still without basic necessities.

Beastie Boy Mike D Helps Out Sandy Victims With Free Food Truck

And here, you, you thought that food trucks were just for the festival set. But leave it to restaurateur Rob McKinley and Mike D of the Beastie Boys to find a more noble purpose for mobile meals. Although Hurricane Sandy is a memory for many, for residents of many parts of the New York area, including the Rockaways, the storm’s impact is still affecting daily lives. So Mike D and McKinley, with the help of teams from popular local restaurants like the Breslin and Fat Radish, created the Rockaway Plate Lunch food truck to bring residents warm meals.  

As Mike D explains in the interview below, the post-Sandy landscape in Rockaway has been changing every day, so a food truck was the best way to access lots of people. He and McKinley have served more than 19,000 meals to the people of the Rockaways, primarily of chicken, vegetables, beans and rice.

Mike D told the folks at GOODthat Rockaway Plate Lunch is continuing to work in the area, but on fewer hours, but want to use it now as a means of sparking the local economy. As he explains:

“There’s still the need for warm food out there, but our real goal for this summer is to help revitalize the local economy. So we’re trying to switch the truck over from giving away food, to charging for food but having it become staffed, run and operated on every level by citizens of the Rockaways. We’ll keep the same restaurants that have been involved, but in a mentoring capacity.”

He says they’ve been working with involving young people, local clergy and elected officials to find resources to see how the truck can best benefit the people of the Rockaways. You can hear from the duo about their efforts to continue helping after Sandy in the video below. 

[via GOOD]

Blue Point Brewing, Other Local Breweries Collaborate on Sandy Relief IPA

Hurricane Sandy destroyed scores of homes, businesses and livelihoods, and one of the areas the storm had a particularly detrimental impact was on the nightlife and brewing world. Among the storm’s casualties on Long Island was Oceanside Brewery Barrier Brewing Company. To help their fellow makers of beer and support fellow Long Islanders, a number of local craft breweries, along with photographers Matt Furman and Niko Krommydas, have created the Sandy Relief Beer project.

Long Island’s Blue Point Brewing will release the collaborative beer, Surge Protector IPA, but they were just one group to have a hand in the process. Other participating brewers came from Barrier, Blind Bat Brewery, Great South Bay Brewery, Greenport Harbor Brewing Company, Long Ireland Beer Company, Port Jeff Brewing Company and Spider Bite Brewing Company. Each brewery donated ingredients, and the whole crew met on December 4th to begin the process of creating Surge Protector. Now, the beer is about ready to roll out, and half of the proceeds from sales will go to Long Island Cares.

The beer will be released in bars and fine purveyors of brewed things around New York beginning January 22nd. This isn’t the first charitable beer project from Blue Point—in response to the BP Gulf oil spill disaster several years ago, the brewery came up with Toxic Sludge, a hoppy, black IPA whose sales proceeds went to Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research. For more about their current charitable effort though, check out the Sandy Relief Beer blog or the video below. Oh, and you can also still donate to BlackBook’s Sandy relief fund as well.

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