Sandy Hook Memories, Brunch at Yotel, and Everything at Bedlam

I had a lot to write about today. People have holiday events they want to tell people about and I have a zillion e-mails to sift through. The news of the shootings in Sandy Hook, Connecticut has put most of this on the back burner. I spent the summers of my youth in Sandy Hook. When school started the Lewis clan would return to the city and we’d only go up on weekends. Eventually the winter snows and extreme cold had us close the house up until the thaw. On warm summer days my younger brother and I would hike the 2 miles to town without fear, without much thought except for the grass and wind and trees and birds. There were farms back then, and deep woods.

Some days were spent doing archeological digs in ancient stone foundations. We’d find pottery shards and rusted tools and such and these treasures mixed with the natural treasures all around made for an idyllic childhood. We’d steal some corn, we’d harass a bull, pet cows, identify the names of the birds and trees. We’d get in trouble with bees. We’d get lost and somehow always find our way home. Our cat often came with us on our ventures. Sometimes we’d swing on vines into the great Lake Zoar.

The town itself was a couple hundred feet long. There was a small stable back then and a hardware store and places to buy household things. Not much else. A small fast stream with a little bridge over it split the burg. We’d sit on rocks in the middle and try to catch fish with aquarium nets. We never did. Once a copperhead came up next to me and my cousin Ron chased it away.

Sandy Hook is a little town next to Newtown another mile or so up the road. In Newtown the main drag is lined with beautiful ancient home s and centuries-old trees. The police station, the mayor, and all the municipality offices are in a big building called Town Hall. They still show movies there. In my youth it was a quarter or 35 cents and offered up family fare. One kid might pay the ticket price and open up a side door to let the gang in. The whole town would show up on a Saturday night for a picture of note and there would be shorts and previews and lots of small and big talk before and after.

Sandy Hook/Newtown is a place that can’t make the news. It’s designed not to. I go back every year to have a look. I’ll stop by the old house and smell the forest and have a pizza at Lorenzo’s, where buckets still collect the drips from a leaky roof . It’s right by the big lake and smells of rotting leaves and the creatures that live in them. The food isn’t too great and the service a little slow but it’s just perfect. We’d hike down there most evenings to get a Slim Jim or Sugar Daddy. Bad things, bad people never reached our neck of the woods. But here we are with lots of dead people and the tranquility gone forever. Anyway, just rambling on as I try to wrap myself around this. My thoughts and prayers to those in harm’s way.

I promised a few mentions. Tomrrow brunch at Yotel (570 10th Avenue) which is celebrating Hollardazed with music by AndrewAndrew, performances by The Glamazons with hosts Epiphany and Chris Torres. The shindig is brought to you by the dapper Errickson Wilcox and the seductive Roxy Cottontail. There’s going to be balloon art and a blind contour artist. Tonight Frankie Sharp that man about town is bringing back for one night only Everything at Bedlam (40 Avenue C). There will be live shows by the House of Ladosha. The soiree is hosted by Patricia Fields and Jordan Fox. I highly recommend checking out Murray Hill’s A MURRAY LITTLE CHRISTMAS tomorrow night December 15th at Le Poisson Rouge (158 Bleecker Street). Murray is the real deal and this is a can’t-miss event.

I must note that tomorrow marks the birthday of my dearly departed friend Arthur Weinstein. Arthur was a club owner, a lighting designer, a photographer, an artist, a father, a husband, and a friend. He was a rogue warrior of a glorious downtown era. He taught me everything I know but not everything he knew. He was a mentor and a mensch. I miss him every day.

YouTuber Reminds Pro-Gun Control Celebs They Use A Lot Of Guns Onscreen

It didn’t take long after the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, for a gaggle of Hollywood celebs to film a PSA urging for better gun control.

The video by Demand A Plan For Gun Violence, which has racked up over six million views on YouTube alone, includes pleas from celebs like Beyoncé, Reese Witherspoon, Chris Rock, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Aniston, Jon Hamm, Julianne Moore, Jamie Foxx, Paul Rudd, and Ellen DeGeneres.

But one YouTube user would like to point out that more than a few of these folks seem all too happy to use guns when onscreen violence is called for.

I suppose the video "Demand Celebrities Go Fuck Themselves" could be seen as a statement about hypocris.  Other examples fall flat — like, I doubt that three seconds of Amy Poehler goofing around onscreen with a gun has contributed deeply to gun violence quite the way that action films have, which doesn’t seem fair.  

It’s well-researched, to say the least:

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Gun, White House Petition Enthusiasts Want To Deport Piers Morgan For Gun Control Stance

British talking head and TV personality Piers Morgan is kind of annoying. So annoying that I don’t even bother to watch his show! (That’s right—sometimes people bother me so much that I don’t even hate-watch them. You should try it, people who hate Fox News but watch Fox News. I know it’s a revolutionary idea, but honestly? It keeps your blood pressure down.) I’m not the only one who finds Morgan to be a pest with access to TV cameras and an audience, as there’s currently a petition on the White House’s We The People site calling for Morgan to be deported because he’s in favor of gun control.

What’s more exciting? A couple thousand nuts have signed the thing, which reads:

British Citizen and CNN television host Piers Morgan is engaged in a hostile attack against the U.S. Constitution by targeting the Second Amendment. We demand that Mr. Morgan be deported immediately for his effort to undermine the Bill of Rights and for exploiting his position as a national network television host to stage attacks against the rights of American citizens.

Of course, nothing will happen to Piers Morgan, as I’m sure the folks over at the White House probably have bigger things to think about this week. Like Christmas! And also Morgan happens to have the correct opinion about gun control. YEAH, I SAID IT, GUN OWNERS. Go ahead: try to deport me. (Haha, you can’t, because of first amendment stuff, ya dummies.)

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