Good Night Mr. Lewis: Legendary Parties, Legendary Men

Today is going to be short and sweet. The half of me that’s Jewish is having a huge argument with the half that isn’t and it’s best that I write half a column today. Tonight I will DJ at Champagning Midtown at the lobby-level bar at the Dream Hotel, 55th Street btw. Broadway and 7th Ave. Nick Andreottola and Nicole Rose, along with Dream honcho Ric Addison, are hosting this shindig which starts at an early 6:30pm and runs until 12:30am. They say the idea is "to celebrate life by drinking champagne.”  I have many reasons to be cheerful this week so I may imbibe. As many of you loyal readers and friends know, I only drink two or three times a year, whenever I have sex, so I’m going to go to my "sexy" set for tonight. That’s Chris Isaak’s "Wicked Game" to Donna Summer’s "Love to Love You Baby.” You get the idea.

The invite says "Music By Legendary Steve Lewis.” That’s nice, but every time somebody calls me "legendary," I quickly check my pulse. I remember the things that I have done and appreciate the respect, but I try to live in the real world I wake up to every day and want the things I do "now" to define me.

Tomorrow night I will miss (because of my Thursday Night Generation Wild party where I DJ with the Legendary Sam Valentine), the Salon 13 Benefit For Breast Cancer at B-Side. There will be a raffle including gift certificates from Salon 13, Thicker Than Water Tattoo, Bar Bone, Unleashed, Continuum Coffee, Back Forty, W.i.P., Bantam, Rex Hughs Dog Training, and more. Gotta go…

Oh, I almost forgot…. Happy birthday to legendary promoter, entrepreneur, all-around-nice-guy John Davis, who will be celebrating his 50th birthday. Sheee-it, I got shoes that are 50! John has moved his legendary Body and Soul party to the cozy confines of XL Nightclub, 512 W. 42nd St. This event, like my girlfriend ,starts at four in the afternoon. It ends around midnight (she can go all night). Legendary DJs Francois K, Joaquin "Joe" Clausell, and Danny Krivit will provide continuity as well as awesome sets. I worked with John and this party back at the legendary club Life back in ‘96 or ’97. The guy who ran that joint was some sort of genius or something…legendary.

Salon 13: A Badass Hair Affair

“I get people laid. And if you don’t like the haircut I’m gonna give you, you can shave my head.” 

So begins the Salon 13 experience.

Yes, getting your hair styled by dynamic duo and celebrity stylists Alx and Jenni is a one-in-a-million experience. Actually, it’s more than an experience; it’s a trip to a world you never want to leave, filled with rock ‘n’ roll, transformative edgy haircuts that have you exclaiming, ‘I didn’t know I could be that hot!’, and free beer.
Owned by Seamus Regan, one of the folks behind Bantam, this two-year-old East Village hair haven is a rare breed. Salon 13 fuses the intimacy of a nightclub, the creativity of an art gallery (local artists’ work is featured on the walls), and the seriousness of masterful stylists who treat hair like an art form, and funnels it all into a seductive concoction that somehow leaves you looking sexier than you ever have in your life.  
Alx Alvarez, who has styled everyone from Keith Richards to The Killers and is personally responsible for getting people laid/“upping your cock stock,” trained in Paris and attended art school for sculpting, making hair her art medium. From there, she’s become a prolific celebrity stylist, consistently featured in magazines like Vogue, Rolling Stone, and most recently TimeOutNY. But once you’ve plopped yourself down in Alx’s salon chair, you’re treated just the same.
“Everyone here is a star, no matter who you are,” says Alx.  "And I don’t want your money. I like it, but I don’t need it. I want your hair.”
This passion for tresses extends to Jenni Robinson, whose experience as a top make-up artist and hairdresser with French and Japanese training, makes her the go-to woman for coloring hair. Her dynamite attention to hair style, color, and strength ensures the healthiest treatments, from the more basic styling to her signature one-day Brazilian Keratin treatment.
“People just come here to hang out,” says Alx. “Finance guys, corporate women, artsy people – they just feel good being here.”
And why not? With its purple velvet walls, crass and personable conversation, and head-turning styles, you’ll walk out of Salon 13 not just feeling good, but looking HOT, and telling everyone about it. I know I am.