A$AP Rocky, Ryan McGinley and More Celebrate Ferragamo’s 100th

It’s been 100 years since a 16-year-old Salvatore Ferragamo left Southern Italy for Boston where his brother worked in a boot making factory. Finding the industrial atmosphere less than inspiring, Ferragamo convinced his brothers to head to Hollywood and start a made-to-measure shoe business. Within five years, the company was a go-to for the stars.

In celebration of this centennial, Ferragamo’s launched A Man’s Story, an online project photographed by Francesco Carrozzini. The portraits feature an “eclectic cast of contemporary men,” and show “Ferragamo’s luxury lifestyle collections…presented in new and surprising settings.”

alexander gilkesCo-founder of online auction house Paddle8 Alexander Gilkes

asap rockyMusic artist A$AP Rocky

douglas boothActor Douglas Booth

henrik lundqvistIce hockey legend for the New York Rangers Henrik Lundqvist

louis marieArtist and entrepreneur Louis-Marie de Castelbajac

ryan mcginleyArtist and photographer Ryan McGinley

tyrone woodArt Consultant Tyrone Wood

Watch the video here:

See Ryan McGinley’s Good, Loving Vibes Photographed for Pharrell x Adidas

We’ve already spoken about Pharrell’s upcoming, neon-hued collab with Adidas. But now, the campaign images are here, shot by esteemed photog Ryan McGinley.

In tune with Pharrell’s “HAPPY” vibes, they celebrate love and equality.

“The collaboration between adidas and Pharrell Williams is built on a vibrant sense of optimism, highlighting the importance of equality. Featuring a cast of millennials of all races, ethnicities, and genders, the campaign depicts people from all walks of life, coming together in ways that signify unity and acceptance. These colorful, fun, and optimistic scenes epitomize and embody the spirit of Pharrell Williams and his ongoing work with adidas Originals,” according to the press release. All good things. 


adidas 3

You can shop this Friday, October 31st at Adidas.

Visual Xanax: Have a Laugh with Kate Moss

Outside, the temperatures may have fallen, but don’t let your spirits slide down with them. Just because there’s a chill in the air doesn’t mean your mood should suffer – after all, there’s nothing a great coat and a smile from Kate can’t fix.

Photo: Kate Moss styled by Camilla Nickerson, photographed by Ryan McGinley for W Magazine, June 2007.

Ryan McGinley Covers Models in Wild Butterflies For New Edun Campaign

There are so many good fashion films popping up as of late that we can hardly contain ourselves. For Edun’s spring 2012 campaign, acclaimed artist Ryan McGinley filmed a group of models, including Bradley Soileau and Charlotte Free, casually interacting with a bunch of friendly butterflies. But because it’s under the direction of the imaginative and somewhat controversial McGinley, butterflies aren’t just hanging around said pretty people—they’re in their mouths, in their pants, and generally up in their business. And it works.

Founded in 2005 by U2 singer Bono and his wife Ali Hewson and Bono in 2005, Edun is commited to "sustainable fashion through trade and community building initiatives in countries including Uganda, Kenya and Nairobi," as noted by NOWNESS, which is why McGinley hired six species of African butterflies for the gig. Watch the (semi-NSFW) film here.

Edun Fall Campaign: Ryan McGinley Trades Wild Butterflies for Owls

As a follow-up to Ryan McGinley’s spring 2012 campaign for Edun, which featured pretty people with wild butterflies all up in their business, U2’s Bono and his wife Ali Hewson asked the illustrious photographer to snap their label’s fall ads. You can’t really say no to Bono, so McGinley rounded up a gang of brave models, found some endangered birds, and went to town. This is "Birds of Prey."


In the new campaign, three models gracefully manage to maintain their composure as five birds do their bird thing all over them. From an endangered Barn owl chilling on a bald women’s head to a wild falcon landing his sharp claws onto a dude in leather (don’t worry, he was wearing a big bulky glove for the shot), McGinley nails yet another eye-catching shoot for the ethically and socially responsible company. As for the clothes, Edun’s Africa-inspired fall offerings feature heavy knits, tartan shirts and jungle print dresses. Peep more images here.

Karlie Kloss and a Wild Horse Star in New Mercedes-Benz Key Visual

Another fashion week season, another awesome Mercedes-Benz key visual. Following the luxury vehicle manufacturer’s film-noir image for the MBFW fall 2012 season that starred the supermodel-superphotog pairing of Lara Stone and Alex Prager, fall 2013 takes Karlie Kloss into the wild world of Ryan McGinley. Merging raw nature, striking beauty and modern luxury, the buzzed-about photographer captures the 20-year-old supermodel "surrounded by an imposing landscape" with "dark clouds gathering ominously behind her." Looking calm and cool in the unexpected scenery, she’s joined by two very different rides: a rearing white horse and the hot, new CLA-Class. See "Untamed" in its entirety after the jump. 

Under the direction of Dazed&Confused co-founder Jeffferson Hack, the visual is meant to express the CLA’s avant-garde vibe and ability to transport the driver to a new place and time. Although he or she won’t be met by a mega model and pretty horse on most road trips, they sure as hell will receive tons of envious glares.
Karlie Kloss wears an ethereal white dress by Chloé.

Today In Streaming Music: The Walkmen, Sigur Ros

It’s not as good as a download, but it’s better than watching a song’s video—or worse, a single image with a soundtrack behind it—but a stream is the music industry’s preferred way of getting new tracks out in the world.

It’s not portable and any kind of pirating from a stream would require technological know-how that’s way beyond us, but there’s something to be said for being able to hear an album front to back.

Today we’re treated to two pretty excellent new albums via stream. The first is the Walkmen’s Heaven, not out until May 29, which is streaming over at NPR. The band delivers yet again with the sort of music that makes us believe that we can be grown ups and still like great music. The title track is a killer, though the entire album is fucking excellent. Even if this one was downloadable, we’d plan to buy it.

Another streamer today is Sigur Ros’ latest, Valenti, which is out May 29. In addition to the album, which is streaming here. The band has also announced a project called “Mystery Film Experiment,” in which they gave a dozen filmmakers a small budget and asked them to make a video based on a song from the new album. Directors on the project will include Alma Har’el, John Cameron Mitchell, Ryan McGinley, Arni & Kinski, Ramin Bahrani and Ragnar Kjartansson, whose short, “Ég anda,” dropped today.

The Atlas Sound, Ryan McGinley, and the Bands That Inspire Artists

Musicians and visual artists often have a symbiotic relationship, inspiring one another and collaborating on work. Recently, all-grown-up boy genius photographer Ryan McGinley opened a show at New York’s Team Gallery with a party featuring the musical stylings of Atlas Sound, a project from Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox. In addition to having the band play the opening, McGinley filmed the ordeal and today you can watch the video, thanks to Pitchfork.

Despite his inventive nature (and beloved tactic of taking photos of nude young folks cavorting), McGinley wasn’t the first person to marry music and art. Remember The Velvet Underground? Practically Andy Warhol’s house band, the Lou Reed-fronted group, which wrote plenty of songs about Warhol and his posse, let the Pop Art mastermind produce their records and even design the famous banana album cover.

No less than the Radiant Child himself, Jean-Michel Basquiat didn’t just enjoy music—logging countless hours at the famous Mudd Club while bands like DNA and James White and the Blacks provided the soundtrack—he made it as well. Basquiat played in the avant-garde noise group Gray (originally called Test Pattern), that might not be as recognizable as his visual work but is worth soaking up nonetheless.

California-based artist Raymond Pettibon shot to collectible fame as the guy who helped define the look of SoCal punk, most notably designing the logo, album covers and flyers for Black Flag, the band his own brother, Greg Ginn, played guitar for.

Multimedia artist Wynne Greenwood might be known for her work in the Whitney Biennial and her general art star persona, but before any of that was going on, Greenwood played in a variety of Pacific Northwest punk bands including Mimi America and Tracy & The Plastics, the electro-video project that eventually catapulted her into the art world.