Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Kill It On ‘Saturday Night Live’

I’ve been waiting months until Saturday Night Live would finally book Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Last night, SNL finally came to their senses.

The hip hop duo, with backup vocalist Wanz, performed their hit Thrift Shop and Can’t Hold Us.

Loving the red suit with those golden epaulets, Ben Haggerty!

Macklemore and his friends performed Thrift Shop for the first time ever on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon back in December and have performed a couple of times on Ellen

Watch them on SNL below!








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NPR Casts Doubt On The Macklemore + Ryan Lewis Creation Story

A huge part of the Macklemore + Ryan Lewis creation story has been the rap duo’s supposed eschewment of mainstream music label. But it turns out, according to NPR, that’s not quite true.

With songs like Jimmy Iovine, which strongly rebukes the music industry’s exploitation of artists, and other independent-flag-flying lyrics like "my posse’s been on Broadway / and we did it our way," the group touts its self-made success. The media has repated this their independent-only narrative, with TIME noting it was the first time an independent artist had topped the Billboard Hot 100 in 20 years.

Alas, NPR blogger Zoe Chace reveals that Macklemore + Ryan Lewis actually had a little help from a big label.  

To quote Chace:

The truth is that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis hired a company to help them get their music into stores. That company, Alternative Distribution Alliance, is an arm of Warner Music Group, one of the most major of the major labels. … So Macklemore and Ryan Lewis hired Warner Music Group to get the band more radio play. That helped propel "Thrift Shop" to No. 1.

It’s not the same as joining a major label, of course. But its not quite the "we did it our way" creation story that the group enthusiasically promotes.  

Concludes Chace, one would assume glumly:

Yes, artists can do a lot on their own today. But to get to the top of the charts, they still have to work with a major label.

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Macklemore Performs On ‘Ellen,’ Proves You Can Say All Kinds Of Things On Daytime TV

Among them "skeet blanket," "dookie" and "honky."

The hip hop duo Macklemore and Ryan Lewis performed their marriage equality anthem Same Love on The Ellen DeGeneres Show back in October. This week, they hit up Ellen’s show again accompanied by vocalist Wanz to perform their hit Thrift Shop ... and say all kinds of words on television that I didn’t think would fly with the afternoon crowd. They didn’t sing "fuck" or "shit" at all, but the R. Kelly pissssss part stayed in.

The cutest part is when they gifted her with a jean jacket with DeGeneres’ face painted on the back of it and she goes on and on and on and on about how much she loves Ben Haggerty. Me, too, Ellen. Meeeee, too.

Watch Macklemore, Ryan Lewis and Wanz perform Thrift Shop below: 

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Macklemore And Ryan Lewis Perform ‘Thrift Shop’ On TV For First Time Ever

Seattle rapper Macklemore and his collaborator Ryan Lewis have been in the eye of hip hop lovers for a few years. Shortly after they dropped The Heist back in October, they watched their album crawl up the Billboard charts to #2. This week, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis performed on TV for for the first time ever, courtesy of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Decked out in thrift shop couture (scent unknown) and obviously thrilled, they performed their feel-good single Thrift Shop with singer Wanz and a little help from The Roots.

Cheers to you, boys, for saying the words "skeet blanket" for perhaps the first time on TV ever!  The performance got even more fun when Macklemore ran into the audience with his mic and started tossing out clothes:

Earlier this week, the group also performed a concert in YouTube’s offices and did a Q&A. (And were paid in tube socks, apparently.) You can watch them perfom Thrift Shop, 10,000 Hours and Same Love and other songs.  

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