Russian NHL Star Alex Ovechkin’s Tweet About Just-Opened Russian Spot In DC

When Russian NHL star Alex Ovechkin tweets about how great a certain, just-opened Russian restaurant is, we launch into action; “He said what? When? Where is this place?” The answer: Mari Vanna in DC’s Dupont Circle. And this week, the newly-engaged 27-year-old captain took to Twitter to blast his excitement over his meal with not just a “Gr8 place for Russian food in DC” proclamation, but also a picture (to your left) of him in a very prideful stance. For the future of Russian cuisine, this means a lot.

Inspired by the Russian fairytale of Mari Vanna – an old woman who took in strangers, treated them like family, and cooked them classic, elaborate Russian dishes – this homey Russian spot is Mari Vanna’s largest yet. With locations across the globe – NYC, LA, and even Russia – a meal at Mari Vanna is a promise of attention to detail in both food and décor, authenticity, and precious coziness. The space is filled with Russian chachkas and literature, antiques, chandeliers, and teakettles, while the menu is stocked with signature mushroom blinis, beef stroganoff, borscht, and pierogies. Oh, and there’s also 70 kinds of Russian vodka. In  flavors like horseradish and cherry. I mean, if that’s what interests you.  

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