‘Glee’ Star Mark Salling Comments on Sexual Battery Charges on SAG Red Carpet

Last night I was watching E!’s coverage of the SAG Awards red carpet because, what, like I’m better than that? While I was paying attention to both the TV and my real friends who were in the room and, honestly, giving much more accurate fashion commentary than Giuliana Rancic, I caught about half of the interaction between E! correspondent Ross Mathews and Glee actor Mark Salling, who awkwardly began talking about Salling’s name popping up on gossip websites. Not being in the loop (I try my best to ignore everyone associated with Glee, apparently somewhat successfully!), I learned that they were discussing the sexual assault charges brought against him by his ex-girlfriend. 

The red carpet at the SAG Awards is totally the most appopriate place to talk about your legal troubles. Why would you rather want to mention your TV show or even which song on Taylor Swift’s last album is your favorite? Yes, the fact that your ex is currently suing you is definitely better red carpet small talk. 

"You hear about fraudulent lawsuits all the time," Salling said. "Until it happens to you, you really don’t grasp what it does, not to just you, but to your family, and you want the legal process to happen as fast as possible, but just…It takes time. I just want the chance to defend myself—and I will, vigorously." 

"It’s the first time for me," he added, when Mathews asked what it’s like to all of a sudden be called upon to defend himself in that manner. "You kind of have to learn as you go, but like with anything else, you have to stay positive and count on the people that actually do know you and love you, and that you love, as well."

And that’s the perfect way to go into an award show. "How’d you get your SAG card?" "Oh, I asked a celebrity about his alleged sexual misbehavior. On camera!!!"

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