Balenciaga’s New Campaign Inspired by Patti Smith Book

More images have emerged from Balenciaga’s spring/summer 2012 campaign, which star four newcomers: Laura Kampman, Kirstin Liljegren, Rosie Tapner, and Juliane Gruner. The Steven Meisel-shot ads feature grungey girls with messy hair, hanging in messy rooms, wearing designer clothes. According to, the fashion house was inspired by personal photos from Patti Smith’s 2010 memoir Just Kids (which is a fantastic book, by the way) and used the images to recreate the rocker-trashed digs that the iconic artist shared with writer Sam Shepard.

Although the big buzz about the campaign was that Balenciaga hired relatively unknown models for the gig, the slightly more controversial news from the shoot was that two of the models—Liljegren (pictured) and Tapner—are only 15-years-old. Just kids, indeed.