Opening for the Fabulous Mel DeBarge Tonight at the Empire Hotel Rooftop

This is going to be short and sweet – well, maybe splendid. Fashion Week is making me weak and it’s just starting. I shoulda, woulda, if I coulda attended the Ami James Pop-Up Tattoo Shop thing at the Empire Hotel yesterday but I was otherwise distracted. Besides, I will be at the Empire Rooftop tomorrow night DJing, and being north of 23rd street two times in a week is… problematic for a BBurger like myself. I’m opening for the fabulous Mel DeBarge. Mel and I have a long history of being in the same room and other things more times than I care to discuss. He is a great DJ and I am honored to be mentioned in the same breath and invitation with him. Kirill is taking pictures and he somehow always manages to shoot me on my good side -not an easy accomplishment. I’m on from 9pm to 11pm, although the invite says doors open at 10pm. Either that’s an error or someone has heard me DJ before or they want me to provide rhythm for the wait-rons as they set up. I’m excited about this and Fashion Week in general.

Nur Khan, who never ceases to amaze me, is living up to his hype with two Fashion Week explosions. I’m not going to say much about it because I figure about a million more people than can actually attend will want to. He’s got The Kills one night and Guns N’ Roses another. If you want to go, you figure it out; I’m not going to help you except to let you know it’s on and it’s real. Fashion Week realness with Nur Khan.

Lobster Rolls & Sunset Views: The Meatpacking’s STK Opens Rooftop Tomorrow

The Meatpacking’s sexy steakhouse STK gets even sexier tomorrow when it opens its single greatest facet: the rooftop.

For its third year in a row, a seat on this rooftop on a balmy, breezy spring night at sunset promises not just watermelon salad, crisp watermelon cucumber cocktails, and a dish of mini lobster rolls, but also a view of the Hudson River, the majestic Standard Hotel, and the cobblestone, stiletto-ridden streets below. 

But remember: the rooftop only fits 150 people, so get the first seat at noon – and hold on for dear life.

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Los Angeles Opening: Kitchen Table

If you’ve been kicking rocks down the streets of the Old Bank District, hands deep in your pockets, lamenting the fact that there are zero rooftop options in the area to enjoy a rib eye or an artichoke salad… well, guess what? You’re a caricature and need some friends, but also you can raise your head because Kitchen Table opens today, and with it, a not-so-hidden hidden rooftop dining room.

Push through the charming blue and yellow doors, admire the chubby angels painted overhead, and smirk at the few tables around the intimate space. Before you can be shown a seat, simply request a table outside. Soon you’ll be dining al fresco, ordering that rib eye or the pork belly or Alaskan cod, enjoying a rooftop view and a glass of red.

DC Eatery Masa 14 Opens New Rooftop Space

It’s been fifteen years since Maya introduced New Yorkers to haute Mexican dining. Now, chef Richard Sandoval resides over one of the biggest independent restaurant empires in the country. And his super-chic DC eatery Masa 14 starts with the Sandoval essence, new generation Latin-inspired small plates, and is now adding to it what is sure to be one of the capital’s top new party scenes.

Indeed, the sexy indoor dining room is now complemented by a fabulous rooftop space for up to 176 people. Communal seating and free-flowing sangria assures it will constantly abuzz. Pair the Kung Fu Chicken with a Lychee Lemonade cocktail for maximum carefree summer fun.