Ronnie Wood’s New Wife Is Almost Half His Age

True love, man.

Rolling Stones guitarist got hitched to Wife #3, theater producer Sally Humphreys, on Friday in London.

Humphreys is a spritely 34-years-old to Wood’s considerably more Hefnerian 65. According to Billboard, the couple met nine years ago but only began dating in the last six months. Sir Paul McCartney and his wife Nancy Shevell attended, while Rod Stewart served as best man. Also, the groom wore hot pink socks.

More importantly, the kissy pics of the groom and his bride published on the UK’s Sun are the Internet’s best skin care advertisement. Moisturize, everyone! 

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Rod Stewart Used To Do Cocaine Via Suppositories

How to do your cocaine is number one problem for celebrities. In his new memoir, Rod: The Autobiography, Rod Stewart explains that he and his bandmates used to tdo their coke by putting it suppositories, which then went up their butts.

They came up with this brilliant idea because Ronnie Wood burned a hole in his septum through profligate use of nose candy, Perez Hilton explains. Writes Rod:

"So we found another method of taking the drug. We put them in a little pill like the French do them, a suppository. We did that for a little while."

Ummm, putting coke in your anus is kind of liking shooting heroin between your toes. But don’t worry! They weren’t addicts or anything! Rod Stewart assures us he was never "in rehab" and it never "affected his family or relationships." I’m not sure if I believe that one.

In any case, add this to the list of things we don’t need to know about celebs’ butts, including who has had colonics and anything having to do with Richard Gere and gerbils. 

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Ex-Rolling Stones Wife Forced to Shutter Beauty Company in Divorce Battle

Though their high-profile split has been amicable, the divorce settlement between Rolling Stones rocker Ronnie Wood and his soon-to-be-ex Jo will cost the rocker’s wife her beauty company, Jo Wood Organics. The couple split in 2008 after Ronnie walked out on Jo and their four children to live with an 18 year-old cocktail waitress he met on a bender at a gentleman’s club. Jo has been almost inconceivably gracious with the press, choosing kind words for her estranged lover of nearly 31 years, and focusing instead on her cosmetic line and her stint on Strictly Come Dancing, the UK’s version of Dancing With the Stars. But this week, Jo revealed she’ll have to close her organic cosmetics firm as part of the complicated arrangements for the divorce settlement.

In an interview with Hello! magazine, Jo insists she was willing to do anything possible to move on with the divorce settlement, even if it meant getting rid of her own company. “Ronnie and I have agreed on everything, and when my settlement comes through, I’ll be a happy girl,” she said. Despite the unfortunate settlement, Jo plans on moving forward with the company after the dust settles. “Luckily we didn’t owe much to the liquidators and I will be paying off the creditors personally. I’ll be relaunching Jo Wood Organics with a new business partner later this year.” The 55 year old says she feels confident about her business ventures because she’s found a new lease on life post Ronnie. “I can put my energy into myself instead of him,” she said.

Jo has been pioneering the organic lifestyle for 20 years. After time spent mixing oils for her own personal use, she launched Jo Wood Organics in 2005 to great fanfare, becoming a well-known advocate for organic living. She was voted one of Grazia magazine’s Women of the Year in 2008. The new line will most likely feature the same bestselling formulas, which include ingredients like Echinacea and Gingko Biloba. Rolling stones gather no moss, indeed.

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The Art of a Rolling Stone

Rolling Stones axeman Ronnie Wood is known as a lot of things — lover of Guinness, wingman to Keith Richards, seducer of young Russian girls, and all around badass rocker. But his art has always taken a back seat … until now. A portrait drawn by Wood of the late Atlantic Records prexy Ahmet Ertegun is scheduled to be auctioned at Christie’s later this month. The piece, titled A Tribute to Ahmet, is signed by the surviving members of Led Zeppelin (who Ahmet signed to Atlantic Records in the late 1960s) and by Wood himself. Bidding starts at $3,000; sale estimate is at $5,000. Good luck.