Mansur Gavriel Goes Metallic, with the Help of RO/LU

Here’s a multifaceted collaboration/meeting of minds. Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel, the women behind the instant cult classic Mansur Gavriel bucket bags have joined forces with acclaimed furniture designers of RO/LU, Matt Olson and Mike Brady with Opening Ceremony.


mansur backpack

mansur tote

To mark the occasion of MG’s first ever/only metallic styles (a silver saffiano leather) will be sold at OC, the two duo’s designed a mirrored table inspired by their mutual admiration of artists Dan Graham and Helio Oiticia.  “Playing with reflective surfaces, the puzzle table they realized together replicates and exaggerate the metallic look of the silver bags in a playful, disorienting manner.”

mansur table

The custom table is on view at Opening Ceremony’s 35 Howard Street location in SoHo.