Check Out Video For Iggy Pop’s Bowie-esque New Single ‘Sunday’

It says something about the sheer willful invincibility of Iggy Pop that his awesome new album Post Pop Depression shot straight to the top of the Billboard charts when it was released this spring. At aged just 69, it was his first number one. Though one would guess he’ll still find new ways to top it.

The video accompanying new single “Sunday” is meant to be a loose sort of look inside the journey of the record’s creative undertaking, and, naturally, features collaborator Josh Homme (he of Queens of the Stone Age.) The song itself, with its jagged guitars, jittery grooves and Pop’s haunted baritone, actually very much brings to mind Bowie’s Lodger album. Just coincidence, surely.

Iggy kicks off a European tour tomorrow at London’s Royal Albert Hall.