Marco, We Hardly Knew You: Schiaparelli Will Appoint New Creative Director “Soon”

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After a brief tenure, the House of Schiaparelli has announced creative director, Marco Zanini’s departure. He left Rochas to come on to the house in September 2013.

As for his replacement? So far, Schiaparelli has said only that someone new will be appointed “soon”. 

“The House of Schiaparelli is looking towards its future while transcending the aesthetic codes created by Elsa Schiaparelli. It follows a dynamic where a contemporary spirit meets its founder’s daring personality.”

Fashion Week by the Numbers

Fashion week – scratch that – fashion month, has finally drawn to a clothes. I mean close. It’s going to be a very shiny spring.

fashion week

Thanks for the memories, Marco and Marc. It’s been real! See you next season.

Fashion News You Need to Know

What happened in fashion this weekend? Let’s catch up:

The makeup at Givenchy took Pat McGrath 12 hours to complete. 12 HOURS.

Guess who’s back, back again? Maybe? After the most talked about hiatus since, ever, word on the street (and WWD) is that Nicolas Ghesquière may be heading to Louis Vuitton when Marc Jacobs’ contract runs out at the end of October. But nothing is confirmed. And Marc’s time may not be up. Anything could happen.

In case you had no idea, Chanel is worth, like, a lot. The company was valued at $18 billion.

Looking to get holiday shopping done way early this year? Hermès is popping up a Silk Bar at the Time Warner Center for the entire month of October. Get those hundred dollar bills in order.

If philanthrophy is more your jam and you happen to be in London, check out the Breast Cancer Care gala coming up on October 2nd, fashion show included.

Storied fashion house Schiaparelli confirms that Marco Zanini will design for the label, after his name spent some time flying around the air. Zanini comes from Rochas, and he reportedly had very little to do with the spring collection that just showed in Paris. Zanini’s first show for Schiaparelli will be couture in January.


Taking Zanini’s place at Rochas is designer Alessandro Dell’Acqua.




Happy Monday, y’all.

Make Way Again for the Deee-Gorgeous 90’s

Hi again ☺ So, I’m sitting here obsessing over the nineties. It’s no secret that I’m not the only one working in fashion to have set my sights on the decade that brought us grunge, a massive resurgence in 70s fashion, and last but not least, Raver madness.

The latter is what I’ve been focusing my attention on. Last year, if you had told me I’d be fixating on inspiration from a time that, frankly, is just a giant blur of all-night dance parties and Vicks Vapolnhalers, I’d have laughed safely knowing that my wide-leg pants and baby-tees (yes, I wore them, too) had long been extracted from the bins at the Salvation Army and burned for collecting too much dust.

But alas, how I wish now that these relics of my sordid past have not been relegated to the fashion crematorium. They say in fashion that after 20 years, everything that is old is new again; such is the case for the 90s. Just have a look at the Proenza Schouler footwear for this fall season…


Obviously, this is the must-have boot for fall (you’ll be seeing it all over the pages of our September issue). But, there are others too. My favorite is this Rochas bejeweled dazzler. It leaves me with the same fuzzy feeling I got reclining back in the passenger seat of my best friend’s Honda Accord blasting Deee-Lite’s album Dewdrops In the Garden after finishing off a fresh pack of whip-its.


Which leads me to my next topic. Lady. Miss. Kier. Two words: style icon. Just look at her psychedelic style.


I’m obsessed!

Babydoll? Nothing seems more relevant!

By the way, my other favorite babydoll. image

And of course, lets not forget the album cover that sent everyone to John Fluevog on a mad dash for the “Munster.” image

Which, by the way, was just reissued this summer. image

So run as fast as your tired gladiator flats will allow to get a pair, because they are, in fact, something for the future archive and not the sad bin at the Salvation Army.