Watch Robyn’s First Live Performance of ‘Missing U’


Robyn has performed her new (certified bop) single “Missing U” live for the first time, for Radio 1 in Ibiza at Café Mambo. While there, she also performed “Dancing On My Own,” “Call Your Girlfriend,” and “With Every Heartbeat.”

“Missing U” is Robyn’s first official solo release in 8 years – she last released Body Talk, the internationally sensational album that spawned a raft of hits.

Robyn has confirmed in recent interviews that her new album will come out this year. Take a look at her live performance below.


Robyn Releases Short Film Dedicated to Fans Ahead of New Single


Robyn’s new single “Missing U,” her first official release since 2010’s Body Talk, is coming August 1. Ahead of the new music, she’s today released a short film, also titled Missing U, dedicated to her fans.

“I haven’t made an album in eight years, so I haven’t seen my fans for a long time either,” she muses in the clip, which follows her on the night of Williamsburg’s dance party dedicated to her and her music. “This Party Is Killing Me,” which she attended this summer, came after her giving a panel talk at the Red Bull Music Festival.

Robyn also released the single “Honey” on an episode of the final season of Girls last year – but it has yet to be released on streaming platforms. She said during the panel that a new album would be coming later this year.

Take a look at the film below.


A New Robyn Song Is Likely Coming Next Week


Robyn is coming.

The savior of the broken and the champion of the gays hinted at a new album coming this year back in February, on Twitter and at a Red Bull Festival panel. Her song “Honey” has already been heard on the final season of Girls, and now, it seems, another track is preparing to kiss our ears.

A listing for the new song, titled “Missing U,” appeared on a streaming site briefly, accompanied by album art, before being taken down – but not before the information was screenshotted by fans and posted to Reddit.



From the screen grab, it appears the song is coming out August 1. Robyn has also been using the phrase “Missing U” in recent social media posts, so this does not seem to be just a rumor.


Robyn Talks New Album, Shares Previously Unheard Demos

Photo by Maria Jose Govea


Speaking at the Red Bull Music Festival at New York City’s MoMA last night, Swedish pop singer Robyn talked about her long-anticipated next studio album, and shared early demos of some of her biggest smash hits, like “Dancing on My Own.”

“It’s almost there,” she said of her new record, which she confirmed will come accompanied by a new tour. She added that her approach to creating this album has been much “softer” than in the past, and that she spent a good deal of time in the studio by herself figuring out rhythm before inviting collaborators in.

“I started on my own, in my home studio, listening to music that I love, dancing and listening to beats,” she said at the panel discussion, which was hosted by Kindness’ Adam Bainbridge.

She also played her latest single, “Honey,” which appeared on a final episode of Girls – but has yet to be released for streaming. Take a listen.


Robyn Will Return With A New Album This Year


Take a deep breath, for everything will soon be all right – Robyn will gift us with a new album this year. After a fan on Twitter asked who decides when her next release date is, the Swedish singer offered the one response that could surely save our mortal souls:



Robyn has not released a full-length record since she wrote the “Bible” in 2010, more generally referred to as Body TalkSome quick words of appreciation for certain songs off of that masterpiece:

“Dancing On My Own” was, and continues to be, the single best song ever written. We will not be accepting questions at this time.

“Call Your Girlfriend” did, and continues to make us sob, even though at first we felt bad for the girlfriend referenced in the song. But then we realized the girlfriend ultimately did need to go, so we could be with our man.

“Get Myself Together,” “Indestructible,” and “Stars 4-Ever” are three of the most slept on dance/self-empowerment tracks of our generation, and in the history of music. All three of these bops can cause sidewalk thrashing, which we vigorously encourage.

“Hang With Me” has always been emotional for us, and only became more so when Lorde and Jack Antonoff killed one of our nine lives with their cover.


Robyn Drops Second New Song in a Week, the Sorrow Anthem ‘That Could Have Been Me’

Photo: @RobynKonichiwa on Instagram

“I will swallow my pride/ What will be will be/ When you roll over at night/ Tell me what you see/ That empty pillow by your side/ That could have been me/ That could have been me,” our favorite Swedish songstress croons on her second new song this week, “That Could Have Been Me,” produced by the legendary Todd Rundgren.

If our prayers are being answered, two new Robyn tracks in one week is indicative of a forthcoming larger album, though there’s been no confirmation of such dreams.

The sorrowful new heartbreak anthem is currently streaming exclusively on Pitchfork, and is well worth the listen.

“That Could Have Been Me” is featured on Rundgren’s new LP, White Knight. It follows in the wake of Robyn’s “Honey,” which debuted on “Girls” Sunday night.

Robyn Debuts New Track on Last Night’s ‘Girls’

Last night’s episode of “Girls” delivered us more than reactions to Hannah’s pregnancy and clips from Adam and Jessa’s god-awful movie: we also got to hear the dulcet and much-needed tones of a new Robyn song. “Honey” (the song’s title, according to Shazam) plays as the episode, titled “Full Disclosure,” comes to an end, and has already been ripped from HBO Go and posted to SoundCloud, with minimal dialogue from the episode still present.

“Honey” marks the first new piece of Robyn music since last year’s RMX/RBN, a remix album reworking some of the artist’s biggest hits. Here’s to praying the single is part of a larger new record!

The Swedish songstress had teased that something fun might be coming on last night’s “Girls” in a Facebook post and corresponding fun little photo shoot:

All Glory to the Robyn-Bot

Swedish singer and lover of mechanized beings Robyn is an icon in her home country and the world over, and some students at KTH, Sweden’s largest technical university, have launched a project to build a robot at their university in honor of the pop star. We could talk about how this seems like a frivolous exercise for a group of promising robotics students who could be using their talents and young minds to solve some of society’s great ills, but that would be boring. You know what isn’t boring? Making a Robyn-Bot. Not only does this have potential to spark some new ideas at the intersection of music and high technology, but think of the potential! Maybe the robot will become sentient and become a competitor to Robyn, culminating in a high-stakes dance-off where both don fur vests and re-enact the "Call Your Girlfriend" video? 

As the students involved in the project write:

"Robyn has something any engineer can be inspired by – the urge to find new expressions and break new ground.
The main goal for this project is for Robyn to embrace and interact with the robot, both physically and digitally. But there is a secondary goal – to honor everyone who choses to go their own way and has a desire to push our development forward. Because without them, we would be stuck in a much less pleasant time."

So far, they’ve already achieved at least one of their goals—the singer, who has expressed her affinity for robots with songs like "Fembot" and "Robot Boy," as well as the "Girl and the Robot" collaboration with Röyksopp, has already chatted with students involved in the project about the features of the robot. They hope to invite more collaborators and complete the project by 2014. And I, for one, welcome our new Robyn-Bot overlords. Watch the project’s introductory video and a performance of "Girl and the Robot" below. 

Your Sugary Pop for the Day: Cocovan

How often have you said to yourself, “You know, I’m kind of into Robyn, but sometimes I wish she were a brunette. And French.” Hm? Okay, so you never said that, but here’s Cocovan anyway.

First off, enjoy “Bang Bang,” in which the producer and multi-instrumentalist shows she has the chops to pull off a big widescreen Technicolor confection with little but a slap-happy beat and her layered, processed voice.

Even better, if you ask me, is “Roosevelt Hotel,” which also benefits from one of those hyper-minimalist videos that end up being all the more formally interesting for their rejection of pyrotechnics: just Cocovan, in a room, on some serious platform shoes. Here, get it stuck in your head.

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